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Extraterrestrials May Cause Revolution in China
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
July 30, 1999

The largest political group in China outside the Communist Party is the Falun Gong that attempts to improve a person's health through exercise, mediation, and contact with unseen extraterrestrial forces. The group has up to 70 million members, and is considered the most serious threat to communist rule since the 1989 pro-democracy protests. Falun Gong doctrines draw on a belief in extraterrestrial forces, martial arts, Buddhism, Taoism, high moral standards, and traditional values. This belief system results in members who are seldom sick, and so they rarely use Chinese medical facilities. On April 25, ten thousand Falun Gong members conducted a silent protest against government harassment outside the Beijing compound where President Jiang Zemin lives. Additional silent protests were carried out in more than 30 Chinese cities allegedly coordinated over the Internet by sect founder Li Hongzhi, who lives in New York.

Coupled with the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia the Communist government is extremely worried. Thousands of Falun Gong members are being arrested and put in prison while millions of their books are being burned. Old Chinese legends talk of fiery dragons on which the sons of Heaven rode. Although China has asked the United Nations in recent years to join them in studying UFOs, this spreading belief in extraterrestrials terrifies the government. The threat of a civil uprising against Communism in China is more likely than is generally realized. China is attempting to stop further trouble by issuing an arrest order for the popular Li Hongzhi the leader of Falun Gong. A significant sign from heaven, such as UFO sightings could set off spectacular events in China. Revolutions have been won by extraordinary things.