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Delivered to the government, and which has just been published in August, 1999 (the COMETA report). They have revisited the whole UFO issue, and what they address in their conclusions is just incredible. To make a long story short:

  1. they conclude UFOs are most likely a real extraterrestrial phenomenon
  2. under this assumption, that it seems the aliens want to show themselves in order to make us progressively aware of their existence
  3. that the US might already have contact or have had and they wonder why they keep the secret
  4. that the French defense must reconsider the issue as a potential threat, before the actual alien intentions are known

And many many other interesting things, just as if they were understanding things but are pretending they are still wondering (talking about the life forms, the mother ships and stuff). Imagine that this report has been commissioned by the President and is now public, and that the most serious French radio has broadcast an interview of the military! I can't believe that such a step has been made for the Awakening, and that now I will laugh at those who laughed at me since I have the defense on my side.

Offered by Véronique.