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icon 04-Jan-98

Note: it is a general Troubled Times policy to change the names of IRC participants to screen names and remove personal discussions that occurred during the chat in the interests of privacy.

SOJOURNER: Is there a subject for today's chat?

NORSEMAN: Yes, one of the subjects will be this year and last year, what it brought us and what it will bring us (TT)

NORSEMAN: I think that we are into a busy year next year especially with all the weather changes going on

SOJOURNER: You think so? Why?

NORSEMAN: I think that more people will start to think. Like now they try to blame all the changes on El Nino, but they don't say what's the cause of it.

SOJOURNER: I was reading that El Nino AND earthquakes are basically driven by Earth's interior heat changes.

NORSEMAN: Yes I read that too. And the 12th Planet is the cause of those heat changes.

SOJOURNER: Yes. And THAT is the common denominator!


SOJOURNER: But it would be so very "nice" to spot the 12th. Any new findings about that? Any amateur astronomer finding it? I know that Atom is on the search.

NORSEMAN: No not yet, but I think that the time is coming closer that someone will spot it.

VIOLA: I have a list of New Year Goals that we put into writing last year at this time. Atom started it. I'm going to post the gist of them, and see how close we came.

NORSEMAN: Well I think that we have to become a bit more practical.. It's one year closer to 2003.

VIOLA: We haven't had biggish earthquakes for some time, no 8.0 since 1995 when Scallion make his 4 quake scenario prediction and they came pretty close to what he said.

NORSEMAN: And I guess we should put more effort in it to find the Planet.

SOJOURNER: Norseman: 7.0 EQ -> 98/01/04 06:11:50 22.17S 170.51E 33.0 7.0Ms B LOYALTY ISLANDS REGION


VIOLA: Norseman, last year your hopes/plans were 1. more mirror sites (can't remember how many we had then. Was it only 2 and now we have Sweden and Slovenian?

NORSEMAN: That's right

NORSEMAN: By the way, did you guys read what I emailed, less earthquakes but stronger, deadlier.

VIOLA: 2. reaching people that don't have an Internet account. We made some progress on that, in having a couple members willing to do hard copy if people write and send a self addressed envelope, but I don't think they are getting requests and I don't think folks know about this offer!

VIOLA: 3. more members. Well, we at least doubled since last year at this time. So THAT resolution got met :-)

NORSEMAN: If the offer is only on the web, then it has no use I think :)

VIOLA: Norseman, I don't think they said stronger, they just said deadlier, unless I just misread. They meant only that the earthquakes occurred where population lived, so more deaths. That was my take.

NORSEMAN: So I think that we have to find better ways to reach the people without Internet

SOJOURNER: Yes, I agree. We should WRITE articles to appropriate magazines with additional information available upon request by readers. I know for 3-4 such magazines here in my country, that would be willing to publish.

VIOLA: So 2 of 4 of Norseman's resolutions got met. Sojourner, go for it!

NORSEMAN: Yes go for it, Sojourner.

SOJOURNER: Yes, we will do something about that.

VIOLA: Atom's resolutions were to 1. find the 12th, what he termed the "fuzzy pink object". He did, however, state that he thought this would be hard, require equipment and know-how.

NORSEMAN: That's right

VIOLA: 2. getting the word out, as Norseman mentioned, so that when the weather and quakes get weird that folks automatically relate it to the coming 12th.

WAFFLE: Oh I read something in the Parade magazine. Marylin Vos Savant section about how Hale-Bopp looked so big because we saw mostly the gas around it. Forgot to save it. She has a 2xx IQ so it must be right

VIOLA: I think we have done that, via TV show Strange Universe, etc., and in the spring there were lots of newspaper and magazine mentioned - New York Times, etc. 3. Atom's hope was to have more folks in his part of the world in the group, and that most certainly has been a resolution that was met.

VIOLA: So Atom had 2 of 3 resolutions met also.

VIOLA: Waffle, it looked so big because he was closer than they said. It was NOT behind the Sun, it was to the side, as the angle of the tail(s) proved. So many lies about Hale-Bopp, which was only to distract folks. Now we're getting lies about Sun spots.

WAFFLE: what could be done to shake people up in Bible-thumper land (such as here in the midwest). Sorry to be blunt with the term. Saquo so it's not from a large cloud around the comet you say? It was real close? Oh, well. :)

NORSEMAN: Waffle: and what about people in other parts of the world

VIOLA: Carrie also had 3 resolutions last year at this time. 1. to expand the medical section, which she has done, and not only she but others like Robert.

NORSEMAN: India, China etc. Waffle: there are more countries besides the US :)

VIOLA: 2. development of Social TT, which got a big boost when Slovenian mirror site offered a mailing list. This breathed life into a comatose Social server, for sure.

WAFFLE: Norseman Internet I suppose, or contacts.

VIOLA: 3. continued camradiere and support for each other, which does indeed continue. So Carrie got all 3 of her resolutions.

WAFFLE: Norseman yeah, but I was suggesting that because I'm in the US there's more that I can do here than in India or Japan or China as far as non-Internet stuff goes.

NORSEMAN: Waffle: that's right, so one other issue is to get more members from those countries.

WAFFLE: Possibly, yeah.

VIOLA: Waffle, check all the lies and their bubble bursting off the ZetaTalk home page, Hale-Bopp link. It's endless, the lies, and so easily revealed.

WAFFLE: We need to get into the sick business of advertising :)

ATOM: 2 of 3 is good. But I think 3 is close. :))

NORSEMAN: And from European countries.. Like now we have Atom, Sojourner, Michael and a few others.

WAFFLE: OK I followed the sci-astro posts. It's been awhile though. I saw the article and just thought I would bring it up that's all.

VIOLA: What we need for the orient, I believe, is a good translation. I think we will get it too! A good Chinese translation would reach a lot of folks. They fax things to each other there, rather than use the Internet, which the government watches like a hawk.

VIOLA: Waffle, the Bible thumpers cannot be reached, only those among them who think.

NORSEMAN: But I have a Christian background too, but I was open minded and that helped me.

WAFFLE: I want to write messages on little laminated cards and send them up on balloons. Then when the balloons pop and fall the message falls in a random place, like someone's chimney. Maybe not.

VIOLA: Waffle, the NT server my husband built for me will be used eventually to support streaming video and audio, for one thing. It will be a dedicated server, not commercial. Waffle, you're so creative!

WAFFLE: You're hosting a domain at your house? A server?

NORSEMAN: And I still need to arrange a own channel for TT, in which people can chat the whole day.

VIOLA: But balloons and cards will only cover the local area. Get onto a local talk show, a radio show, and that will reach as many! Less waste too.


VIOLA: Waffle, eventually. Right now I'm just practicing on it, and being on-line to the Internet costs money. My hope is that when $$ from book sales or movie rights come in, I will be ready to go on-line too. Synching up. Norseman, how is that coming?

NORSEMAN: I didn't started with it yet, but I will talk with Spot about it. I just read that SanDiego.CA.US.Undernet.Org accepts bots.

VIOLA: Last year at this time, I pointed out that 1996 saw us become an international TT group, and that we grew in size and likewise grew all our solution sets, added content to them. Norseman, I'm on San Diego, and got a bot driven window already popped up. How delightful (yuck).

VIOLA: On my 1997 resolutions, I got too ambitious! First, I wanted prototype sites up, but all we did was form the Inc. which might be the vehicle for this, funding and the like.

CARRIE: But all we did, hey! That was lots of work! :)

VIOLA: I also bombed on my overly ambitious 2. which was to find a way to illuminate (light bulbs) without bulbs. Well, maybe that moved a little as a member talked about making "brilliant white light" at the age of 12 with a couple carbon cores from old batteries hooked up to the wall plug :-).

VIOLA: Carrie, before you go, make your 1998 resolutions!

NORSEMAN: Yes, what do you expect?

CARRIE: Ugh! That requires thought!


VIOLA: I also bombed on my 3. which was to find out how to manufacture Vitamin C. Number 4. I got part way, as the personal NT server was only planned at that time, and it is up and running, thought only serving the personal computers in the house at present :-).

CARRIE: I want to focus more on emergency medicine - things people are going to need to know right away. Also want to focus more on nutrition.

CARRIE: Don't think you bombed on No. 3 in that in the process, we found some wonderful sources of Vitamin C that will likely be available.

NORSEMAN: Yes, nutrition. Good thinking

VIOLA: Ah, but I got a real hit on my last, 5., which was to get media coverage, like the Art Bell talk show. I certainly think the New York Times and Strange Universe qualify!

NORSEMAN: That's right.

VIOLA: Carrie, that's true, but if the vitamin companies manufacture Vitamin C, then damit there's a recipe out there and I want to post it!

CARRIE: And I think that you will get more coverage this year. These things have a way of snowballing.

WAFFLE: Yes there has to be a recipe.

WAFFLE: There's too much of it I think.

VIOLA: Carrie, I listed all media coverage, from interviews to being guest at a chat session, and from 1995 to end of 1997, you could see the snowball for sure!

CARRIE: I think the recipe involves lots of chemical reactions under controlled conditions.

WAFFLE: And its cheap as shit.


WAFFLE: Vitamin C. A lot of vitamins actually.

VIOLA: OK folks, 1998 resolutions, (hope I didn't miss anyone already posting theirs. Try to do them all in a line so we don't get confused. Hit it! Ta da! HERE THEY ARE, THE 1998 RESOLUTIONS!

NORSEMAN: I didn't post mine yet.

CARRIE: Further expand ER medicine. List likely available sources of needed nutrients. Continue to maintain TT cohesion and survival.

ATOM: Regarding my 3rd on-the-list-for-1997, finding #12. I got lots of connections between local astronomers, and a few of them stopped joking lately. To be honest, don't hear much from a few (got silenced?). Nancy, the Z's mentioned to me last time that some of them here found it, and there's no need to buy IR stuff. Can you ask who (as I have them too many on the list to ask all and everyone).

NORSEMAN: I remember that too, Atom as far as I know.

VIOLA: For 1998, 1. my personal resolution is that I can work full time on TT with an income from book sales, killing two birds with one stone by getting the word out via ZetaTalk and also reducing my time demands. 2. getting the NT server on-line as a dedicated ISP, with functions commercial ISP's cannot easily provide or refuse to provide, such as streaming video. 3. having the Inc. prepare a video on the coming earth changes, which can be offered over the NT server in part or for sale, 4. funding for prototype sites come available, and Inc. project to utilize that funding.

CARRIE: I have no doubt that you will accomplish these goals!

NORSEMAN: Me either.

ATOM: For 1998, we'll find #12. :)) Got too many connections with astronomers, and (hopefully soon) access to some much better equipment then mine. Will let you know.


VIOLA: 5. projects such as worm recipes and growing plants indoors without light bulbs in process and succeeding. 6. translation into Chinese and/or Japanese language 7. interview articles in international magazines or at least national, and CNN coverage. That's it.

NORSEMAN: Atom: I too think that's an important effort, finding the planet.

CARRIE: Re the 12th, perhaps using infrared is the answer. In fact, that is one of my personal goals this year - getting a pair of infrared binoculars.

WAFFLE: Yeah if the planet is already red, wouldn't it be likely that it would reflect plenty of infrared also.

CARRIE: Won't see the 12th with the binoculars but will see other things that may clue me in as to its location, etc.

ATOM: Carrie: Z's said to me, no need for IR, too expensive, and too many amateurs will start following it. NASA will have to release something, whatever.

VIOLA: Atom, there are some new folks who have begun looking, can't mention names, but we are really getting some serious help in this matter. I didn't add this to my list of resolutions because I think this will be the year, for sure!

CARRIE: Thanks Atom, you just saved me some $$

WAFFLE: Maybe the Vatican has plenty of reasons for putting infrared on the scopes they are building (someone posted that on the list)?

CARRIE: I think that many UFOs can be seen through infrared.

ATOM: Saquo: thanks. Probably a result of my debates on local boards.

NORSEMAN: Release something??

VIOLA: Waffle, yeah, the Pope uses a telescope in Arizona with infrared capabilities. He takes money from folks whom he tells to obey without thinking, and then doesn't tell them what he knows. Lovely.

WAFFLE: Perhaps there are filters you could look through that can filter out everything BUT red/infrared, making it easier for people to spot

ATOM: Norseman: that there's a dying star, a whoknowswhat. If too many people see something, and NASA says nothing is there, who's gonna believe? If you say something is there, and it doesn't look like this, many will still think "OK, NASA knows..."

VIOLA: Atom, my news is not even in your area, something really unexpected and wonderful! Can't say now, as you know, a watched pot won't boil, etc.

VIOLA: Waffle, there are such filters. It is a combination of this, plus watching for movement, that is the key. However, unless folks can take images to check for movement, there will be no clue, or few clues anyway.


ATOM: Saquo: huh

VIOLA: Perhaps there will be a serious leak! Someone in the government, NASA, who says publicly what someone said privately to the Strange Universe executives.

NORSEMAN: I think so too Viola. A leak.

VIOLA: Strange Universe was told, by a government source, that Star Wars was not for what was claimed, but for 2003 and Planet X. Remember, not all in the government, the establishment, want folks taken by surprise.

WAFFLE: But we already knew that didn't we

NORSEMAN: That's right.

VIOLA: Many want a STRONG suspicion to be out there, so that folks start gardening, distill water, get windmills, etc.

WAFFLE: Good to come from them.

VIOLA: They would rather have strong survival groups, not malnourished, if only for their own selfish reasons. Then they can tax and "lead" these groups, etc.

WAFFLE: Well, hopefully not all of them are out for that.

ATOM: Here their calculation fails.

VIOLA: If they want folks preparing, then they have to give them a STRONG suspicion that this thing is coming in. What better than to admit there is something there, and have lots of discussion on what it IS. One party says a dying nova remnant, another says Nibiru, etc.

WAFFLE: We all grew up watching Star Wars when we were kids you know :) maybe some of that Luke Skywalker will come through.

VIOLA: I think what they fear is the ABSOLUTE knowledge that the 12th is coming, as then banks will fail, panic will ensure, suicides, etc. OK, I got Carrie's resolutions, what about others! Besides Atom's search for the 12th, that is.


NORSEMAN: More European members.

VIOLA: Norseman, you seem to be getting your wish on that already! I think one reason TT is so popular in Europe is folks like you and Atom being vocal in your areas. This is sure to only increase.

NORSEMAN: That's right

ATOM: Will definitely increase, as my prediction about 1997 got fulfilled (that weather anomalies will jump up)

SOJOURNER: My resolutions for 1998 would be: 1. technical support for any Internet needs we might have, 2. promoting TT and ZT here in my country (articles) and everything in between.

ATOM: Yeah, I'll let them know this soon. :))

VIOLA: You know, speaking of European members, I noticed an article in the papers lately that talked about corruption in countries, and which countries were relatively free, which had almost traditional corruption. Guess what! Low corruption countries are our highest TT membership! US, Canada, Europe, Australia!

NORSEMAN: And I still consider our own channel with a bot a good resolution. Waffle: what do you think

ATOM: Well, I'm promoting it through an article about Planet X (huh, should I have time I'll translate it)

VIOLA: Sojourner, all personal resolutions! You're a very responsible person!


VIOLA: Norseman, also a personal resolution, and I have no doubt that you will see 1998 succeeding on that front.

WAFFLE: You're asking me what I think about a channel+bot? I don't know anything about IRC but I think it's a good idea.


VIOLA: I went through the 1997 resolutions, and about half were met. Last year we had a few members who recorded their resolutions for me via e-mail.

VIOLA: What are YOUR resolutions for 1998, Warma, personal or for TT.

WAFFLE: The only thing I hate about IRC is the 'speech control' many channels have. You should have the right to say anything you want on a channel as long as you aren't spamming out.

VIOLA: In my resolutions, the ones I want the most are the ones that is not in my control. Funding for Inc. projects and book sales. This is always so frustrating.

VIOLA: Waffle, you just feel a rant about MicroSoft coming on :-). Warma, what are your resolutions? Most interested to hear what your hopes for TT are, over the coming year.

WAFFLE: Waffle zips it.

WARMA: So far, I feel rather alone (that is, ZT and TT-wise) here where I live.

VIOLA: Waffle, one of Norseman's resolutions is for more European members. Sounds like you have the same.

NORSEMAN: Warma: you won't have to feel alone, I am sure that there are people over there who think the same ;)

WARMA: More European members

VIOLA: One thing I never mentioned in the 1997 resolutions, and should have been there as well as 1998 resolutions, is how to handle growth. We doubled in membership in 1997, and I expect a real exponential growth in 1998, perhaps due to publicity about the 12th, debate about this in the media, etc.

NORSEMAN: Viola: well we have the Social TT list now, the Gossip list

VIOLA: One of the things I did in 1997 was set up the TEAM concept, where small groups working on a focus could share info, have private IRC chats, etc.

NORSEMAN: We don't have private IRC chat's yet.

VIOLA: Norse, that too, the specialized mailing lists. We have a good basis for a lot of growth.

NORSEMAN: Viola: that's right.

WARMA: In my circles, people do not talk about UFOs, the 12th, NWO etc. The only sources of info are You and the Net.

VIOLA: Norseman, but folks COULD do that easily. For instance, John who leads the home experimentation with hydroponics. He could contact those doing hydroponics and contributing, the TEAM on that subject, and suggest an IRC chat whenever. No one would even have to know! They could work as a private TEAM, etc.

NORSEMAN: Viola: that's right.

WARMA: One of the issues my country will have to deal with is full isolation due to the increased ocean level. We will need local teams in place before the pole shift.

NORSEMAN: Warma: and even I am not from you, you can email me, as I think that I will move in that direction too before the Shift

VIOLA: Many countries will have the same problem. I saw a movie last night, Postman. Like so many movies these days, it dealt with what is coming without admitting it. Some strange thing, weird weather and 3 years of winter and lots of disease like plague, caused civilization to collapse, no electricity on grid or phones, etc., and Mad Max gangs forming. Now what would cause 3 years of winter? Anyway, of course the US government managed finally to revive, due to the people loving it, etc. Propaganda!

WAFFLE: Indeed


VIOLA: What I think will happen, and probably starting in 1998, is exponential growth in TT. Imagine this scenario. There are domino earthquakes, such as a series of 8.0 or higher happen around the globe, almost simultaneously. As this has NEVER happened before, folks notice. At the same time, there is an announcement by someone official, a leak, that Planet X was discovered in 1983 and it is being watched, on the move.

NORSEMAN: I think that will happen in a few months.

VIOLA: Now TT gets interviews and CNN coverage, we talk about eating worms, rebuilding homes with straw bale technology and putting up windmills, indoor gardens and carbon arc lamps from pencil leads, etc. We get wildly popular. Possible? Absolutely!

VIOLA: You know, this is happening now, among private groups, individual who know each other, and a web site here and there or an occasional thread in a chat group. Folks talk increasingly about Wormwood, Nibiru, and the earth changes.

WARMA: Tell me about the CNN coverage!

WAFFLE: Maybe we can buy a list of 100,000 email addresses, or make a program that finger's servers to find them. Then let the spam begin :)

NORSEMAN: Waffle: that's not a good idea :)

ATOM: No, spam is of no use, most folks ignore it. Or just refuse it, as it's spam. I doubt it will do any good.

VIOLA: Waffle, I think there is so much spam that we would get ignored, might cause a backlash too. Much better to have CNN put us up there! It could happen!

NORSEMAN: It will happen, the CNN coverage. I am sure about that.

VIOLA: Warma, we have never gotten CNN coverage yet, but CNN reported on the Arizona mothership sighting, albeit after a 3 month delay, and they are international. Ted Turner is very independent, bought much land in Wyoming and turned it over to vast buffalo herds, for instance. I expect great things from CNN.

WARMA: Saquo, I think US and Europe will have two different agendas. US is struggling with a corrupt government (just halfway through The Secret Life of Bill Clinton), and most of Europe is struggling with the European Union. I think denial will be high, just as the Zetas have said.

VIOLA: We must remain professional, as anything we do will be used to discredit us. I get impatient too, but remember we have those who want dearly to make us look muddy, and would use any excuse!

NORSEMAN: That's right Viola.

VIOLA: Warma, yes agendas will be different. For instance, anyone in China wanting to form a survival group is already there :-). Most of the country is already living that way now. In US, there are the secret plans to form martial law, though I don't think it will ever get to that point, which I don't think other countries are suffering from. It's in the laws that this could happen at the slightest excuse.

WARMA: CNN and the Discovery Channel are international, and very good. Discovery currently runs the Raging Planet series (again?) - a lot of good examples of how things will look after the pole shift if you are in the wrong place!

VIOLA: In some countries, such as the Philippines and many countries in South America, Catholic domination is so strong that unless the Pope approves of it, no word will get out. Here they will be told to go to the churches when the time comes.

NORSEMAN: That's right

WARMA: Still, I have heard less positive things about CNN and Ted Turner as part of the governmental cover-up operation. Comments please?

NORSEMAN: Warma: I doubt it.

VIOLA: I think between now and the year 2002, TT and our efforts will remain much the same, except that we will be much larger, and more influential. Then the year 2002 will be so very different! Warma, I'm sure that CNN is in the loop, as they say, and cooperating. But I expect the "leaks" and coverage to be at the DIRECTION of those in the government who want at least a strong element of suspicion about a coming pole shift out there. Unless folks think this might happen, they won't start gardening, etc. The government wants folks feeding themselves and being healthy so they can start governing again, so this is in part a selfish interest on their part.

WARMA: Viola, as far as I understood, even MJ12 has both STOs and STSs with different agendas. Do you think CNN is in the loop with "the good guys"?

WAFFLE: Maybe TT needs a catchy slogan. maybe not.

NORSEMAN: Warma: if I read it right there are only STO in MJ12.

VIOLA: I know MJ12 and they are in the main good guys, the governing boards (there are 2 of them, 20 members each) putting out decisions that are in line with the good guys orientation. It has in the past been a problem that intel groups ran MJ12, and they are on a need to know basis. However, now they have engaged the Zetas as an internal audit intel group, and the Zetas TELL the governing boards when the rules are being side-stepped, the intel groups going rogue. So, things are really so much better now! The main problem is that for them to move forward in informing folks, they get into endless discussions on the repercussions. Thus, paralysis ensues.

WARMA: Viola; how does this relate to MJ12 being accused of the Ron Brown "accident"?

VIOLA: In this regard, ZetaTalk and TT are perfect, as 1. ZetaTalk is deniable, coming from aliens, and 2. TT puts up so many solutions sets, from eating worms to distilling water, and reassure folks that there are things they can do. So, I expect that as things get more tense, with earthquakes and weather, we will start to get more coverage.

VIOLA: Waffle, come up with the phrases and suggest them on the list serve. Good idea!

NORSEMAN: Yes a few slogans might be good.

WARMA: Norseman, living beneath sea level, what is the level of information or awakening on the pole shift in your country.

VIOLA: Warma, Ron Brown was very much a guy who profited by his associations, he was into the "what's in it for me" philosophy. He was planning to profit from his knowledge about MJ12, and this is strictly against the rules. He and the folks on that plane were up there having a private meeting about their plans, and this activity is a death sentence. Lately, there is no hiding these things from MJ12, where in the past this occurred. Many MJ12 members are slow to understand that the Zeta intel which monitors whether the MJ12 rules are being followed is COMPLETE. Think the thought, and it gets reported! Pretty much that close! Warma, I know Norseman grieve over this all the time!

NORSEMAN: Warma: Most in my country don't 'buy' things that fast, not easy to convince. But I think that more people are more open now. It's to bad, that the country I live in will be gone in a few years. There should happen something that would convince the people over here :)

WARMA: Regarding the corrupt government and NWO STS activities. Are MJ12 totally out of the loop, or what about MJ12 vs NWO?

VIOLA: In the year 2002, things will really get hot and heavy. The slowing of the Earth may be really undeniable, with minutes and maybe even an hour adjustment needed to the clocks. Then crop shortages will have starving countries very noisy. Insurance companies will have collapsed, not being able to deal with earthquake and flood damages.

WAFFLE: I don't think there's any winning over the desires of beings 1000 times more intelligent then us. Whoever wants to pull a fight will only win if they want them to.

WARMA: My main problem with the message is that people may buy the 12th, but taking about Zetas etc. I will be getting a padded chamber for some time.

WAFFLE: Waffle laughs.

VIOLA: Those in the US wanting to institute martial law will have tried their hand, perhaps, beyond the bombing of the OKC and TWA800 downing. I think they will have tried and failed. Groups similar to TT will have sprung up, trying to get workers for the elite who fear being left on their own without power they have today. But TT will continue to be appealing to independent sorts, and the establishment sites will only get depending "take-care-of-me" types. My prediction.

WAFFLE: Yeah I talk more about the shift to people than the zetas.

VIOLA: OK, NWO is not MJ12, although some MJ12 members (it includes corporate heads and some religious leaders too, I suspect) are NWO leaning.

ATOM: You won't believe. I got an email from someone, a few weeks ago. He said that he ran across my site about a year ago, reading ZetaTalk translations, but didn't get it. But he said, this time, it seemed much more understandable, and possible to him. Something like that. It gets to changing.

VIOLA: Unless these members do something like disobey an MJ12 rule, they don't get exposed and killed, etc. However, these NWO types are NOT the majority on the governing boards, not setting the rules. Take my word for it.

WARMA: Waffle; then what do you answer to "And who are you to know?"

NORSEMAN: Yes, what do you answer, or don't they ask

VIOLA: MJ12, however, does not run the world. I had members in corporations, etc., people of wealth and influence, but must work by convincing those folks to cooperate. They get corporation is staying SILENT about issues, but pro-active cooperation is more difficult to get. Thus, things like the CNN coverage of the Arizona mothership sightings happen, but infrequently.

WAFFLE: I don't blatantly talk about the pole shift. I'll talk about more subtle things directing toward that, like domes, etc. and how stupid houses are built etc.

NORSEMAN: Like start about bad weather and then ....

VIOLA: I think MJ12 is a force working to stop the NWO, as they don't want martial law, want a healthy surviving populace, and as they have the Zeta travel service and Zeta intel, are a real force for good.

WARMA: Waffle, nor do I, but how the heck do I get adults in my family to start preparing?

VIOLA: They are very effective at stopping things, not as effective at making them happen. I'm must better at being pro-active than they are, frankly. My opinion :-)

ATOM: :-)

WARMA: Waffle / Norseman: We have bad weather now - all interpreted as our environmental sins. No pole shift or 12th involved, as far as the public or politicians are concerned.

VIOLA: Warma, I also have this problem. I talk about my personal plans, and why I am making those plans, and expect that as the year 2002 approaches, that I will get some serious talk from these grown ups. I am a model, if nothing else, for them.

WAFFLE: And stuff like "what if we had a food problem, what would we eat" etc.

VIOLA: Warma, I think they will have problems explaining domino earthquakes of 8.0 or better, and exploding volcanoes, and slowing rotation, all at once. Simple minded or religious folks will buy any explanation given, but thinking folks will be willing to talk to you then.

NORSEMAN: Warma: they won't tell about the Planet, and the pole shift, but you can tell them about the oceans heating up etc.

VIOLA: Norseman, and heating up from the BOTTOM up, not top down as global warming would make happen.


WAFFLE: Yeah that's a big one.

VIOLA: When I think about the next 5 years, I conclude that the most important thing is to get our solution sets ready, and prepare for exponential grown of TT membership. Frankly, I consider it a given that we will get publicity, and that the weather and quakes and slowing and the like will point folks to us. What then? We have to get READY!!!

WARMA: Yes, all that is "good", but we don't experience El Ninő in Scandinavia, we have always lost people at sea, are used to a lot of snow - Heck, that's why we are only 12 million in Norway and Sweden! Viola, you are right. I have one personal resolution for 1998 only: Starting to prepare!

VIOLA: Success, and attention, can come so quickly! I had days notice before the Strange Universe filming. From request to the day it showed on TV, less than a week it seemed.

NORSEMAN: Warma: but how's the weather, and what about this summer. Did we had a normal summer in Europe? That's something to think about

VIOLA: Are we ready for thousands of members? Are we prepared for an extensive CNN documentary? THIS is what we need to be focused on. Else our opportunities will come and go and we will waste them! End of lecture (sorry :-)

ATOM: No normal summer. Folks who never ran across my site, or ZT/TT mention to me how weird weather it is. They notice!

WAFFLE: Don't be sorry it was a good sermon :) Waffle claps.

VIOLA: Translations are a good way to prepare. I remember a Frenchman coming onto the list and struggling, I think he finally left. Now we are getting translations into French, and this is wonderful!

NORSEMAN: Warma: the summer was way to hot, at one day (on a Monday) we experienced about the same temperature as Cyprus.

ATOM: Who's translating into French? I'd sure make a link.

WARMA: As the group is organized, I feel it is still in its small beginning. Already today I get truckloads of mail on the lists, including many "me too" messages. Think about the mail traffic with thousands on the list!

VIOLA: Continuing to develop content is also a good preparation. Getting the TOPICs up in the first place, and building them up with enough that folks can see the gist of what is being said. More mirror sites too, in other countries and other languages, would be a good preparation.

WARMA: It feels like one person does it all, and the rest of us are watching and applauding.

VIOLA: Atom, its all in your huge e-mail queue. Check the new ZetaTalk home page, in the stuff sent to you yesterday, etc.). Buttons for French, Slovic, Swedish. At present I point to YOUR mirror site for Slovic. Question, is Slovic the language in Slovenian? Or is this another country?

VIOLA: Spot! At the 11th hour! We're talking about 1998 resolutions and how to prepare for onslaught in attention, etc. Warma and Norse talking about getting folks to take it seriously, me ranting about how preparing for onslaught is something we can do now, the rest will take care of itself in time.

NORSEMAN: Hey someone joined the Social TT and is also willing to translate, I mentioned that 'she' has to subscribe to the TT-list.

ATOM: Country=Slovenia, Language=slovenian (Slavic is a general group, I guess, including Slovaks, Croats, etc. don't know exactly).

WARMA: Norseman, what was that?

VIOLA: Norseman, what language?

NORSEMAN: French, a French woman.

VIOLA: Atom, would Slovic include Slovenian? Or is it vastly different?

NORSEMAN: Spot: you saw that email too right?

ATOM: Viola, I'll check (didn't read email for a week) Slavic (not Slovic) include Slovenian, but it's not a good word, my guess, as Slavic include many quite different languages. It does no good for others if they are mislead that they have a translation.

SPOT: I think most of getting prepared for the onslaught of what's coming is being prepared in your own mind. Viola is correct, the rest will take care of it's self. One bite at a time.

VIOLA: OK, I'll change the button to Slavic, but for now, those in this general area of the world will do better following this button to your site than any other site! If we get dozens of translations later, then we can differentiate.

ATOM: Just a minute, I'll try to find some dictionary or something, so we didn't do something wrong.

VIOLA: Warma, is Swedish utterly different from Norwegian, etc.? Finish? Are they somewhat similar?

VIOLA: Atom, via e-mail I asked if you would like your translations packaged as the French is, and I want to add a link to from the thubs to languages too. A copy of your translated pages on all mirror sites. Always wise, as one never knows what disasters will happen to electronic stuff. It can disappear! And mirror sites are one of our best protections in that regard.

WARMA: Viola, Swedish, Norwegian are Danish are pretty close. Finnish is totally different, but about 10% of the Finns have Swedish as their mother tongue, and about another 10% understand Swedish.

ATOM: Viola: I'll check email tomorrow and answer you.

VIOLA: Warma, would be OK then to say of the Swedish translations that Geson has done, that this is Scandinavian? Is there a term, like Slavic, that encompasses these languages?

ATOM: Viola: Yes, Slavic is a general word for nation in the area. Some of them may even understand parts of Slovenian (as languages don't differ that much) but some won't. Hopefully they'll understand English, or later we may get more translations. Viola: Slavic, checked in dictionary.

WARMA: Scandinavian often refers to an in-between mix that Scandinavian Airlines personnel (serving Sweden, Norway and Denmark) are using. It is not an official language group. Keep the button as Swedish.

VIOLA: Atom, I redid the thubs so that they have views in a frame-look band along the left side, and want to include a link called "Translations". This will lead to a page listing the languages, and only those pages translated will be grouped there.

ATOM: Viola: OK

SPOT: How about using flags for symbols:-)

NORSEMAN: Maybe an idea.

VIOLA: The French woman translating did a good job selecting her first choices. She has Pole Shift in ZetaTalk main linking page, Denial, Time Frame, Comet Visible, and Comet Watch in TT. They all relate, and link to each other. I linked her Comet Watch to those pages that are mostly graphics, even though not in French yet, as they are self explanatory.


VIOLA: Spot, WONDERFUL idea! Except, what do I use for Slavic, as it has several countries? Maybe I could take the dominant country, or a string of flags. I really like this idea!

SPOT: It was my friend's idea actually. :-)

ATOM: Use Slovenian flag as it's the translation anyway. It's similar to many other country flags, so they will know.


SPOT: Everyone knows their own flag. Even in distress, they will recognize it.

NORSEMAN: That's right Spot.