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From: Dr. Richard X. Frager <>
Newsgroups: sci.skeptic,sci.astro,,alt.paranet.ufo,alt.alien.research,alt.alien.visitors
Date: 15. julij 1997 20:50
Subject: National Science Foundation to admit to Extraterrestrial Life/Life on Mars Verified

LE: Let's talk about the public disclosure that you feel will happen.

Richard Boylan: The administration, last August 7th, started getting into high gear to get the public ready for public disclosure of UFO reality by its announcement of life on Mars due to the Mars rock having a lifeform evidence on it. Six days later the government announced that conditions exist for life on Jupiter's moon, Europa. A month and a half later British scientists said they found another Martian rock with life signs on it dating 600,000 years ago, which is only yesterday in geologic time. The conditions of Mars' atmosphere and temperature 600,000 years ago are the same as they still are today. In other words, not only is life ancient, but life is current on Mars. Carl Sagan, who said no more than he was allowed to say, said in his last article in Planetary Science magazine before he died, that we should not be surprised that, when we get to Mars, we find life and not just microbial life, but evidence that intelligent life has been there.

There have been public forums for both scientists and the public in Washington, DC, this past fall and the topic has been on life in the Universe, extraterrestrial life. Interesting enough theologians have been brought together to share in this information. My source who talks with the top UFO expert in the CIA said that the think-tank analysts in government feel that the two populations that will have the most trouble accepting a public announcement of UFO reality are academic scientists and fundamentalists religionists. So, there is a concerted effort to bring together scientists, through the National Science Foundation, telling them it is now legitimate to study UFO topics, as well as to influence major theologians, through the National Council of Churches, to calmly discuss extraterrestrial life, saying that God is big enough, basically, to have created worlds with many life forms.