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Clark C. McClelland, UFO Researcher, Aerospace Engineer, and
ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet

If you don’t believe in the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects, consider the phenomenon from my point of view. I am an insider and a trained aerospace engineer with over 53 years experience in the fields of space science and UFO research. Consider this expose from the standpoint of someone who played a major part in helping to fulfill President Kennedy's commitment of landing American men on the moon and returning them safely to earth. Then - change your mind. Those who choose to ignore the truth can remain in a blissful dreamworld until reality hits the proverbial fan. The truth is fast approaching. The information in The Stargate Chronicles won't let you be caught by surprise.

The truth may be new, but the facts and evidence are ancient. Some of the earliest stones in recorded history display strange objects in the ancient skies of earth. These objects weren't birds or simple artistic renderings of the sun and stars. They were foreign and of unearthly origin, and were most probably UFOs used by the creators of the Human Race. I know what that statement sounds like to UFO skeptics and followers alike, but I ask both sides to please reserve your judgment until the whole story is told. If, in fact, the whole story can ever be told. Some of that is up to Them.

The Holy Bible, best-selling book of all ages, has numerous events recorded by writers of the gospel telling of unique aerial objects that defy imagination. The Book of Ezekiel describes one such object as "a wheel within a wheel." Was Ezekiel describing a modern-day flying saucer? Are all these ancient records to be discounted, disregarded as fanciful misinterpretations of ordinary phenomena? Pure fantasy? Or is there a grain of some greater truth within these records? I know there is. My story reveals astounding cosmic facts that indicate this planet has been and is being visited by forms of intelligence far more advanced than our own, coming from somewhere among the stars.