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Chats are regularly scheduled once a month but are no longer documented for the web, as the group size has increased, multiple mailing lists have developed, and multiple chats every month supporting specialized efforts is likely to develop. These Chat Logs show the continuing concerns of the Troubled Times membership, and in that regard are timeless, at least for the time between the present and the year 2003.

Chat Date - Topics Discussed

Vatican announcement that aliens exist and are not demons, Marsden pointing to Orion with XF11 flap, dream states and interpretations, operation of new Seed TEAM, list serve operation with new rules in effect, growth in membership, New World Order trends and possibility of internment camps.
building shelters pre or post pole shift, metal covered trenches during shift hour, building codes, TEAM formation, web site structure and workload, covert government assistance, government agendas, lack of warning from government or church or establishment in the know.
broaching the pole shift subject with friends and family, ZetaTalk as a turnoff, forming groups now or later, Asian banking problems
sighting the 12th Planet, 1998 New Year's resolutions, accomplishments versus 1997 resolutions, outreach methods, handling growth of Troubled Times membership, dealing with disbelief among friends and family, New World Order versus MJ12 objectives
torus shaped shelter, trench shelters, Linux OS, communities size and need for mobility and secrecy, speculation on how the New World Order would respond
denial among friends and family, public vs private plans, difficulty in turning people away, life in cities after the pole shift, scavanging for junk in cities, eating worms and bugs, Strange Universe broadcast
Strange Universe interview request, survival groups public and private, military takeover likelihood, military and government fragmentation likelihood, living in cities versus the country, hot weather, wealth of information on the Internet
14 Sep 97
CNN as a change agent, safe water via distillation versus filtering, lead and mercury poisoning and the cure, urine therapy, web search engines, alternative health cures, Linux versus Microsoft, protecting computers during the shift, quake resistance shapes
10 Aug 97
direction of Troubled Times growth to TEAM formation and eventual prototype sites, expectations of new members, need for disclaimers if crediting the authors on quoted articles, urine therapy, fagility of homeless lifestyle, lumination alternatives
13 Jul 97
sense of urgency among many members, increasing erratic weather, possibility of more earthquakes in the near future, formation of TEAMs and success of new hydroponic TEAM, possibility of 12th Planet being sighted soon and impact the group's activities, how to deal with friends in denial
non-profit organization to develop solutions, keeping the list serve volunteer group independent and separate from the non-profit, possible attacks or smear campaigns and how to handle them, board meetings on IRC or NetMeeting, and startup activities
media coverage, crop shortages, self help, public awareness and naiveté, locating the 12th Planet, synergy on the list serve, Aftertime and pole shift scenarios, Farsight and Psi-Tech activities
categorizing solutions sets into Subsistence to High-Tech, creating work groups, web messages boards for discussions, martial law possibility prior to the Pole Shift
Hale-Bopp, government cover-up, fear of financial collapse, fear of another Great Depression, government preparations, and why the populace is not warned
alternative medicines, natural penicillin, Hale-Bopp disinfo, Internet server capabilities, handling membership growth, problems with organized rescue efforts
how to recognize Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other orientation in newcomers, medical emergencies, assisted suicide, increased media exposure, producing a video, goals and hopes for 1997, owning Internet servers
chat and list serve disrupters, takeover attempts, social list serve, prototype sites, 1996 (year past) focus versus 1997 (year ahead) focus, having multiple solution sets, holes in the solutions sets, lost arts and skills, educating children, Internet via short wave, substitutes for Internet communication, death of civilization after a pole shift, doing without doctors and dentists, contactee experiences and implant symptoms
permaculture concepts to use in the Aftertime, recent attempts to disrupt the group and how to counter them, list serve operation
safe places, timing of move to safety, government confiscation of sites, virtual or portable site, bait and switch techniques, food shortages, earthworms as food
surviving a 15 Richter point jolt, protecting technology during earthquakes, earthquakes, emergency housing, shelter from high winds, safe sites
NASA's announcement on life on Mars, media underreporting of power outages and weather changes, prevalence of denial
check lists for the days just before and after the pole shift, safety during the pole shift, alternative medicine, communications in the Aftertime
increased interest in Troubled Times, new membership, core group strength, self-help solutions sets, and worms as food
goals of Troubled Times, short term vs long term solutions, food sources, and communications in the Aftertime