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Stunnng High Level French Government Report On UFOs And Defense
From CNI News, Vol 5 No 11, 8-1-99
Note - Our thanks to Michael Lindemann for permission to bring this report to you

The authors of the new French UFO report selected a small but impressive sample of UFO cases to illustrate the seriousness of the subject. Many of these cases will be familiar to experienced ufologists, but not necessarily to all readers of CNI News. Here is a brief description of most of the cases highlighted in the COMETA report:

Testimony of French pilot M. Giraud, March 7, 1977: Giraud and his navigator were flying a Mirage IV jet at night near Dijon, France when they saw a bright light rapidly closing. The light tailed them at a distance of 1500 meters though they made evasive turns. They radioed a military radar site, but the UFO did not show on radar.

Testimony of French fighter pilot Colonel Claude Bosc, March 3, 1976: On a night training flight in a T-33, Bosc saw a bright light approach at high speed on a collision course. His jet was then enveloped in green phosphorescent light for several seconds. Radar showed nothing, but two other pilots saw the encounter from a distance.

Air France flight 3532, Jan 28, 1994: Pilot and copilot of an Airbus 320-111 flying in daylight near Paris at 39,000 feet reported seeing a very large disc-like craft about 30 miles away and slightly below them. Military radar confirmed presence of an object about 250 meters in diameter. The object was observed visually and on radar for about 50 seconds, then suddenly disappeared.

Lakenheath RAF, UK, Aug 13, 1956: Extraordinary UFO events occurred over a span of six hours, involving very clear radar tracks of more than a dozen objects sometimes traveling over 4,000 miles per hour, sometimes slower than 100 mph. Jets were scrambled and encountered UFO traffic but could not identify it.

RB-47 case, USA, July 17, 1957: "Arguably the most important UFO case in history," says veteran researcher Jerome Clark. Flight crew of an RB-47 reconnaissance jet engaged a UFO for nearly two hours over Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. The UFO was simultaneously tracked visually and by ground and air radar, and a signal from the UFO was tracked as well.

Teheran, Iran, Sept 18, 1976: Two F-4 jets of the Iranian Air Force separately engaged a brilliant, fast-moving UFO, tracking visually and on radar. On approaching the UFO, the jets' onboard weapons and control functions repeatedly failed, forcing retreat. A second UFO object was seen to separate from the main UFO and appeared to land.

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, Aug 1, 1995: A commercial jet on approach to Bariloche airport reported a UFO flying alongside. During the plane's descent, the airport experienced a total electrical blackout, forcing the pilot to abort the landing and circle around for a second attempt. Meanwhile the UFO flew upward and disappeared from view.

Tananarive, Madagascar, Aug 16, 1954: A brilliant green fireball was observed crossing the sky, trailing flames. As it approached, multiple witnesses said it resembled a metallic oval object as big as a DC-4 aircraft. As it passed overhead at low altitude, the city experienced a major electrical blackout.

Kapustin Yar, Russia, July 28-29, 1989: Military personnel reported a clearly visible disc-shaped UFO hovering low over an army missile base and shining a beam of light down on a weapons depot. The sighting lasted over 90 minutes. A similar report occurred later the same night at another nearby base.

Valensole, Basses Alps, France, July 1, 1965: Farmer Maurice Masse encountered a landed UFO and two small humanoids in his lavender field at about 6 am. On approach, he became paralyzed but remained conscious while the beings boarded the craft and flew away. Masse suffered massive fatigue for several weeks, and nothing but stunted weeds grew in the landing area for years after. This case was extensively investigated by French authorities.

Trans-en-Provence, France, January 8, 1981: A disc-shaped metallic UFO was observed by farmer Renato Niccolai to briefly land in his alfalfa field at about 5 pm, then lift off and fly away. Investigation showed that a very heavy object - weighing possibly 4 to 5 tons - had compressed the soil in the landing area, and plants were obviously affected.

Cussac, France, Aug 29, 1967: Two children reportedly saw a sphere-shaped UFO and "four little devils" on the ground. The humanoid beings were observed to levitate before quickly entering the UFO and flying away. The UFO was said to make a soft whistling sound and smelled of sulphur.

Nancy, France, Oct 21, 1982: A scientist (who remains anonymous) observed a small disc-shaped object hovering silently just above his garden in the early afternoon. The object remained for about 20 minutes before suddenly flying away at high speed. Amaranth plants in the garden were obviously affected; analysis suggested the presence of a powerful electrical field.