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icon 04-May-97

Note: it is a general Troubled Times policy to change the names of IRC participants to screen names and remove personal discussions that occurred during the chat in the interests of privacy.

VIOLA: There certainly is a lot of interest in ZetaTalk

SHADOW: Yeah, I know that Viola.

NORSEMAN: Yes there is, and I think the interest will grow in the next months.

VIOLA: I checked Dejanews yesterday, to see how ZetaTalk popped up, as I've not been debating sci.astro for a month or so.

SHADOW: Yeah. Just think Viola, you just got free advertising.

NORSEMAN: Viola: I looked on sci.astro today and some postings are about ZetaTalk.

VIOLA: There had been an obvious forgery just before I left, and I countered that.

SHADOW: They say, free publicity is better than no publicity.

VIOLA: I also had a lot of defenders who were saying in no way was I somehow responsible for Heaven's Gate.

VIOLA: Also, I posted saying how ZetaTalk was different, etc., NOT a Heaven's Gate cult.

SHADOW: That's right. What do you mean forgery, who?

VIOLA: I said the Zetas were for, not against, sex, and on and on.

SHADOW: But heavens gate did do a lot of damage to a lot of groups.

VIOLA: This is the posting that popped up last, so that's what I wanted, the last word to linger on DejaNews.

VIOLA: Norseman, what were they saying? Shadow, a forgery is a Usenet posting that changes the From: name to look like it came from someone other than the poster. It said it was from me, but the Internet Provider was not Netcom.


VIOLA: The posting was clearly not mine, the tone not the same. I get forgeries now and then.

SHADOW: It figures.

VIOLA: Norseman, I know now and then a comment is made on sci.astro, but not horrid disinfo, so I don't worry.

VIOLA: We debated from the fall '96 right through the Hale-Bopp perihelion, into April.

SHADOW: Well, I figure that a lot of that is going to happen

VIOLA: For a month we debated daily.

NORSEMAN: It was a few postings Nancy, that you are doing it for the money, such kind of postings.

VIOLA: There's no way that casual comments are going to pull folks in the wrong direction.

VIOLA: And then I webbed the debate, and this is off the ZetaTalk home page, so folks can check for themselves.

SHADOW: I figure it this way, if they have an open mind and can make a decision on their own, they will listen to Viola's comments

VIOLA: Norseman, they say that all the time anyway, nothing new.

SHADOW: This is true

VIOLA: What do you guys think the major happenings will be this year? I ask you as you guys are both have super intuition. I have a feeling that the 12th will be located, but will be explained away as all manner of things, etc.

SHADOW: The major happenings will be droughts for sure, more flooding than usual, but then this is also happening and maybe a little bit more release on UFO's.

NORSEMAN: I think that people will get to notice the weather changes, and more sightings, more then last year.

VIOLA: My hunch is that the weather will continue to get erratic, and that crop shortages will get painful in some places.

SHADOW: I think that the 12th will be suppressed for a bit longer until they cannot keep it quiet.

VIOLA: But they will always say the 12th is something other than what it is, as they fear the panic so much.

NORSEMAN: Viola: maybe they will say that's a star.

SHADOW: I have had quite a few people that have commented on the weather, that it is strange. So, what I proposed to do is this. I am taking my computer down to my work place and renting out time on the Internet. Guess what one of the bookmarks will be.

NORSEMAN: Shadow: it's an idea, and show people the ZetaTalk site?

SHADOW: Your right, ZetaTalk, yes, it will work. In fact, that's all I have been doing this week, is getting it ready. The phone line will be connected Tuesday.

NORSEMAN: Shadow: smart.

SHADOW: Then the computer will be connected sometime this week.

VIOLA: Beginning of 1995 we were about 6 folks.

SHADOW: Great way to get the word out and make money, huh.

VIOLA: Beginning of 1996 we were about 35 folks. Now we're 50 the last time I looked. I think we'll be about 150 folks by year end.

NORSEMAN: Viola: I think so too.

VIOLA: We put a lot of the changes discussed in the last month IRC into place already. The 4 views, etc.

SHADOW: I can tell you one thing, I'm working my butt off getting the word out to the people.

VIOLA: Shadow, you're becoming a real magnet!

NORSEMAN: And some drawings made by our new graphics guy.

SHADOW: Yeah, well I want the people to know, so ...

NORSEMAN: Viola: perhaps it has a purpose, one of your tasks.

ATOM: Word out. I didn't get any notice from the publisher, but from responses I had last week, it seems the latest edition included my article on Planet X!

NORSEMAN: Viola: who?

VIOLA: Norse, this graphics guy is SO talented. He turns them out in a wink of an eye! I hope to get about 100 from him.

SHADOW: Yeah I know. He is good.

NORSEMAN: Yes, wonder what kind of program he uses.

VIOLA: However, he uses a MAC and they are 256 colors and take longer to download. But if they are small and one puts them at the bottom of a page, the text can be read while the download happens.

VIOLA: Atom that's great!!!

VIOLA: CAPA TV should come out with the documentary on me too, soon. They said it would be 3 weeks from filming, and that was 2.5 weeks ago.

SHADOW: Great Viola, just let us know when. Everyone will be watching that I know, that's for sure.

ATOM: Well, with our counter down to 6 years 0 months, it was about time.

VIOLA: 1997 certainly is the year of publicity.

SHADOW: That's for sure.

VIOLA: Re the CAPA TV thing, I don't know the exact date.

VIOLA: I've been checking all my e-mail queues, and no word from the TV station.

NORSEMAN: Viola: yes that makes me wonder about 1998.

SHADOW: Don't worry, they'll contact you.

VIOLA: Maybe they post their topics ahead of time, give previews, etc. But maybe only in France.

SHADOW: I intend to try to get a lot of publicity going on my book as soon as I get some more time.

VIOLA: The media publicity happened so fast!

NORSEMAN: I never heard of the TV station, but maybe another TV station will buy the documentary.

SHADOW: I figured on bringing in a psychic into this house and starting that way.

NORSEMAN: Viola: very fast, especially after Heaven's Gate.

VIOLA: And though it was related to Heaven's Gate in that they were talking about VARIOUS web sites, it didn't connect directly to Heaven's Gate as in we're another one, etc. I was quite pleased with the media coverage.


NORSEMAN: Viola: it's a good sign.

VIOLA: NY Times placed their comments about the ZetaTalk site just ahead of a Christian Fundamentalist mention. Shadow, good thought!

SHADOW: Yeah, anything for publicity I guess.

VIOLA: Then Newsweek showed the Pointcom 5% icon on their page, so folks could see that ZetaTalk has that.


VIOLA: Then Chicago Sun-Times in their article Kooks on the Web said something about we advocate eating worms along with the chatter about the 12th, but I thought this was good as folks could see we weren't just New Age feel good.

SHADOW: Yeah, well, we're going to have nuts out there.

VIOLA: TT got advertisement as a piggy back with the ZetaTalk media. It got mentioned in all the articles, almost, and the CAPA TV interview was heavily TT oriented.

SHADOW: Don't worry Viola, its all going to work out great. I hope we all have success this year in some way or another.

VIOLA: What stunned me, in a pleasant way, was how FAST one can jack up into the public eye!

SHADOW: Yeah, I know, it happens fast.

VIOLA: And that Mexico TV station was the largest in Mexico!

SHADOW: Really.

NORSEMAN: We got more media coverage this year.

VIOLA: I'm working really hard to get the content of TT packaged and up, clear my deck, I think I'm anticipating something around the corner.

SHADOW: I think this year will be the one year when media coverage is the most important. I think so too.

VIOLA: This is certainly the year that we broke into the public eye.

SHADOW: You're going to be one popular woman this year along with TT and all, watch and see.

NORSEMAN: Viola: I think we can expect something good in the next months.

SHADOW: This is your year.

VIOLA: Moving through this year, I think the NEXT most important thing, from the standpoint of public service, is to get example sites up that can be filmed and visited, maybe.

SHADOW: Yeah, I think so too.

VIOLA: It would make a tremendous impact if folks could see video clips of bike generators, etc. Growing and purging worms, making protein powder, then thickening soup with that, etc. The simple steps.

NORSEMAN: Yes, that would make a impact.

SPOT: Yes, worms would.

VIOLA: Adding 4 views, for surviving the shift on through High Tech, was a good idea. I can see every time I go in there, to add content, that it meets special needs. We can develop other views too, as time goes on.

NORSEMAN: That for sure was a good idea.

SPOT: You guys are so good with that text!

VIOLA: One of the things I told the CAPA TV guy was that TT operates like a true STO group. All the work is done on a volunteer basis.

SHADOW: That's right.

NORSEMAN: Viola: and what was his comment on that, if I might ask ?

SHADOW: And we all enjoy our work too.

VIOLA: TT operates the way the Zetas say STO groups operate, with each volunteering his efforts and much cooperation.

SHADOW: It gives a meaning to life knowing that we will be helping out when the time comes.

VIOLA: We have so much talent! And the group just keeps getting bigger.

SHADOW: I know that.

VIOLA: Norseman, no comment back, he was listening. I don't think the cameras were rolling at that time.

SHADOW: It is getting quite big now. That's great.

VIOLA: I've been musing that maybe over time other TT members will get interviewed too, if a documentary on TT is done. For instance, some will want to be interviewed, and others will be shy. Mostly, we don't have shy members :-).

SHADOW: We are talking shy here.

NORSEMAN: Viola: that might happen, wonder what they will ask :)

VIOLA: Some are more vocal than others, more colorful.

SHADOW: Yes we do

VIOLA: If I was approached about such a documentary, and I felt the media rep was genuine, not trying to disinfo, then I would put together a group and recommend they be contacted, with their permission, of course. The group should be composed of technical folks, contactee type folks, a variety, a sampling.


SHADOW: I think Carrie would be good.

VIOLA: Someone advised that I stay away from the media, etc., as they can twist your words.

SHADOW: I just don't trust the media from past experiences.

VIOLA: However, the best defense against that is to have a LOT of media contact!

SHADOW: Yes they can, take it from someone they did it to.

NORSEMAN: Viola: agree

VIOLA: This way the disinfo is exposed for what it is.

SHADOW: They made me sound prejudiced and I'm not.

NORSEMAN: Shadow: I remember that, that they twisted your words.

SHADOW: After that ordeal, I don't trust them.

VIOLA: Right, Shadow, but I'm thinking that the way to counter that is mass exposure.

SPOT: I have learned a lot about the media and who helps operate them.

VIOLA: For one thing, we're on the web where anyone can look!

SHADOW: Yeah viola, I think so.

NORSEMAN: So if they change a word, people could go to the ZetaTalk site and read the real words.

VIOLA: Norseman thought the Chicago Sun-Times mention of ZetaTalk didn't put it in a good light, but I was delighted. They gave the URL, mentioned the 12th, and mentioned eating worms. What I liked the best about that was the worms, as it doesn't ring with a Kook site.

SHADOW: Well, when the media did me, some didn't think it was prejudice, yet I did, so It depends on how you take it I guess.

NORSEMAN: I wonder how many people are looking for the 12th.. I think a lot.

VIOLA: New Age kook sites are feel-good, like Heaven's Gate saying they would be rescued, etc. But we're saying something so PRACTICAL, this is what will make folks think, pause.

SHADOW: Probably a lot, and when someone finds it, look out, the word will be out then.

NORSEMAN: Viola: ZetaTalk/TT is not a feel good site, although some people think it is.

SPOT: I think they are looking, they just don't know why.

VIOLA: For sure, the 12th won't take folks by surprise!

SHADOW: No, ZetaTalk/TT is a practical self help place. We are not holding back on what is coming.

SPOT: People are looking up, but don't know why yet, they just feel.

VIOLA: Will be quite visible in the sky during the last year, and the weather and earthquakes will be crazy.

SHADOW: Yeah, that's right.

VIOLA: That last year is going to be hectic, for sure.

SHADOW: I'm always looking in the sky. Not for the 12th but just watching.

NORSEMAN: Viola: what do you think about what happened in Egypt last week, the sandstorms?

VIOLA: Some times I think about what to say, quick sound bites, if I get media chances.

SPOT: My friend here thinks I'm nuts, but he always looks at my maps when he comes over.

VIOLA: My thoughts are to quickly tick off the most important things folks can do for themselves and their loved ones.

NORSEMAN: Spot: your maps?

VIOLA: You know, get Vitamin C, eat worms, bike gen electric lights, save school books, etc.

SHADOW: Yeah, a lot of people think the same way, about being nuts but they are always listening aren't they

SPOT: For working on Plate centers.

VIOLA: Live in a tent until after the quakes, stay low and under metal roof laid on the ground during the actual passage, etc.

NORSEMAN: Shadow: Yes they listen, and the fact that they listen is a good sign.

SHADOW: That's right.

SHADOW: No matter what they think of us, they still want to hear about it

VIOLA: Norseman, Egypt, probably just the start.

SHADOW: You can hear the hesitation in their voices too though they say they don't believe.

SPOT: Floods in USA I think were the start.

VIOLA: I think the Farsight Institute and Psi-Tech are just government fronts, and that the silly pronouncements are to make folks adjust to what's coming.

NORSEMAN: Spot: the drought in London.

SPOT: Yes.

VIOLA: For instance, the silly thing about the crop pathogen to cause crop failures.

SHADOW: The flooding is bad. My husband had to go and fix a Hardees after the flood, they wanted to stay where they were and rebuild. That was in Kentucky.

VIOLA: Of course, the weather will do that, but some will say it was the Hale-Bopp canister of crop pathogens, so silly.

SHADOW: He said it was bad.

NORSEMAN: Viola: And the Farsight Institute has a link to Psi-Tech


NORSEMAN: I looked at their site.

VIOLA: Did you notice that they said that AFRICA was where the crop die off would occur first, the Farsight did.

ATOM: I think it's hard to say Egypt or US floods are a start. Just like droughts. It's a beautifully sunny weather - and then after some days - you find out you have a drought. Egypt, US, will go the same way. Many comfort themselves now, it's just normal, but someday they'll find out it's out of order.

VIOLA: Major Dames, etc. Now, I was thinking, this reason for crop shortages is silly, but Africa WILL be the first place to have die off.

SHADOW: That's right. Yes, they will.

NORSEMAN: Viola: the government is trying to explain it?

VIOLA: Right now, Africa starvation gets UN help, but shortly I think the help will stop.

SHADOW: Yeah, their way.

VIOLA: Yes, Norseman, this is a way of getting folks accustomed to the idea that there is not enough food, etc.

SHADOW: Of course the help will stop. Just three years ago, they stated that insurance companies were going broke from all the disasters.

VIOLA: Folks will be encouraged to start indoor, family gardens, I'll bet. The reasons will be silly, or maybe because of the weather, but this will be all to the good.

SPOT: Wish there was a button we could push to help every one.

VIOLA: Folks should be doing that, starting their own gardens, well ahead of 2003.

NORSEMAN: But why sources like Psi-Tech and Farsight, because they use an old CIA method?

SHADOW: That's right.

VIOLA: City folk will be just helpless in the Aftertime. They rely on groceries being trucked in to them. They have no notion of how to survive.

SHADOW: Yes, true.

SPOT: They will be mean too.

SHADOW: They are too used to creature comforts.

VIOLA: They'll be eating bugs, raw, and living like street people. Maybe they'll eat the rats, as they will be plentiful too.

SPOT: Maybe each other.

NORSEMAN: Better to eat roasted bugs, I think they are more tasteful then raw bugs.

SHADOW: Did anyone hear about them making mice as big as rats. They say this will help the beef industry. They will make the cows bigger I guess?

SPOT: Dog food is OK with sugar.

VIOLA: Norseman, yes they are old CIA fronts, but now are being used I think by MJ12 to get folks accustomed to the idea of what is coming. Not the REAL explanation, a silly explanation.

SHADOW: I think all of us have tasted dog food while being children.

VIOLA: MJ12 wants to have the word get out in a deniable way, so anyone too nervous won't panic.

NORSEMAN: Spot: but then you have to store a lot of Dog Food.

SPOT: Not me until recently.

VIOLA: As the Zetas said, fiction is listened to, where the facts meet rigid denial.

SHADOW: That's right.

VIOLA: No beef cattle, no cattle at all!

SHADOW: Oh. There is suppose to be a movie on tonight called invasion. I bet that is going to be a lot of bull. I'm going to watch it.

VIOLA: We may be put on vegetarian diets soon, as cattle will be the first thing to go. Steaks priced so high only the rich can eat them, or on occasion like anniversaries.

SHADOW: Yeah, I know it

VIOLA: Here's your Christmas present, a steak.

SPOT: I watched Star Trek last night with the pole shift in mind.


NORSEMAN: Spot: and?

VIOLA: I'm ready for Spielberg to come out with another ET type movie. The alien movies lately are all establishment bull shit.

SHADOW: Yeah, it seems that we all have that in the back of our minds as we live our daily lives, huh? That's right Viola

VIOLA: Not many bought the line in Independence Day. I followed the Internet, they thought it was a military movie, a tacit request for funding, etc. Nobody bought it, the story line, etc.

SHADOW: It's almost like we are all walking on eggshells waiting.

SPOT: Aliens from another world, professor trying to get his people to notice they came from earth.

VIOLA: I saw Volcano yesterday, and it was very pole shift oriented.

SHADOW: Really

VIOLA: Sudden occurrence, sudden in that folks were unprepared.

SPOT: Government denied all.

SHADOW: I want to see that movie.

VIOLA: And as the Zetas say, "great opportunities", folks becoming either STO strongly or showing their STS leanings.

SPOT: They were reptilian people.

SHADOW: I've noticed most of the shows now are about disasters coming or such. It's not that the word isn't out, its how they are presenting these movies.

NORSEMAN: Yes, Dante's Peak, Volcano. sometime ago Asteroid.

VIOLA: The movies show the disasters but not how to deal with them. Maybe that will be next.

SPOT: Star Trek had beings that were out of phase with our space time continuum.

NORSEMAN: Spot: what do you mean?

SHADOW: Yeah Viola, I noticed that the movie cuts off before they show anything about survival afterwards.

SPOT: Professor was charged with Hierarchy against doctrine.

VIOLA: It seems that the constant attempts to undermine or divert TT have STOPPED. We had them non-stop last fall, but now we're just getting a lot of work done.

SPOT: I think they were talking about invisibility and how it worked.

NORSEMAN: Viola: perhaps they don't know anymore how to stop TT.

SHADOW: At least for awhile Viola. Don't put your guard down though.

VIOLA: Too many people still think in terms of being rescued.

ATOM: Yes, that's good. We can work now. Hope this continues.

SPOT: Persistence has its rewards.

SHADOW: That's true.

VIOLA: Even Volcano, the hospitals were still open and operating. The disaster was local and limited.

NORSEMAN: But they might try other methods, more personal, to stop TT.

SHADOW: I expect that they will eventually contact individual persons and order them to stop. This is my thoughts. Some one will take our place.

VIOLA: I suspect they concluded that TT could not be broken up, but still want to influence it.

SHADOW: True, but they will put pressure on and it will determine how much pressure you can take.

NORSEMAN: Shadow: or use methods to distract us.

VIOLA: The attacks were so obvious, so maybe they will use non-obvious ones.

SPOT: When the sky turns red, all the nay-sayers will come to us.

VIOLA: One thing we must watch out for, as we get larger, is attempts to take over sub-groups. We should always have checks and balances so that this does NOT occur.

SHADOW: I was recently told that I would make a good man, because I have taken stress that most women can't.

VIOLA: Spot, but this will be the last weeks.

NORSEMAN: Spot: that's to late.

SHADOW: When the sky turns red, its really to late.

VIOLA: Shadow, was that a compliment? Some women are tough as nails, and some men like putty. That's well known.

SHADOW: We should all be in place before then.

SPOT: Yes, but at least we told them and they would know where to go for help.

VIOLA: Hardly has to do with sex.

SHADOW: No, it was definitely a compliment. I just deal with one problem at a time regardless how many are coming at me.

VIOLA: I imagine many of our pages are being printed off, etc. Folks will print them off in the last months, just in case, and then turn to the ideas, the solutions, we offer when they see this is no fooling.

SPOT: There are lots of men who do not meet the definition of men.

NORSEMAN: Shadow: I think that's the right way.

SHADOW: That's true Spot. Yes, Norseman.

VIOLA: Norseman, when you thought the Chicago Sun-Times didn't put ZetaTalk in a good light, we should get used to that.

SHADOW: I think I have every kind of problem thrown my way this year so far and have dealt with it.

SPOT: Let's talk the Double Dome thing.

VIOLA: By this I mean that we should expect what the Zetas said, the balancing to happen.

NORSEMAN: Viola: I know what you mean.

SHADOW: That's right Viola. People interpret things differently.

VIOLA: So, when folks say I'm just trying to sell books, I don't sweat this, etc.

SHADOW: They will say that anyway.

VIOLA: I did counter one statement that said I was just looking for attention.

SHADOW: Just ignore what they say.

VIOLA: I said, if this was the case, then why wasn't I on alt.alien.visitors, where I WOULD get attention. That shut them up.

VIOLA: The DD is the only shape that is TRULY earthquake resistant. A top dome only would have the winds flow over, but it could be tipped due to quakes and not right itself.

SPOT: It has to stay heavy at the bottom as gravity works.

SHADOW: Viola, have you ever visited or kept your eye on alt.alien.visitors?

VIOLA: A DD has the weight at the center of the bottom plate, and the after shocks would tend to jiggle it to right itself.

SPOT: Correct.

NORSEMAN: Shadow: I keep an eye on alt.alien.visitors regular, they don't mention ZetaTalk a lot.

VIOLA: Shadow, not in the past few months, why?

SPOT: Not sure of what to use for construction yet.

NORSEMAN: Spot: I think you will know soon.

SPOT: Yes, I will.

SHADOW: I thought, while Hale-Bopp was going on, I had seen your name there. In fact I had told Carrie that everywhere I went, your name was there.

VIOLA: Concrete is not OK for very large DD as it can't hold up the roof.

SHADOW: Cause I didn't want to tread on your territory

SPOT: Small "I" beam for support as frame for dome.

VIOLA: Shadow, it was so obvious that Hale-Bopp was being lied about, the tail even pointed in the wrong direction for it being far behind the Sun.

SHADOW: Yeah, I know that.

SHADOW: But I thought your name was there, commenting on Hale-Bopp.

VIOLA: The difference between 1995 and 1997 was so dramatic, and all the evidence stands behind what the Zetas said, it being a nova in 1995 and not a comet, etc. The NEAT program allowed NASA to find Hale-Bopp before it became visible. All the pieces fit.

SPOT: Hale-Bopp sure was pretty!

SHADOW: yeah, I know.

VIOLA: DD will become more possible as time passes. There are things in the works, trust me on that. Can't be talked about yet. The construction is NOT with concrete.

SPOT: I understand Viola.

NORSEMAN: Viola: what do you think will happen now after Hale-Bopp has left.

VIOLA: What do you guys thing about last minute Vs years ahead.

SPOT: Panic

SHADOW: In my own opinion, I think after Hale-Bopp leaves, the 12th will be found shortly after that.

VIOLA: By this I mean, folks can start indoor gardening, thinking about disasters and how to deal with them, and this can happen NOW.

NORSEMAN: Viola: right.

SHADOW: I think it is good to prepare and experiment before hand.

VIOLA: Norseman, I expect the 12th to be explained away and all manner of things. Alternate explanations for the weather, etc. They will say "sun spots' or whatever.

SHADOW: Not wait until the last minute to do so.

VIOLA: If folks set up at their survival camps early, they might be discovered and word would get out.

SHADOW: True, they have done this in the past, saying sun spots.

VIOLA: Then when the trouble starts, they are overrun with unwanted visitors.

SHADOW: Very true

SHADOW: Oh, remember that gas station I had talked about that I had seen in a vision. I am suppose to lead the people past that, well, I found it

VIOLA: So DD that can truly be big and support a small community, these must come at the last minute.

NORSEMAN: Shadow: you found it, and?

SPOT: Aluminum "I" beam construction for upper dome.

VIOLA: Be under construction during the last weeks, for instance.

NORSEMAN: Spot: and for the below dome?

VIOLA: Clip, the answer is in hand, but the time is not right. I know things I can't share.

SHADOW: Well then after that, I lost it again. Have to find it again. I know what direction to go in though, so when I get time, I'll find it again.

VIOLA: Of course, not the whole population would be included.

SPOT: MUST be heavy.

VIOLA: One can expect that the rich will want their own butts cared for first off, and then the military will want themselves cared for first off, etc.

SPOT: Sorry Viola.

NORSEMAN: Spot: a more expensive material.

VIOLA: Whatever is planned, with the assistance of STO aliens, must be done sneaky and last minute.

NORSEMAN: Viola: must be done, sneaky?

VIOLA: Clip and Norse, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

VIOLA: What I'm saying is that to KEEP the establishment self-centered types from simply doing for themselves, the organization of any DD setup at the last minutes must be outside of what is expected.

SPOT: Is every one comfortable with the plate center stuff so far?

NORSEMAN: Viola: we know each other? Is that what you mean

VIOLA: NOT financed by the rich. NOT organized by the government. NOT built by construction companies, etc. It's too soon for me to talk about this.

VIOLA: Spot, it's excellent!

NORSEMAN: Viola: I am curious.

VIOLA: Watching Volcano, I thought about your plate center stuff. Very risky being on a fault line.

SPOT: Thank you. It is a hard decision to make, if I put out info and people are in the wrong place, well ..

VIOLA: Norseman, something like that. TT is very successful, a STO group working on volunteer basis. Look how much we accomplish!


VIOLA: This is only 1997, and by the time we get to 2002, our message and the problems may be quite different.

SPOT: I want to see volcano.

VIOLA: For sure, we will still need to present solution sets that anyone can implement on up to high tech.

NORSEMAN: Viola: Yes we are successful.

VIOLA: But as time passes our most important activity may change. For instance, being in the media and answering questions may become quite important.

VIOLA: Then, as the time gets closer, perhaps helping groups get the info they need and off and running to help themselves.

NORSEMAN: Viola: Yes, that might become important

VIOLA: A Helpline might be just the thing.

SPOT: Helpline, as in phone?

VIOLA: It's expected that MOST people will deny, even when they see the Earth slowing down in the last week.

SPOT: Religions.

VIOLA: So not much to do to help those people, or those who depend upon them. But there may be groups who determine to setup near cities and help the survivors, STO groups. Who knows. Right now organized religion is beginning to suffer, lose membership.

SPOT: That is one of my plans.

VIOLA: However, when people think they are about to die, they can suddenly get religion. I've seen that.

SPOT: That's because it was never organized.

NORSEMAN: Viola: Yes, I notice that, there are more and more people who don't go to church anymore.

VIOLA: Cults will probably spring up all over the place, frightened dependent people clinging to whomever says they will take care of them, that they have the answer.

SPOT: I do the "church of living room" myself.

VIOLA: Heaven's Gate was just one such example. The message from these cults, and from many churches or organized religions, is pay me money, do as I say, and I will save you!

SPOT: No out side influence on religion.

VIOLA: Not much difference! We say help yourself, rely on your own strengths, and here's how.


VIOLA: In the near future, the near term, I see that getting in front of the media is probably the most important activity outside of what we are already doing.

SPOT: OK Viola, when can you talk about it?

VIOLA: I think in any future coordinating of activity, we must be careful to put the responsibility BACK onto the group being organized.

NORSEMAN: Spot: sometimes you have to wait for a answer

VIOLA: By this I mean, we point them to solutions and THEY do the organizing, not that we organize them.

SPOT: Yes, I know. Just picking on Viola.

VIOLA: I fear STS trying to direct folks to where they can use them, etc., so want to prevent this from happening in TT.

NORSEMAN: Viola: do you mean that Spot has to try to find it out himself?

VIOLA: Also, I don't think the establishment needs to know WHERE these survival groups are. None of their business.

NORSEMAN: Viola: agree


VIOLA: Spot, are you talking DD again? Not this year, I think. Don't know just when. It's coming!

VIOLA: Norseman, no, that he has to wait for me to tell him what I know. Somethings get spoiled if revealed too soon. Then STS do their takeover routines, etc.

SPOT: I got my inspiration for that idea from someone on the list serve.

NORSEMAN: Viola: and it isn't the time yet to say it.

VIOLA: Its the synergy, that we spark each other in ideas.

NORSEMAN: I think it involves more then DD.

SPOT: I have noticed the "cycles" that members take.

VIOLA: Also, the thing I notice and really like about TT, is that the ideas get a solid review by the group.


VIOLA: If someone proposes an idea, but it has questionable aspects, they get pointed out right away!

NORSEMAN: "cycles"?

SPOT: No one takes offense if it doesn't fly.

VIOLA: Spot, cycles?

SPOT: Yes, they are here for awhile and they go away and come back.

VIOLA: Right, we are such a good group that way, no egos, focusing on the work to be done. I look to the members to examine my conclusions, etc., point out problems. I WANT that.

NORSEMAN: Spot: not for me, I know Viola now for more then 2 years, been on TT since the start.

VIOLA: A lot of members DO leave and come back. That guy from Australia is an example. You know, I've heard from two such over the past couple years, and they say the whole idea of the 12th and the shift and all is just too overwhelming.

SPOT: Me too, just wish I could have started sooner.

VIOLA: They say they can't stand it, will go mad if they think about it, or whatever. Then after time, they get used to the idea and come back ready to work.

SPOT: They will be back.

VIOLA: And each person that lurks and leaves talks to others, word gets around.

SPOT: I am still impressed with all the computer stuff.

NORSEMAN: Spot: computer stuff?

SPOT: I am not that good with computers and programming. How you get it all together.

VIOLA: I'm impressed by the scope of talent we have. The latest on windmill turbine design is beyond me, but many engineers could build one no sweat from the instructions. Well, I'm in the computer field, have been for 30 years.

SPOT: Yes, I have a 12 volt wind generator already.

NORSEMAN: Spot: I had my first computer when I was about 11 years old

SPOT: My wife's dad bought it 20 years ago!

VIOLA: Another thing I like about TT is the way we utilize each person's talents, but don't expect everyone to be all skillful, etc. By this I mean that we don't jump on members for their failings, but rather praise them for their contributions.

SPOT: Yes, I like that.


VIOLA: We are as strong as all the members strengths, and don't waste time with politics. I expect the survival groups that come together in the last year will be composed like this.

SPOT: Yes, we don't talk politics, lunatics, or wood ticks. Well maybe wood ticks.

VIOLA: Strengths. Where one knows electricity, another construction, another gardening, another how to cook, etc. We talk about mosquitoes, some times :-).

NORSEMAN: Viola: perhaps there are already such kind of groups (that they have subconscious knowledge)

SPOT: They are out big time here now.

VIOLA: That was something I had forgotten about, the ticks and lice and all. Folks will be exposed to so much they were protected from. Unless one has all the solutions sets, as we are putting out, it can be really scary.

SPOT: Yes, even the common cold could kill.

VIOLA: Norse, I suspect they are already encountering each other, and recognizing each other for what they are, yes. Just as WE did.


VIOLA: With poor nutrition and sewage in the water and all, exposure to the elements, folks will get sick and die like flies.

SPOT: Then people will get sick because of the dead people.

VIOLA: North Korea is an example of how folks live when starving. Article said they don't bury their dead until they putrefy, as they fear others digging the graves up and eating the dead body!

SPOT: That is disgusting! Like a movie.

VIOLA: They are eating anything there, dry grass, chewing bark, whatever. But mostly they just quietly die.

SPOT: Please help control your pet population.

NORSEMAN: I think that if someone has a real hunger he/she will eat everything just to survive

VIOLA: Pets will go quickly, unless they become wild dog packs which I expect will happen. To show you how naive folks can be, how little common sense, many ask me if their pets can't be taken care of, etc.

SPOT: Yes, we did survival training in army and we ate raw chicken.

VIOLA: Little fluffy, who's going to take care of little fluffy during these times.

NORSEMAN: Little fluffy?

SPOT: I will take care of little fluffy.

VIOLA: Or they ask who's going to rescue them. Or they say, the government will set up tents and take are of them.

SPOT: Pets?

VIOLA: Spot, little fluffy sandwich, you mean :-).

SPOT: Yes.

VIOLA: They're not connecting! They're not relating to the overall message!

SPOT: I was teasing my cat the other night, nice meaty thighs!

VIOLA: They can't or rather won't see the big picture or listen to the message.

NORSEMAN: Viola: I think you are right

SPOT: Their thoughts will change.

VIOLA: This is mostly denial.


VIOLA: Think how many people don't want to learn they have cancer, or that the person they depend upon, the wage earner, has cancer. Wife would rather not learn their husband has been unfaithful.

SPOT: Yes, seen that. Not unfaithful.

VIOLA: People want to live in their comfortable assumptions, and I've seen folks dragged to reality work their way back into denial in a matter of minutes. If they refuse, you can't force them. So we'll have survival groups, governments trying to keep control, and mostly folks taken by surprise as they denied or didn't know.

SPOT: You can only offer.

VIOLA: Poor farmers in India, for instance, maybe they won't know, or tribes in Africa. After the shift, governments will degenerate into power plays (Newt Gingrich tying to rule the world, etc.)

SPOT: Defense of the site is a big concern for me.

VIOLA: After the shift, survival groups will be trying to make a go of it, quietly.

NORSEMAN: Spot: defense of the site?

VIOLA: After the shift, the homeless will rove about and some will start up survival settlements. Spot, keeping quite about your plans is the best defense. Stay out of sight, etc.

SPOT: Yes, from STS. I mean, to keep some one bad out that is apparently bad.

VIOLA: Be remote, away from other groups, away from cities.

NORSEMAN: Viola: right

VIOLA: Mobility of stores, so that you can MOVE at the last minutes and no one knows where you went.

SPOT: I ask myself, would I shoot some one to defend the others.

NORSEMAN: Spot: I think by shooting someone you are just like them.

VIOLA: For instance, I think folks should do bait and switch, where one member of the group supposedly has the equipment and stores, but this stuff is actually being moved by someone else, kept by someone else.

VIOLA: Norseman, I think not, and that vigilante justice will be rampant, and OUGHT to be to some extent.

SPOT: Yes, that might work.

VIOLA: For instance, if you found a group of guys eating a child they had just killed and roasted, what would you do? I'd kill them, no hesitation.

SPOT: Proof! that they are STS.

NORSEMAN: Viola: defense


VIOLA: Send their damn STS souls off to hell, to live with their own kind, on a world with others of their kind.


VIOLA: The movie volcano pointed out that truly trying times tend to show the stuff that folks are made of.

SPOT: I must see the movie.

VIOLA: For instance, the nurse who would not leave the injured, and her self centered husband who tried to drag her away. For instance, the teenager who grew up quickly. I think the hardest choices will be not with the STS, but with others whom one can't support without starving the group. For instance, say you have a dozen folks in the survival group, and are just barely feeding them.

SPOT: Hard decisions. Teach.

VIOLA: Along comes another dozen folks, good folks with children and all, and you want to help them but now you'll ALL starve. It will be a time of choices, challenges, and the need for resourcefulness.

SPOT: and forcefulness.

NORSEMAN: forcefulness?

VIOLA: I'm going to continue to stress, as TT is doing now, that survival groups need to be seed for other groups that were unprepared.

SPOT: We will know what to do.

VIOLA: Not just seed packets, but idea sources, primarily.

NORSEMAN: Spot: agree

SPOT: Yes, teachers.

VIOLA: For instance in the situation I described, they could all start eating more worms and bugs, eat rats too. Then all would live. Meanwhile, they garden more. The really fat folks would only get Vitamins and bugs for protein.

SPOT: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, Give a man a fishing pole and teach him to use it and feed him for life.

VIOLA: Children would get the most protein as they need to grow or their brains will not develop right, if they are starved.

NORSEMAN: I think that eating bug etc., will be very necessary in the first weeks after the shift

VIOLA: You're sounding like Dan now, our Cree Indian :-).

NORSEMAN: Spot: good thinking

SPOT: Thank you. Logic.

VIOLA: Earthworms are SUCH a good solutions. They live in garbage, grow like crazy, and are 82% protein. Anyone can have a worm bed going.

SPOT: Even in cold climates.

VIOLA: I suspect that in the last weeks and months, or all along, actually, that the attacks on us for what we are saying will continue.

NORSEMAN: I think it's easy to 'make' a worm bed.

VIOLA: Blame the messenger will be the theme. It would all go away if you only don't talk about it, etc.

SPOT: Long as they don't shoot the messenger.

SPOT: Out of site, out of mind.

VIOLA: My answer will be that preparing doesn't take much, mostly is knowledge, and those who can afford preparation but chose a new car have only themselves to blame. Spot, that's why we use screen names on these chats, and why being a contact at the bottom of your pages is voluntary.