icon 11-Aug-96

Note: it is a general Troubled Times policy to change the names of IRC participants to screen names and remove personal discussions that occurred during the chat in the interests of privacy.

NORSEMAN: I just heard on TV, a volcanic eruption at the Philippines.

CARRIE: Seems like the Philippines have more than their fair share of the world's volcanoes

VIOLA: You know, we had another power outage here on the West Coast. 3 hours + this time, and states east to Texas.

CARRIE: Read about the power outage.

NORSEMAN: Viola: Yes I read it ... it was a big one.

VIOLA: You know, all the sightings don't get coverage, or the weather changes, etc. Anyway, ain't it great the way TT is shaping up! It's getting busier and busier, but the pace is still pretty steady. I feel the direction TT is taking, fleshing out as it is, is superb!

NORSEMAN: Viola: Yes, another member .. And the animations are great.. :)

VIOLA: Well, I'm adding a few more frames to Clip2, called "Meanwhile, on the other side of the world". This shows the shortening Pacific on the dark side, volcanoes, hot earth, etc.

SHADOW: So, what's everyone talking about right now.

CARRIE: About the power outage on the west coast yesterday.

NORSEMAN: Bad weather over here.

SHADOW: Yesterday? There was a power outage on the west coast yesterday.

CARRIE: Yes, I think it was for about 3 hours.

VIOLA: We don't hear about sightings, 12th Planets approach, weather changes, etc. Media control.

SHADOW: I noticed that the other power outage was finally silenced

VIOLA: Oh, no coverage at all! Essentially. Some guy told me that the "explanation" given was that a tree fell on a line in Idaho. Can you believer that!

CARRIE: The Washington Post reported that the other one was cause by a tree that grew too close to the transmission lines . Right! Like the tree grew very suddenly!

NORSEMAN: I wonder, why does this kind of things mostly happened in the USA.. does it also happens in Europe.. ?

VIOLA: Sure!

SHADOW: Yes, it happens all over, we just don't hear about it

SHADOW: I feel the awakening with NASA is very soon, like around the corner on their part. Watch NASA. I think they are trying to bring it in with this rock that they said had life in it from Mars.

VIOLA: Watch the "explanation" for this power outage be Sun spots or some such.

VIOLA: We now have about 24 members in TT. Growing at a faster rate.

NORSEMAN: Viola: we are growing, bigger .. Yes..

VIOLA: TT just got into the Search Engines too, and I suspect this helps a bit.

SHADOW: Yes, much bigger Norseman.

NORSEMAN: Viola: it will be easier for people to find us.

CARRIE: The check list kind of pulls everything together.

SHADOW: I was just asked about evolution and creation by two separate people. They wanted to know what I knew about everything happening. One was from Michigan, she called me. The other was down the street.

VIOLA: Norseman thinks there will be many things happening this year, he felt that earlier and was right

SHADOW: I feel that in 1997 something is going to happen, yet I don't know what.

VIOLA: We've had increased sightings, power outages, and now the NASA rock. What does everyone think will be happening next?

CARRIE: Not to mention a drought.

SHADOW: There will be more Viola. This is an introduction to the subject for most. That's all.

VIOLA: I suspect that there will be more reports of sighting, even alien life forms like the Brazil Roswell thing

NORSEMAN: Viola: I think much more, I feel the end is not in sight.

SHADOW: I wish I knew what was going to happen. Its in my bones though.

VIOLA: Weather changes can always be called "global warming"

SHADOW: No, not the end, but something.

VIOLA: earthquakes are getting underreported, I think. I noted that the Kuril Islands was reported under 8.0 by US, but Japan had it 8.2 or so, higher. Japan should know!

CARRIE: The only thing that comes to me is "wind". Perhaps we will have very bad hurricane or tornado season. Tornadoes have touched down in places not tornado has ever been in this past year. Much of it has not been publicized.

NORSEMAN: Viola: and today a volcano eruption at the Philippines.

SHADOW: I have noticed that my dreams now are more intense and are coming true.

VIOLA: Oh really? The Philippines has a lot of that anyway, was this more than usual?

NORSEMAN: This one came not expected.

VIOLA: I think another round-the-corner happening will be mass starvation due to drought.

SHADOW: Yes, for tornadoes too. We had one here, no two, and as they were upon us, the media never alerted us.

CARRIE: Same here, Shadow.

VIOLA: Africa, for instance, where they for they past few years have had starvation spells, and everyone sends beans and rice and grain and dried milk, etc.

SHADOW: I noticed that tornadoes are springing up all over in areas they never use to exist in.

VIOLA: Not so much will be sent, and the deaths will be big numbers. Probably will be underreported, as usual.

CARRIE: Unfortunately the people don't get what we send - goes to barterers and land "kings".

SHADOW: Tornadoes are now being reported very frequently in NJ and such places. They never use to be there. I grew up there. Only hurricanes.

VIOLA: I used to live in the midwest. Tornadoes were a constant worry. I slept listening for the freight train sound, I swear.

CARRIE: Tornadoes in Maryland also.

SHADOW: I had heard of this woman in NM. She said she never slept either while living in Oklahoma, and damn if one didn't hit her there. She bragged too much.

NORSEMAN: We don't have tornadoes over here, but I think that there will be more rainfall etc.

VIOLA: My midwest site may be under a lot of deluge in years hence. Rain I can live with.

SHADOW: Really?

VIOLA: Remember a couple years ago, was it '93, when the Mississippi flooded? That kind of deluge, non-stop rain and clogs the rivers.

SHADOW: Viola, yes, I remember that. Carrie, yes I know.

VIOLA: I think we may see a lot of the techniques for survival we are recommending being touted more, in the media, as a solution to the weather/drought/food shortages.

SHADOW: God, the people though, the wounded, the scared, the ones in shock.

VIOLA: Gardening might move under cover, water conserved rather than poured into the ground, etc.

NORSEMAN: Africa and Spain, looks safe to me.. Maybe I will move to one of these countries.

VIOLA: They are both higher ground.

VIOLA: Western half of the US is better than eastern half, and Canada will do well.

VIOLA: I find on the Usenets that many are threatened by the news and become more rigid.

SHADOW: I have noticed though, that more people are turning bad. Drinking and drugs, and such. I know this is all part of it.

VIOLA: For sure, as the times get harder, a type of suicide.

NORSEMAN: But how can we explain to people that they should move to other places, some people don't want to listen.. And will stay in there country.

SHADOW: We are to expect that Norseman.

CARRIE: I think that those that are meant to survive, will move on their own

VIOLA: 99% of the people either won't know, won't listen, will deny, maybe 95%, then the other 5% will try to move or prepare or will just plan a death for themselves and their loved ones.

CARRIE: When people begins to realize what is going on, do you think there will be mass panic?

VIOLA: I don't think there will ever be mass panic as I think 99% of folks will either 1) not know because they are remote or primitive, no media, 2) not believe, as it sound extreme and they will want "proof", 3) deny, as it is too scary to think about. So, among those who learn about it and want to do something - no mass panic but plans.

SHADOW: I've never seen so many people become interested in this stuff. Times is getting closer and the people are speaking among themselves. Its actually a quiet little secret among the people.

VIOLA: There will be groups talking about this merging at the perimeters, becoming one large group all talking about millennium prophecy and what to do to survive.

SHADOW: Yes, I have seen this. This is happening. People grabbing for the Nostradamus books and all.

NORSEMAN: Sharta: they notice changed weather patterns, and some don't believe the greenhouse story anymore .. so they will search to other sources.

VIOLA: Someone told me about a contactee that was on TV or radio and said she was told year 2003.

SHADOW: I believe this. I figure 2000-2003.

VIOLA: Another about a Usenet posting that said "Marduk", which is another name for the 12th Planet, will come in 2004.

SHADOW: I think it has or will speed up.

VIOLA: Now, it always used to be 1997 or 2011, nothing in between. Copycats, perhaps, but I think the contactee was for real.

SHADOW: I think so too

VIOLA: So many sources will be saying the same thing! That's good!

SHADOW: Most people won't say anything because of the humiliation of the public that they would go through. But since she did come forward, I believe it.

VIOLA: Sometimes I think about folks I know, who are really into their material possessions - car, house, furnishings. I think they just won't leave these things, will delay until its too late, and then will die there, stuck and vulnerable with gangs coming around.

SHADOW: Yeah I know. What are they going to do when this all comes about.

NORSEMAN: Materialistic people, I am not one of them.

VIOLA: I'm talking about some family members here that I see resisting the conclusions all the way to the end.

SHADOW: I'm not either unless you talk about the computer. I love my computer.

VIOLA: These same people deny the alien presence, deny the possibility of a pole shift, etc.

NORSEMAN: Sharta: the same counts for me.

VIOLA: Those in denial just get more and more firm in that regard. Refuse to read or contemplate anything that counters what they are clinging to.

SHADOW: This is our form of communication.

NORSEMAN: Viola: they are happy with the way they are, they are afraid of the changes.

SHADOW: I'm not, and many times, I say, I can't wait. It may sound sick, but I can't wait whether I live through it or not. It is for the good of the planet.

VIOLA: I'm so non-materialistic it shocks my husband. I could care less. It's what the items mean in terms of comfort for folks, and plans for the future, etc. Not the thing per se. Not status.

NORSEMAN: By the way, what about the people who think its all doom..

VIOLA: I'll be a lot happier on the other side, too. Then everything will be building, not preparing for a

disaster, although I think what we are doing it building too, as what we stock up and have at hand affects the future so greatly.

NORSEMAN: How could we explain to them, that these changes are for the good..

SHADOW: The ones that think it is all doom are the ones that are probably denying this. It scares them. I know that if I live through it that I can survive.

VIOLA: No books, no education, etc. = Dark Ages for man again. Books and Internet links = a fresh start.

NORSEMAN: Sharta: you're right.

SHADOW: Like Viola said though, some do not want changes. They want security and will find it either in drugs or drinking or etc., even in material things.

VIOLA: Like the 1929 crash in the US. Bankers jumped out of windows, could not deal with the change. Many will commit suicide, if they live at all.

SHADOW: Me, myself, I can up and leave in a moments notice.

VIOLA: A type of suicide is living where you know you will die! Like right on the coast, or in a big city in a building that will crush you for sure, old brick building.

SHADOW: I'll just open the doors to the house, and I'm gone

NORSEMAN: Sharta: the same counts for me.

VIOLA: A lot of folks are moving to Florida, like transients. They just want to die, drown quick, and not linger or deal with the Aftertime. They don't deal well with life now! Aftertime would just be too much.

SHADOW: Yes this is true. A lot of elderly are also migrating there everyday.

SHADOW: Me and my mother talk about this every weekend.

VIOLA: I've become 0% emotionally attached to my material possessions. I consider the world a war zone, etc. This allows me to function as I must at present. No shock would shock me.


NORSEMAN: Viola: it has to do with subconscious knowledge.

SHADOW: That's the only way to be I guess. but still worry about family members and you know that Viola.

VIOLA: Drowning does not hurt. I lost consciousness once due to lack of ability to breath. Everything just goes black, but no pain. The lungs work like crazy, though, trying to get air in. Then I regained consciousness later, was OK. No pain.

NORSEMAN: Viola: Yes that could be.

VIOLA: Starvation also does not hurt, my understanding. The mind goes dull and doesn't even contemplate what is happening toward the end. Is that not true?

VIOLA: I think extended families will change, that folks will become family for those around them, to compensate for distance that can't be bridged.

SHADOW: Viola, yes, this is true. Only hurts at first but then I think the body goes into some type of shock from lack of food.

VIOLA: This happens now, with adoptions and folks helping elderly nearby, but I think this will increase.