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Glowing UFOs Seen Over South Korea/NE China
Agence France Presse/ CNI News, December 31, 1995

A doughnut-shaped "flying saucer" glowed for an hour over a provincial city park Saturday night, attracting a crowd of awed onlookers and cameramen, news reports said on Sunday, Dec 31. The strange object emitted a wave of luminous red light from its center and moved slowly and soundlessly over a hilly park in the southern city of Taegu, Yonhap news agency said. Television and radio stations were swamped with telephone calls by witnesses who claimed it was an unidentified flying object (UFO), Yonhap said. An air force surveillance team in the city also saw the glowing saucer through binoculars but failed to detect it on a radar screen, it said. Many people in the city were reported to have photographed the saucer.

CNI News correspondant Rebecca Schatte reported that the NBC-TV affiliate in Houston, Texas, ran video footage of the Korean UFO incident on January 3. Meanwhile, according to a report in the Scottish Sunday Mail of Dec 31, pilots of four aircraft also reported recent UFO sightings over northeast China. The captain of an internal flight to Beijing on December 4 radioed that he could see "a white oval object travelling at about 550 mph." He later reported that it "turned green and followed the aeroplane's flight path." Within minutes,the captain of another airliner reported seeing the same thing, and two others spotted red or yellow UFOs.