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National UFO Reporting Center

Beginning at approximately 2125 hrs. (PDT) on Wednesday, 23SEP98, the National UFO Reporting Center began receiving reports of unusual blue/green fireballs at a rate that we rarely have experienced in the past. The "blitz" of sighting reports has abated somewhat, but continues to some degree, and is being accompanied by other reports of disc, spheres, "blimps," and other anomalous objects. Many of the reports have been submitted by seemingly responsible, sober minded individuals, e.g. commercial pilots, members of law enforcement, academicians, astronomers, firemen, physicians, etc., who report that their report(s) address their first suspected sighting of a UFO.

Also, a significant percentage of the reports suggest objects that appear to be grossly inconsistent with meteoritic events, with re-entering space "junk," with aircraft, aurora borealis, or any other more mundane or "pedestrian" explanation. We just recently posted several hundred of those reports we have received via the standardized report form found on our homepage. We will attempt to process as soon as possible the many other reports we have taken over the telephone, and via other means.