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British Government is after UFO's
Translation from “Sabah” Turkish daily, Jun 5, 2000
Offered by Phillipe

British government defense ministry secret services secretariat has published the UFO reports to parliament. In the report it has stated that there are interesting occurrences of UFO's between July 1998 and July 1999. One of the most interesting event was detection of a strange light by a radar on 15th February 1999. A very large subject having 5 km length and 3 km width was traveling towards Belfast at a speed of 5,000 km/hour. The subject disappeared from the radar screen after 2 minutes it had been detected. Couple days after this incident, a pilot flying over North Sea saw a very bright flying ball. Three other pilots flying at the region had confirmed this incident by reporting the same observations. Although, the airport traffic controls did not detect this one but a meteorologist had seen a very fast object on his radar.