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Stunnng High Level French Government Report On UFOs And Defense
From CNI News, Vol 5 No 11, 8-1-99
Note - Our thanks to Michael Lindemann for permission to bring this report to you

Many of the cases selected are well known by most researchers, and need only to be mentioned here. [NOTE: a further description of the following cases is presented in a separate article below - ed.] They are:

Testimonies of French pilots: M. Giraud, pilot of Mirage IV (1977); Colonel Bosc, fighter pilot (1976); Air France flight AF 3532 (Jan 1994).

Aeronautical cases worldwide: Lakenheath, UK (1956); RB-47, USA (1957); Teheran, Iran (1976); San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina (1995).

Observations from the ground: Tananarive, Madagascar (1954); observation of a saucer near the ground by a French pilot, J.-P. Fartek (1979); close range observation over a missile site at Kapustin Yar, Russia (1989).

Close encounters in France: Valensole, encounter of Maurice Masse (1965); Cussac, Cantal (1967); Trans-en-Provence (1981) ; Nancy (so-called case of the Amaranth, 1982).

Counter-examples of elucidated phenomena (two cases).

Although the selection is limited, it seems sufficient to convince an uninformed but open minded reader of the reality of UFOs.