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Jetliners Encounter UFO's Over New jersey
Courtesy UFO Roundup

On Monday night, November 17, 1997, ham radio operator John N. Gonzalez, N2IXW, picked up a UFO report while listening to radio traffic on theair. According to a MUFON report, Gonzalez heard the conversation between the tower at Newark, N.J. airport and Flight 262 on 118.300 MHz. Two other unidentified air crews also joined in the conversation.

Here is a transcript:

JET #2: "Watch out! The two (UFOs) are coming up to you."

FLIGHT 262: "Well, Captain, the two up here are coming down to meet with you."

TOWER: "Flight 262, what is your status?"

FLIGHT 262: "We have 236 souls onboard and fifty thousand (pounds) of fuel. I think these damn things are going to hit us. We are over Morristown just in case there is a collision with them. (pause) They have taken off towards the northeast. And, by the way, towards the northeast, it also looks like a meteor or space debris is coming down."

(Editor's Note: Monday night, November 17, was the tail end of the annual Leonid meteor shower.)

TOWER: "Do you wish to report a UFO sighting?"

FLIGHT 262: (Pause) No, we have nothing to report."

JET #2: "We heard you. I am making sure the passengers are all right. And, no, I have nothing to report, either."

JET#3: "You guys have seen more than your share of UFOs. I know I have."

TOWER: "Who are you? Please identify yourself." (There was no response) "Flight 262, go to the emergency frequency. We will meet with the both of you there."