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TOPIC: Alien Presence

Sightings are on the increase, as noted during a conference in Brazil. Evidence of the alien presence can be found in the Past Century of sightings; in Traces such as Skulls and Skeletons on Earth and in DNA Analysis; in the Betty/Barney Hill case with Zeta Reticuli recognition; in the Travis Walton documentation; in the 1997 Arizona Mothership seen by the whole state (known as the Phoenix Lights); in the 1998 RAF Chase and in 1999 Orange Fireballs seen also in Finland; in recent Air Force One disappearances and FBI Files; in past Mass Sightings; in the continuing Mexico Sightings and a Popo Visit; in the China Boom including the Shanghai, Beijing and Jianjiao Encounter; in a recent Wisconsin UFO Chase, an Illinois sightings observed by Police, in a Russian Official admission; in a New Jersey mass sighting; and sightings in Peru, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Korea, and Turkey; in Astronaut Admissions, Aerospace Engineer reports; in NASA Cuts and Mars Probe failures, and a deliberate NASA Contractor leak; in a NOAA Satellite image; in MUFON Reports; and in increasingly credible NUFORC reports. The Discovery Channel documents encounters, as does ABC News, UFO Roundup, and UFO Encounters.

A massive 1996 Power Outage occurred on the day the movie Independence Day premiered, followed by a Second Outage. Evidence of life elsewhere is in the Murchison Meteorite; in Primordial Soup in space; in Europa Studies; and in Life on Mars admissions, a point noted by President Clinton and Admitted by other Presidents. There is even a recent Vatican Admission that aliens exist and a CSETI Interview! Where UFOlogists gain support abroad, a NASA Law on the books, Title 14 Section 1211, forbids contact with extraterrestrials, but as ZetaTalk has always asserted and Case Studies demonstrate, humans can Just Say No. The Sturrock Panel and Life Poll shows that most Americans believe the Earth is being visited; as do the Falun Gong, Philippine Astronomers, the French Government in the COMETA Report which details Facts, Knowledge, Defense, Cases; and Joe Firmage risked his career on such beliefs. Stan Friedman speaks out on Roswell Disinfo, and the Missouri Initiative against coverups.