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Date sent: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 01:10:05 EST
Subject: [CAUS updates] - Our Military's Ability to Detect and Identify UFOs

Dear CAUS Members:

On this Tuesday, CAUS again shares with you some very interesting comments by CAUS' favorite NASA contractor, Robert A.M. Stephens:

Gersten: Robert...can you tell us something about our military's ability to detect and identify UFOs?

Stephens: When something untoward enters into the tracking field of NORAD/Fence, it then begins a series of tracking logarithms to track speed, location, altitude, departure angle, mass, heat, and inherent velocity. From there it runs a test for itself to confirm that whatever it is is not something we have in space. From there a management program kicks in called, 'Intruder Assessment.' If a series of democratic protocols weighs out then the next step is to start a serious of visual confirmations with our own air assets. Stealth 117A and or SR-71 are dispatched to attempt intercept. From there the 'Fence' protocols go through a series of 'what is' formats until the intruding element is either confirmed to be something from us or an unknown. Unknowns are called a 'Gray.'

Also when it appears conventional ground based air assets have failed to acquire craft for confirmation due to vehicle exhibiting phasing or some other type of eluding of recon aircraft, they (NORAD) move any one of three Kehole deep-look satellites into position in high Earth Orbit to watch the bogey.

Gersten: Am I understanding you correctly that 8 individual objects were detected by Norad/Fence over Phoenix on March 13, 1997?

Stephens: Yes.

Gersten: If so, for what period of time did Norad/Fence track these objects?

Stephens: Until they left Earth's space after slowly drifting at 20-60 knots SSE into Mexico

Gersten: What was the time period?

Stephens: First registered anomaly: 2030 MST Last registered anomaly: 0140 MST

Gersten: Was there a description of the objects?

Stephens: Yes. 'V' shaped and triangular.

Gersten: Did any one of three Kehole deep-look satellites in high Earth Orbit reveal any further information about these objects?

Stephens: Yes, by those assets as Silver Veil and Keyhole and other.

Gersten: There were reports from AF informants that these objects were also in the area for several days prior to the 13th. Can this be confirmed?

Stephens: No. They first appeared for registration at 2030 MST, 3-17-1997

Gersten: Do you have any knowledge about the MSTI-3 imaging satellite? The story is that the MSTI-3 was "disabled" on March 13, 1997, (date of the Phoenix lights) by an incoming alien craft. It's last set of photos would be quite interesting. Would he have access to those last pictures taken by MSTI-3 or knowledge of them?

Stephens: No. The MSTI-3 satellite as referenced misfired becasue of a failed APU sensor. Later fixed. The association of that and the Phoenix incident were unrelated since both events were so distance in relative being of one another. Too, MSTI was fixed by the night of the 17th, at least marginally.

Gersten: Besides NORAD/Fence, is there any other Agency that detects these intruders when in our airspace?

Stephens: No.

Gersten: Is there ever photographs taken of these intruders?

Stephens: No. Attempts are made, on rare occasions. Results are fleeting or negative at best.

Gersten: Is there a defensive or offensive strategy by our military in regard to these intruders?

Stephens: No. I will say this now since I divulged this on the Toronto Radio show Sunday night. The actions of the government (way above NASA), act, respond, interact, manage information, disseminate information, handle intelligence, seek intel, divulge data, delude intelligence, avert attention, in anything and everything regarding the intruder enigma under the exact formulae and protocol as the U. S. Government did during World War 2. I am not suggesting anything here. But from a warfare background for which I hail from, the comparison needs to be considered that we, 'The government' at higher levels, is on some type of war footing.

Too, our only true compelling evidence related to this from a purely civilian standpoint is the nomenclature used in the intruder interface with our humanity. That being:

  1. In not one encounter interview in any form is the word 'Invited' used.
  2. The only word, and exclusively used throughout, is 'abducted.
  3. Thus, in any other understood venue, this is the most sinister violation of our humanity. In any other form, if an opposing nation were to do exactly what the intruder enigma is doing to us, I leave to your rational thought what our response as a collective nation would be.

This brings us back to the question is there a 'defense' to this, then. No. And this might explain why the perceived secrecy is the way it is.

Gersten: Is there any explanation for the dramatic increase to 100-200 a day over the past few years?

Stephens: No.

Gersten: What is the Office of Intruder Assessment?

Stephens: It is a top secret enclave as part of the USAF, formed during WW2, to deal with any from of stealth into our air space from any source. The USAF-OIA was formed 4-9-1942.

Gersten: What is the source of your information that 'those within government that are abducted and 'debriefed' after the event, mostly in the military?'

Stephens: Data from the results of garnered information from OIA by units of the Navy SEALs during strategic assessment studies at the Inshore Undersea Warfare Institute, 1975, 1977, 1978, Norfolk.

Once again CAUS thanks Robert A. M. Stephens for his cooperation.

Hope everyone has an intuitive Tuesday and of CAUS... watch the skies!

Peter A. Gersten, Director

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