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Wisconsin Air National Guard F-16 Crashes Chasing UFO?
CAUS, Dec 17, 1999
CAUS thanks George Filer ( Filer's Files #49 -- 1999 for this report:

Bill McNeff, the MUFON Minnesota State Director reports that on September 13, 1999, a fighter aircraft thought to be from the 128th Fighter Wing (ANG) had crashed chasing a UFO at 2:15 AM. This was in the paper one day and then it was not mentioned again, Wisconsin State Journal 09/07/99 afternoon edition (Capital Times). (rough copied for speed) (API). The ANG was making unannounced low level flyby's and it (they) seemed to be chasing 6 little balls of light. This is not the first time either. Four previous nights they have been awakening folks in the middle of the night. However, the Control Tower at Truax Field denies any flight activity. Well today the proof is not in they're hands, one of their F-16's did in-fact go down south of Mt. Horeb for no apparent reason.

The Guard unit blames the crash on mechanical failure. Witnesses describe a shoot out between the jets and the objects. One of the lights turned a different color and emitted a ray type of glow and took out the F-16 #WNG46-5607 piloted by Col. Ralph Emmit the Wing Commander. He was unavailable for comment and still is in University of Wisconsin Hospital being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. The Air National Guard has not officially commented on this matter and the NTSB was not present at the crash site. Editor's Note: We're attempting to investigate the report further for clarification. Thanks to NUFORC and Bill McNeff MUFON Minnesota.