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Skyfish and Rods Oct 22, 2006
Q126: I've just read first time about "skyfish" here Sorry, it's in russian, but you can see pictures of these creatures. Does they really exist? [and from another] I found an English site:
Grieving Sep 8, 2006
Q125: On Aug-17 my wife and I lost our only child, when he was travelling. He got hit by a train and died right there, with no pain or suffering, as the doctors say. Could you please help me get back in time, so I could warn my son of the danger and have him survive? If my life is required instead of his, to retain the balance of births and deaths, needless to say I would surely do that, as long as I know that the sequence of events changes and my kid stays alive. Please do that for me and my wife, the whole world is now empty without him, only grief and sorrow around and I don't know how to carry on. Also, could you please tell me if there was any sense in his dying that young? What happened at deeper planes of reality that made our kid leave us so early?
Sudden Philanthropy Sep 2, 2006
Q124: Would the Zetas care to comment on the sudden decision of Bill Gates to retire and donate millions? Are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett really as philanthropic as they seem?
Rampant Violence Jul 2, 2006
Q119: I would like the zetas to talk about why so many people seem to be going plum crazy these days such as the killing families and children, the rampant pedophilia, etc.
2006 Season Jun 26, 2006
Q123: Can the Zeta's comment on the absence of crop circles so far this year?
Art Bell Jun 15, 2006
Q121: Could you ask the Zetas about Art Bell, radio talk show host on Coast to Coast AM. I'm very concerned about Art Bell and his young Philippina bride of 21 years. Do the Zetas know if she is insincere? Will he come back to the States?
An Inconvenient Truth Jun 15, 2006
Q122: Would the Zetas like to comment on an informative movie called An Inconvenient Truth? It appears the film is hinting at future flooding under the guise of global warming when in truth the cause are effects of the pole shift. [and from another] Would the Zetas care to comment about Al Gores statement that we have only ten years to stop Global Warming?
Da Vinci Code May 6, 2006
Q118: I would love to have the Zeta's comment on the recent alleged discovery of the Judas Gospel.
Q120: May we know the veracity of, from the knowledgeable Zetas, the Da Vinci code? The central tenet of the book is that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children.
Guest Worker Program April 12, 2006
Q117: What is the Zeta's take on the illegal immigration problem here in the US?
Until the Last Days March 24, 2006
Q116: I really wonder what this world would be like if people knew what is about to happen. To me, it would become Mad Max, total chaos, anarchy quickly being the order of the day. With or without Martial Law, people would generally act like cornered animals - anything goes. Very few would prepare orderly.
Tail Wafting March 8, 2006
Q115: These photos were taken in Fort Lauderdale, FL on March 4, 2006. She used a Kodak digital camera CX7530 5.0MP.[and from another] Using always my digital cam REVIA KD-220Z in Italy on March 7, 2006. The corpus seems smaller than the previous image and on the left side of the Sun. [and from another] I wonder if these are moon swirls in the tail?
India Caper March 4, 2006
Q114: What is Bush up to with this trip to India/Pakistan/Afghanistan?
UAE Port Deal February 24, 2006
Q113: Would the zetas or you like to comment on what's really going on behind the scenes with this United Arab Emirates port deal?
N American Rip February 10, 2006
Q112: I watch the LISS live seismosgraphs frequently, and have noted lately a new pattern. Almost daily some spot on the globe turns black, in concert with a small global shuddering, usually at 6 UTC. As Planet X is found to the right of the Sun, lately, this coincides with the gripping of the Atlantic Rift about that time, as the rift swings to the East in the Southern Hemisphere. But what stands out, recently, is that these points of stress, a seismo turning black, are mostly along the edges of the N American plate. The seismos along the N American plate boundary in Russia have been extremely wobbly for months, and lately the Black Hills seismo also, for almost a month. Is something about to pop, there, on the N American continent? I've kept a record, when a single spot turned black. This seems outside of the sweep pattern, which occurs every 3 weeks and runs for a week. 1/31 Korea 2/1 Greenland 2/2 Galapagos 2/3 to 2/6 (Live Seismo site down) 2/7 Greenland 2/8 Zambia 2/9 Alaska 2/10 Norway
End Game Postures January 25, 2006
Q111: I'm Canadian and am somewhat concerned about Canada's new elected conservative government. A Conservative victory ends nearly 13 years of Liberal Party rule and shifts the traditionally liberal country to the right on socioeconomic issues such as health care, taxation, abortion and gay marriage. Harper is expected to renew talks on North American star wars program with the Bush administration. Also, our oil sands are worth something like 2 trillion dollars at current oil prices, which Cheney recently visited this last summer. Can the zeta predict how this will all turn out for the Bush Administration, although Canada just a fly on a elephants back, so to speak.
Anorexia November 28
Q110: The mental illness known as Anorexia kills more people than any other and is on the increase. I was wondering if the Zetas could comment on causes, how to help and how to recover and any other general info they may have on the subject which could increase understanding and assist people suffering with the illness and people trying to help sufferers?
Not Just UFOs November 16
Q102: Would the zetas like to comment on the flying humanoid videotaped in Mexico City? [and from another source] Recently I stumbled upon a website that had an archive of ufo pics, videos, and stories and is updated almost daily. After looking through, I found a few alien pictures that I believe to be real. What I found strange was that these "real" photos were posted in mid to late 2004.
Maitreya November 28
Q105: Maitreya is supposed to be the coming new World Teacher, head of the Heiarchy of Masters to lead mankind into the new age. Is he for real or is this misinformation. Please ask the Zetas. If he is who he says, the Zetas should know of him.
Disaster Movies November 16
Q109: Do you have any comments on the TV movie that aired recently called "Category 7: The End of the World" ? It seemed like the typical disaster movie nowadays, where disaster starts to strike and then in comes Big Brother with some fantastical solution to save the world from impending doom. It seemed a little odd however that they chose pollution as the villain, and shutting down power plants as the solution that saves the day. Isn't the oil energy cabal one of the key members of the establishment and the established order of power? As silly and nonsensical as their propaganda always is, why wouldn't they decide to dream up some explanation that at least doesn't vilify themselves?
France Riots November 9
Q108: Do the zetas have any insight on the France riots? Is this another preview for what will be happening all over the world in the aftertime or perhaps even before the cataclysm?
Alzheimers November 9
Q97: What is the origin of Alzheimers and why are we seeing so much of it now?
Bush Counter-Coup Sep 26
Q107: With Bush going to Colorado Springs, NORTHCOM, I am reading more and more about how he has lost control. Cheney getting surgery. Do you feel any coup has occurred or coincidence? More and more letters to the Internet are starting to echo this.
Leadership, Earned Sep 23
Q106: You wrote Decapitation Process, detailing the beginning of the end for the Bush Administration. Incidentally (or not) shortly thereafter Katrina left its mark and the fallout of which would seem to be 1. increased disapproval and apathy toward the Bush Administration after its failure to be prepared for and respond to a nation in crisis. 2. increased gas prices which will have a strong effect on America's economy. So is this (finally) setting the stage for the end of the Bush Regime? And does a country run on auto-pilot mean that the cover-up will be over? If the Bush regime falls and the Puppet Master gains control of the US military then is it not just another, I'd assume, even more savage Service-to-Selfer in control?
Decapitation Process Aug 19
Q104: I am concerned about all the reports about military coup happening. 4-Star General gets canned. Is there really a war going on behind the scenes between the Bush crowd and the powers that be? I am trying to figure out all the gossip about a military coup. Where are we headed? And what is behind the exorbitant crude oil prices? Any Zetas comments on this?
Shuttle Discovery Aug 11
Q103: : NASA is trying once again to launch a shuttle, the first one since the Columbia disaster a couple of years back. Are the setbacks they are currently experiencing warnings by the Council? Will the mission be allowed to proceed as planned or will interference occur to prevent the mission from being successful? [and from another] I had the notion that it might just be our space friends who are monkey wrenching with the Space Shuttle for their own good reasons. Would the Zetas care to comment on this? And if it is true, what is the strategy and what is the true mission of this flight?
London Bombing July 9
Q101: : Interesting news again today in London. Wonder who stands to gain by this coordinated plan.[and from another] What comment would the Zeta care to make on yesterday's grievous attack on London, ostensibly by Islamic terrorists?
Deep Impact Result July 6
Q100: In this day and age of special effects, were these photos and videos concocted in advance to show to the public? How are we to ever know?
War of the Worlds July 6
Q99: Would the Zetas care to comment on the new movie adaptation of H. G. Wells' novel, War of the Worlds? The movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, whom the Zetas have spoken about in the past and whose previous works of science fiction have depicted a benign alien presence. Is there a purpose behind this latest presentation of a hostile alien threat?
2005 Season May 28
Q96: Would the Zetas care to comment on the new Crop Circle in Beckhampton that was updated yesterday to show the aerial view? Looks
Deep Impact May 26
Q98: You don't suppose they're trying the nuke Planet X thing again, do you?
Cover-up Erosion May 4
Q95: The Catholic Church here in Brazil is announcing with a great frequency in their communications and dominical sermons about the parts in the Holy Bible involving the messages on the final of times and Jesus sermons about the time of harvest. Last Sunday [Apr 24] the priest gave a long sermon about this matter and as I understood this was done all over the country. Very strange the frequency in which the church is talking about these subjects. Could the Zetas comment about this?
Exploding Toads May 4
Q94: Could the Zetas explain what is going on with the exploding toads in Germany and Denmark? Will this phenomena spread to other species?
Pope Ratzinger April 22
Q93: Would the Zetas care to comment on the recent election of the new Pope; what really went on in the secret conclave; how this particular Pope got himself elected; and whether the world is any closer to a true revelation about the End Times or not?
Tail Returns April 7
Q92: I had taken Winged Globe pictures in Japan over year ago. At that time the Winged Globe was top left to bottem right. This mornings picture I took the Winged Globe was top right to bottom left. Does this have a significance?
Pedophilia Power April 1
Q91: What’s going on here? Is just an old vice or perversion, like in the Roman Empire? Or, is it a practice oriented to gain control on people? Children are the future and the heart of a nation. Is it a non licit means to gain power on the collective subconscious mind of a nation? I think this apparently vicious-only practice has far deeper implications than it seems to have on the surface.
Terri Schiavo March 24
Q90: Numerous judges and physicians have reviewed the Terri Schiavo case, and concluded that she is vegetative, her cortex now liquidated, replaced by fluid, as seen in scans. The case has involved first an attempt by Jed Bush to intervene with the judicial process by executive order, then back to the courts as his intervention was considered illegal. Then the US Congress got involved, creating a special law just for Terri so the matter could get into federal courts. The federal judge then ruled to uphold the Florida judges, a rush to appeal, twice, was denied, and a US Supreme Court denial followed. Meanwhile Jed Bush again tried to get the laws changed in Florida, just for Terri, but the Senate there denied that. Now we hear that Jed Bush intends to use state services to become guardian for Terri. What is really going on here?
Moon Dance March 11
Q89: Are the Zetas, or their brothers, playing a game with the moon to get the attention of the human race?
Info or Disinfo? March 11
Q88: Who is Sorcha Faal? Posting on as did David Booth. At first quoted IndiaDaily as a news source, but IndiaDaily is a web site in New Jersey run by a single guy, not legit, claims about aliens and the India government not supported elsewhere, for instance. Now Sorcha is quoting legit sources while continuing to talk about the Earth changes and things in the heavens, no longer quoting IndiaDaily. Is this disinfo? Another Booth?
Wizard of Oz February 27
Q87: I was wondering if the Zetas would like to comment on Bush and his rash of meeting these days with world leaders? Does any of this have to do with Planet X? What do they think they know about its progress and timing?
ABC Special February 27
Q86: The ABC UFO special on Feb 24 ignored the late Dr John Macks life’s work (including his Harvard tenure) with contactees that brought him to the conclusion that these volunteers and the hybrids with aliens will re-populate the earth after a great cataclysm. The transcript of him stating this as his belief is available at
When Things Go Wrong February 21
Q85: After the pole shift there will be many injuries, many traumatized people, overwhelming the emergency services. Most often, people not prepared to give first aid will be stepping in, as getting to a doctor will not be possible. There are going to be a lot of mistakes made, by good hearted people trying their best, a steep learning curve. This will lay a burden of guilt on those folks, something they do not need as a distraction as they are most likely the only people pitching in to help and the need will be great. Any advice?
Storm Clash February 18
Q84: The twin cyclones in the South Pacific corresponds with the recently observed change in surface spin!
Magma Voids February 18
Q83: This is a little fountain. Water on the base is pumped to the top where a crystal sphere rotates all day. When I bought it in January 2005 its rotation was clockwise or like the planets from East to West. Now at the beginning of February it stopped this direction and it rotates counter-clockwise North to South.
Bigger and Closer February 4
Q82: Can Zetas provide answer as to what this is? See the image at 2005/02/02 15:18. Exposure time was 19.1 seconds according to NASA.
Beneath the Dust February 4
Q72: How do the inhabitants of the Planet X deal with the heat from the Sun, considering how close it comes to it and how long it stays between the Earth and the Sun? Would not the temperature be to great to allow the continuation of life on that planet?
Sequence of Events, and Clear Message January 20
Q81: What may be the next catastrophe to awaken the public?
Old Habits January 13
Q80: Hit by an undersea mountain that was not on the charts. Do they not have sonar?
Fatima Secret January 13
Q79: Many people are puzzled by Fatima including Mel Gibson meeting Sister Lucia recently. Quotes by the late Father Malachi Martin also add to the mystery. Great if the Zetas would answer what the truth is.
Russia, Da? January 7
Q78: Why is NASA preparing to launch on Wednesday Jan. 12, 2005, the Deep Impact Space Mission to encounter a comet and basically blast a hole in it to find out if it shares certain chemical building blocks that lead to the formation of water and thus life on Earth? All of sudden, they're doing it now? And why did Russia, back in early December 2004, have a launch test of their most dangerous missile, the most dangerous missile on Earth, the SS-18 (dubbed Satan by the US) and then publicly claim that it was for use in space?
Empathy by Proxy January 7
Q77: Was Bush scared or did he need time to hide some information or what was he doing by not responding right away with at least a statement after the Tidal Waves hit? I was very suspicious. [and from another] We now have Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr. all claiming to be wanting to help the tsunami victims. Can the Zetas tell us what is behind what I think is a facade? [and from another] Does the effort to enlist the support of Clinton and Bush Sr. to help raise funds for disaster relief mean that they are knowing accessories to the cover-up? The hypocrisy, Bush Jr. only donates $10,000.
Kerry's Concession January 4
Q76: Remember Gore stayed in the fight and challenged the results until almost January, when matters were beyond his control. Why did Kerry concede in the day after. Is this because of his membership in the elite Skull and Bones organization? They have sworn oaths to uphold themselves before any other loyalty, even to family and the United States of America. Just as Diebold gave Bush the presidency, they took the vote from the fiery Howard Dean in the Democrat primaries and left the lapdog Kerry as the democrat contender for president.
Magma Slam December 28
Q75: Last year at Xmas, Iran had a quake and on the exact opposite of the globe (drawing a line thru the earth), we had a large earthquake, as if one side affected the other. Do you think we can expect this again? [and from another] Last year we had the huge quake in iran and I felt the big quake in Panama while in Costa Rica. Now this monster at the same time of year. [and from another] I get it now. They're going to use the recent 9.2 earthquake alone to explain the wobbling of the earth and the coming shortening daylight.
Potter's Wheel December 18
Q74: Where previously in accord with the Polar Wobble in November and early December, with the N. Pole forming a Figure 8 during the day, creating a Sunrise too far North in Europe then moving to a sunset too far South over the Americas, by mid December this seems to have changed. Erratic movements, contrary to what is expected are reported, with things switching about from day to day. Is this the drunken lurch the Bible predicts will occur?
Winter Solstice December 16
Q73: The Earth tilts the North Pole away from the sun on the winter solstice creating cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere. Do our scientists have any idea as to why we tilt or what forces are at work to make us tilt? It all seems logical that we would be most vulnerable to an extreme tilt at this time, with the extra push by Planet X.
The Insecure December 5
Q71: Debunkers, under the guise of presenting truth seem to really fear Nancy, given all the time and energy they spend on her and her ideas be they flawed or nay. Is it the message, or her perceived insanity they fear? A logical person knows if a person is a crackpot and posting on the internet, you ignore them and they go away. When you fight, piss and moan, all you do is give them more credence in the eyes of those who believe and in the eyes of many on the fence.
Muzzing the Media December 2
Q70: Is it just an amazing coincidence that Dan Rather [NBC] and Tom Brokaw [CBS] are stepping down at nearly the same time after many many years of being lead news anchors, or do they know more about Planet X than they are letting on. Moyers [PBS}, too is retiring. Is this a statement about media suppression?
Bush Busting November 27
Q69: A private plane crashed, on the way to pick up George W. Bush's father. Are these scare tatics by the Puppet Masters, mad at Bush?
Solar Minimum? November 12
Q66: The morning sky still has that very large star in the Eastern sky before daybreak. Again, some say it is the reflection of the space station. What is it? Is there anyway that the Zetas can draw a diagram as to where the major players are today in the solar system? Have not heard about the Dark Twin, where Venus and Mars are, etc. [Note: see Sign 1126 for a diagram of the options on Venus.] Although Planet X moved up move toward the ecliptic, it may flounder around some more in the zero balance area. The zero balance area is that point where particles flowing back to the sun and particles flowing away from the sun, balance out, net zero. There could be a dead zone where PX meanders again before adventuring forward into the particle stream once more. It would seek the area of least resisitance until it can not any longer and must continue due to other factors as momentum.
Broken Link November 6
Q68: How do we keep out of the internment camps, set for dissenters in all 50 states, per ex military bases?
Q64: There exists much confusion and disagreement over the role that women should play in human society. Can the Zeta tell us what they see as the biggest differences as far as strengths and weaknesses in men and women. For instance, how do they see the social movement of feminism, as it has been known since the late 1960's. How can human men and women best come to understand their role and relationship to each other, especially in light of the coming times where each must seek to maximize their contributions to the group.
Dictatorships November 6
Q67: The people seem so easily duped and this gang of crooks is the most effective I've seen. It sounds like we're going to be still waiting and watching as the Bush regime continues into the new year.
October Surprise October 15
Q65: went missing from web after posting this: TBR News – October 11, 2004 Voice of the White House. 'We are about to embark on another war! Yes, it has been decided and carefully planned. Who are we going to war with? Iran.’ Could Zetas comment please.
Vaccine Failure October 7
Q63: Can the Zetas comment on the recent news from London that British health officials have abruptly halted shipments of flu vaccine to the US and other countries? And does this relate to an increased effort at population sculpting?
If Gore Had Prevailed September 29
Q62: A good question for the Zetas would be how would the world be different if Al Gore was President?
Golden Rule September 23
Q61: I am worried that a great many people are missing the spiritual and emotional survival aspects of Planet X. There is going to be a shift in consciousness into a new dimension, what can we do to prepare our souls for this change.? We need to be able to rid ourselves of fear in order to survive. Negative energies are just going to beget negative actions. People physically ready for the shift will be overwhelmed by the non-physical changes and although able to adapt in one aspect, are miles away from understanding the spiritual growth needed to make it through this change. What good is having enough food to survive when you still harbor fear and hate and are creating such as a result? The Zetas mention Service-to-Self versus Service-to-Others but how do we achieve this in reality. We are all selfish creatures by nature, when does our needs outweigh the needs of others. I understand that this is why we are here, to grow spiritually.
EQ Clouds September 21
Q60: What do the Zetas say about EQ clouds? Here are photos from Tokachi last Sep 26, 2003 when there was an 8.0 EQ. and another this Sep 4, 2004 when there was a 7.4 EQ.
Paper Promise September 17
Q59: There are many rumors of a financial meltdown especially in October. The Zetas have predicted this in past statements. Do they want to comment about the next 30 days or so as to what economically may unfold?.
Genesis September 11
Q58: You hinted at the fate of this probe in Sign of the Times, would the Zetas like to chime in? I would sure like to hear from them on this.
Stretch Zone September 11
Q57: Since last week, Chile and Argentina have been experiencing Unprecedented seismic activity. Argentina, not an earthquake-prone region, began experiencing tremors this past weekend. The aftershocks have been followed by more intense quakes. It was necessary to evacuate tall buildings in Buenos Aires, including the city center, where such phenomena is rare. There was alarm and surprise, and some people in tall buildings claimed feeling dizzy.
Sunrise West July 26
Q56: I then got two bar magnets for a simplistic test of my hypothesis since I didn't know if they would align side by side regardless of which way the the poles faced. In my scenario, earth's poles are flipped when PX aligns side by side with the sun at the ecliptic. I didn't know, for sure, if the magnetic repulsion/attraction allowed magnets to remain in that orientation. Well, my test proved it does.
Cover-up Consternation July 6
Q55: After last May, the bottom fell out and it has been a struggle for ALL of us in keeping our focus. Come last Christmas, the Zetas stated that by the holidays, no doubt would remain that things are as they say and the pole shift is soon. Yes, things happened and are continuing but without the ONE definite piece of evidence, I can not convince anyone. I can’t take not knowing an approximate date anymore. Enough crop circles, squares, diagrams, answers that hint, etc! We need something concrete.
Thug Control July 3
Q54: Does the Sudan sound like a microcosm of what the Zetas said the elite had in their plans for selective groups? For those who don't believe it could happen today, this should serve as a warning that the right circumstances merely need to be present for it to happen anywhere.
Things vs People June 27
Q53: I will present the question in logical stages. The Earth is a school for us to learn to become STOs and other lessons. The Zetas and Council of Worlds does not generally interfere so we can learn our lessons by ourselves. The date is not being given so that the establishment can not impose martial law, give everyone a fair shake in surviving. Then what about this? The Zetas and Council have admitted that they have intervened for us, moving Venus, preventing another 911, no planting of WMD in Iraq, etc. Why can’t they just prevent the specific people involved from doing the damage? There are only a few that can impose martial law and start the ball rolling. In this way, we all can learn about what is to come.
Leveling Wars June 27
Q45: So far we have been hearing and reading about disasters hitting, as always happens, poor, defenceless, innocent people all over the world. Would please the mighty Zetas let us know if there are any chance to be hearing or reading about some of those who are and have brought us to this infamous and mischievious point to be hit by some of those disasters?
Moving Planets June 13
Q52: If the Zetas claim they moved Venus to fool the public on Earth, why do they not move Earth beyond the reach of Planet X? Why provide even more reasons for the public to not take the message of a poleshift seriously?
Facilitating Discussion June 12
Q51: If Venus did not appear to transit, all the amateur astronomers and viewers of the event would of been screaming what happened? It would of had a bigger impact than pretending that it did? This alone would have woken up the masses to what is going on. Imagine every amateur looking for the transit and not seeing it? Goodness, heads would roll and our officials would be scrambling to explain. Many would have doubted the explanation and really begin to believe. Why keep up the status quo?
Crop Circle Language June 12
Q50: Look this instructive crop circle appeared in Italy [June 2, 2004]. Will we see the Planet X so huge in front to the sun?
June Incoming June 8
Q49: I received this from one of my correspondents. ‘Snowball net comms check. All stations, clock sync, impact at minue 146 days, 5 hours UTC. Standby for ACC link. Snowball this is burrow. You are not secure. Repeat, you are not secure. Go green, go green.’ What do you think about this info?
Ships Out to Sea June 3
Q46: Events seem to point to June this year for a commencement of some type. It seems that general government activity is stepped up. I have noted an increase in local military stockpiling for our secret base underground here in Colorado. Red alerts being made by homeland security seems like a near term test. Government knows a practical date window now.
UFO's on Film June 3
Q44: Could The Zetas comment on the Mexico UFO sightings in the infrared. Are they helping us to become aware that they are here?
June 8 Transit May 30
Q47: Will the Venus transit occur on June 8?
Berg Beheading May 15
Q43: There are rumors on the internet that the beheading of the U.S. soldier was actually carried out by U.S. intelligence to cover themselves for the Abu Gharib revelations. Could the Zetas comment on this and on what will be the further upshot of what is now happening in Iraq?
Plowing Ahead May 9
Q42: The cycles are no longer 2.5 days between, but have tightened up to 2 days between the Bump/Sweep/Hop of the Whiplash, showing a tightening up of the planets to each other. I expected Monday May 3 the start, and we had May 3, 5, 7 clearly, a 2 day pattern. The photos, which showed in the late April sweeps that the Earth and Dark Twin were running backwards (11.3 day cycle of a reversed orbit) away from Planet X as, we seemed to have lost the tail and moon swirls in the main in the photos. Now they are back, big time. What does this mean?
10.5 May 4
Q41: What the significance of the mini series 10.5? Is somebody in the know giving the public a last minute heads up?
Q48: Could the Zetas comment on the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"
Conservatives Apr 29
Q39: How do the Zetas define the relationship between political dichotomy, ie conservative vs liberal, and the spiritual orientations of STS and STO. What are the likely changes that will occur in the makeup of the two major political parties in the USA and govenments through the world as the Transformation proceeds.
Dark Twin Apr 19
Q40: Can we see the Earth Twin now in the night sky from America? In what direction is it? The star that people see is it really Venus or the Earth twin? [and from another source] According to your posts, Venus has possibly stopped and reversed its orbit. If we too have stopped or have continued in our original orbit, wouldn't venus be getting less bright? It seems like it gets brighter every week, almost to the point where I can see its outline. Or whatever that point of light it, its startlingly bright in the sky.
Passover Apr 5
Q38: Passover is mentioned in the Book of Exodus as coming before the exodus and after the plagues of locusts. Does this imply that the Passage of Planet X occurs in the Spring? The Book of Exodus and related Egyptian scribes mentioned some grain crops cut down by hail, others not yet with grain set so spared. This again sounds like Spring or early Summer time for the last pole shift period.
Shelter-in-Place Test Mar 31
Q37: The BP refinery explosion, with the Homeland Security warning to ‘Shelter in Place’, seems similar to the Bridgeport incident. There were reportedly warnings that terrorists would try to blow up oil or refinery installations in the Gulf of Mexico just days before this. Was this another test?
The Phoenix Mar 31
Q36: The ancient peoples of Earth seem to have had a fascination with the Phoenix. The story associated with it seems so odd, even compared with other ancient stories. How did the story of death and rebirth come to be associated with this creature?
Blockade Test Mar 27
Q35: What is the real story behind the truck explosion on I-95 in Bridgeport? I can't shake the feeling that this is part of the NWO plan to cut off escape routes from the natural disasters expected from Planet X. This is an area of poor people, minorities, immigrants, etc. This was the exact area a terrorist threat was called for the day before.
Big Squeeze Mar 23
Q34: In the `Meaning of Sedna` the Zetas state `This [Earth twin] will become visible soon, if not already, and will come close to the Earth before other dramas intervene’ when talking about the Earth`s twin. That would mean that the twin is only a quarter of a turn around the sun away from us now. The repulsion force from the twin is possibly a significant factor in the sequence of events leading up to the pole shift - forcing the Earth in towards Planet X more than just the sweeping arms of the sun are now.
Booth Blunder Mar 20
Q33: Would the Zeta's like to comment on David Booth's visions, since he has a documented track record with the FAA of the 1979 AA DC-10 plane crash.
Meaning of Sedna Mar 16
Q32: It looks like NASA is really trying to tell the public something with this so called Sedna discovery. They put up some bizarre diagram showing Sedna as a huge Red Object low in the SW evening sky near Venus. What is NASA's true message with the much toted Sedna discovery and why now, when it was discovered last November?
Dark Twin Visibility Mar 15
Q31: If Planet X is affecting our original Earth, by making it stop or even reverse in it´s orbit, why hasn´t this other Earth come into view?
Venus, Playing Chicken Mar 4
Q30: Someone in Wisconsin measured Orion at 240° in the SW and 50° up on Mar 8 at 8:45 PM, and this is pretty close to what SkyMap shows should be there, 225° in the SW and 45° up. The Dipper (Ursa Major) overhead to the NNE, likewise. If 2.5 months have passed since Dec 25, how can the constellations appear so close to the expected date, and not out of alignment?
Venus, Playing Chicken Mar 4
Q29: What is the planetary/star object at the 6PM position to the sun in the March 3, 2004 SOHO LASCO C3 Latest Image? This object has been revolving clockwise around the sun for several days now.
Who Knows? Mar 3
Q28: How deep in the administration and its global contacts does the cover-up go? Is the US Senate aware of the cataclysmic possibilities? How far down the hierarchical ladders of the military and intelligence communities is the spread of complicity by silence or diversion? Would the Demo front-runners be in on it?
Tilting, Leaning, and Dropping Feb 29
Q27: Have you considered posting more info about how off positioned the constellations and planets are? The moon and whatever planet or star is always near the moon are way off, and Orion is too far south from my view here in Eugene, Oregon.
Venus and Mars Feb 27
Q26: Wouldn't Venus be affected by Planet X, just as the Earth is?
Comets Come Early Feb 19
Q25: There are said new sightings, by lots of people on GLP, of a new said comet, which is said to be coming towards Earth. Do you have any information, on this phenomenon and if so, could you share an information stop, at GLP with some of us, on this new information, please?
Sicilian Fires Feb 15
Q24: ‘Scientists and officials confessed themselves unable to explain a string of fires and explosions which began in the middle of last month in the fishermen's quarter of a Sicilian village. What makes the incidents all the more puzzling is that the area has been without an electricity supply since January 4.’ What do the Zetas say about the Sicilian fires?
Ricin Plot Feb 15
Q23: Ricin, a poison, was confirmed to be found at Capital Hill. Here we go again. Is the beggining of the goverment raising the terror alert level to Orange again? Gee, what a coincidence that this is now happening in perfect harmony with the next upcoming sweeping arm of the sun.
What Magnets Do Feb 8
Q22: There were big Global Quakes smack dab at the Face side, the Atlantic Rift facing Planet X, this morning, Feb 8. And there are reports from various sources that we tipped our N Pole even further toward the Sun. What do magnets do when they are held apart by Repulsion Force, moving by momentum, and cannot just snap together to form one big magnet or go end to end?
Mars Press Jan 30
Q19: Has the government has made a fake Spirit-probe succesfull landing on Mars? Is this only a propaganda? Like the Bush plans of landing on the Moon again? [and from another] What is really going on as regards the Hubble and the Space Station?
Asian Flu Epidemic Jan 30
Q21: With the increased sicknesses that have been showing up in wild animals and domestic, as the Zetas predicted, how long after the passage will immune systems remain weakened and these types of diseases remain a danger to humans, since the mad cow, for instance, began showing many years ago? Are the animals' susceptibility to those pathogens related to Planet X?
Dancing Partners Jan 24
Q20: Today, Monday, January 22, the sun rise was at 7:13, early. It was already daylight at 6:l5 when I let the dogs out. I normally have to turn the light on for them. We live in central Arkansas. Is the earth wobbling on it's axis?
Second Sunlight Jan 19
Q17: Almanac readings state the moon is in it’s half phase on Jan 16, but this pic from New Zealand captures a complete orb? So what is this? [and from another] The other day I saw a really bright star, half an hour after sunset in the southern sky, more like south south-west. Did I see venus, or is it Planet X?
Precursor Drift Jan 19
Q18: I read that retired military were being called up to go to the south pole. [and from another] On our local news here in the midwest, they reported that 2 of our local College Science Professors were leaving at once for the South Pole. News said it was for a special assingment. What's going on?
What the Heart Seeks Jan 12
Q16: There is often endless pain when a loved one goes missing and is not confirmed dead. Look at the MIA issue in Vietnam. Those seeking closure imagine their loved one in pain somewhere, in trouble, needing help, lost, lonely, and are in anguish. Won’t the pole shift, with disrupted communications and families spread far and wide going to school or traveling for work or pleasure, not the nuclear family of old where all were local, create this scenario? What can be done to ease the anguish and worry?
Elite Enclaves Jan 10
Q15: The Zetas mentioned that the Elite are commandeering whole geographical areas and sealing them off with landmines and armed guards; and that they are targeting survival groups upon which to base an economy in the Aftertime. Would the Zetas care to mention any geographical areas to avoid?
The Scapegoat Jan 5
Q10. Does the establishment still tune into ZT for new information since the White Lie and if so how much do they trust any information? Is the new MJ-12 still operating today, what are they up to and how do they feel about current events?
Unshakable Grip Jan 1
Q14: There is a hugely bright something in the Western sky every night just after sunset, visible from 5:30 to 6:30 just a bit above the horizon before it drops down low. It has wings! Some are claiming it's Venus, but I have never seen a planet that large and bright with wings. Is this the winged dragon, Planet X?
Travel Blocks Dec 27
Q13. Being that earthquakes and volcanos are beginning to show up in 'not normal areas', is there any place(s) that will be hit harder by earthquakes, or natural disasters making it more difficult to travel through or to, getting to safe locations?
2003? Dec 12
Q12. Is a pole shift still a certainty? [and from another] Re the Ecliptic Rise analysis, what impact might these various approaches (left, right, under, or over, into Earth's orbital plane) have on Geographical safe/unsafe locations, or the approximate stated 5.9 day window of stoppage/shift? I would imagine the Zetas took all of this into consideration.
Spontaneous Groups, Dec 6
Q9. How do I form a survival group that I can count on if no one is listening?
Light Illusions, Nov 29
Q11. What is the official explanation for the lack of observation, has the planet shifted, is there a last date?
Conflict Zones, Nov 25
Q5. Can we have a true assessment of how things are going in Iraq and how the Neo-cons plans are progresseing now that Iraq has been taken over and the likely outcomes.
Starvation, Nov 25
Q8. If one wants to survive in order to help others, how can one prevent being so overwhelmed by the unprepared that it becomes impossible to help anyone, even yourself, so that you end up dying with the very people you were trying to warn? It is obvious that in order to survive at all, even the Service-to-Others must draw boundaries and hold to them. You cannot help others if you're dead; and you cannot stay alive unless you have the resolve to turn away the unprepared, and thus killing them. But if the unprepared are the very people you want to save, you won't turn them away. And yet if you don't turn them away, their lack of preparation may end up killing not only you but the few precious people you would die for if you had to. I'm willing to help others, but not to the extent that it will commit my own needless suicide.
Spin Control, Nov 20
Q7. Is planet X on the agenda to be discussed during Bush`s state visit to Britain? What are the British government planning to do regarding their own population? Especially as they also have a habit of going on terror alerts for no reason at all.
No Place to Run, Nov 18
Q2. What´s up with Bush & Co? Do they have a date in their minds now for PX, or still driving blind. What schemes are they up to behind the scenes? Will any of their crimes ever be punished?
Q6: As always, can you give us the latest on the Bush crowd and what they're planning at the moment, not just with regard to the PS but also just in general.
Planet X Personas, Nov 16
Q4. How is it that Planet X was so dim that no one could see it approaching Earth, yet after may, 2003 it was supposedly so bright that it appears as a second sun, and even competes with the sun in brightness to a degree that we can´t see it occulting the sun?
Decision Time, Nov 15
Q3. Will we make it through Christmas?
Q1. I would like to have further information on the "seemingly delayed" part of the link. I would like to ask if it has anything to do with Jesus´s promise to "shorten the days" ie, is X being purposely delayed?
Clash of Agendas, Nov 15
Q0. Was it not too obvious for Jacob Rothchild to take over control of Yukos? The obvious oil grab in Iraq was obvious. Oil to be the next commodity. Why not use a front man, or many, as is the case in Iraq?