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Book charts FBI-UFO connection
By Sally Suddock. June 5, 2000

In his own commentary on the book sent to UFO subscriber lists on the Web last week, Maccabee offered a sneak preview of some of the facts he learned in the process of researching and writing UFOs and the FBI: The Secret History of the Government Cover-Up. Among them:

Maccabee says that, while the FBI does not now investigate sightings, it's "placed on the web the roughly 1600 pages of UFO files (at and check for "foipa" documents.) These are not arranged in any order so if you are looking for a particular item you may have to search through all 16 files of 5 Mbytes each." Or, a better solution for investigating the pattern of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's UFO activity might be Maccabee's book.