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Jim Marrs On Alien Sabotage
Extracted from X Factor magazine, UK, No 85, May 2000

Jim Marrs believes that human efforts to launch weapons systems in space may have been sabotaged by alien forces. This ET intervention, he claims, has been behind the loss of several US and Russian exploratory probes in recent years. One example of this, Marrs argues, involved the ill-fated Phobos 2, a Russian probe that malfunctioned as it orbited Mars in 1989. 'Right up to the point of termination' says Marrs, 'it took photographs, one of which shows a disc-shaped object rushing towards it. Similarly, when film of NASA's Titan 4 launch in 1993 was analysed, it showed a small bright light approaching just before the rocket exploded.' Intriguingly, according to Marrs, remote viewers who 'observed' NASA's Titan 4 and Mars 96 missions stated that they saw a prism-like object rise from the surface of Mars, meet the probes and 'scan' them with some kind of energy beam causing both to malfunction. 'It seems we can fight among ourselves,' concludes Marrs, 'but taking our hatred and prejudices into space is somehow forbidden.' In his book Alien Agenda, Jim Marrs draws on numerous eyewitness accounts and highly classified CIA documents to expose the sustained government secrecy surrounding the UFO phenomenon. Among the astronauts who have spoken out about the UFO phenomenon is Apollo 14 pilot Edgar Mitchell. As Jim Marrs points out, Mitchell has since claimed that several military aircraft have been modelled on recovered alien craft.