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Orange Fireballs Appear Nightly in New South Wales
UFO Roundup, January 18, 1999

On Thursday, January 6, 1999, Margaret W. and her family watched as a squadron of five orange fireballs flew over their home in South Cessnock, New South Wales, Australia, a town located 180 kilometers (108 miles) north of Sydney. Amazingly, the UFO flyover repeated itself the following night, and the night after that. By Monday, January 11, 1999, the flights, with anywhere from two to five "orange fireballs" had passed over South Cessnock. "We have been seeing these orange fireballs in flight going over our house for the past six days." Margaret "said she had got her son a telescope for Christmas, and they had observed the lights through it.

Red, fiery orange spheres with flames coming out of the back of the objects. They had four lights in front. Lights were cloudy and white in colour. The objects were disc-shaped." She added that "they came from the east," i.e. the Pacific Ocean, "and went west. She stated that her neighbour came out and had a look and went back inside to call RAAF Williamstown, to see if they had any planes in the area. They said no." Each object "was about the size of a 20-cent piece held at arm's length." (Many thanks to Diane Harrison of UFO Australian Research Network for this report.)