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ZetaTalk: Until the Last Days
written Mar 24, 2006

 I really wonder what this world would be like if people knew what is about to happen. To me, it would become Mad Max, total chaos, anarchy quickly being the order of the day. With or without Martial Law, people would generally act like cornered animals - anything goes. Very few would prepare orderly.

We have stated that when the pole shift hits, the majority of the worlds population will not have been warned, and that even among those warned denial will be high. We have stated that among those hearing the warning and taking it seriously, the reaction may be to party to the end, rather than take steps for safety or prepare for a life after the shift. Given that the cover-up may crack, and certainly will crack when the presence of Planet X coming toward the Earth from the direction of the Sun is evident to all, how will this play out? This is unlikely to ever reach the point of certainty until the last weeks, when the Earth rolls its N Pole away into 3 days of darkness for the Northern Hemisphere. Planet X and its moon swirls and immense dust cloud will become increasingly obvious in the sky, but the establishment plans to claim this is an early solar maximum, plasma balls from the Sun and the like, thus the populace will be encouraged to discount these signs. Nevertheless, even with the cover-up firmly in place, there will be increasing talk of the many signs that the end times are upon mankind. Even in those countries isolated from mainstream media, the local version of the end times prophecies will be much discussed. Once certainty has been reached, panic or stunned denial or a final move to safety will certainly occur. But what of the months leading up to this point?

Opportunistic looting will of course occur as it does today. Looting occurs after fires or quakes or when rioting overwhelms the police system. Camps to take in refugees from quake ravaged cities or drought or flood ravaged regions will be on the increase, with food shortages affecting these camps and riots breaking out. These will be handled in the same manner as today, with riot suppression and allowing those outside the camps to simply die of hunger and exposure. This goes on today, in Afghanistan, in the Sudan, in Korea, and among the homeless in American cities. The wealthy will increase their defenses, hiring patrols and building fences. Cities will become more dangerous, those with criminal tendencies seizing opportunities. Reaction to any gangs that form, intent on preying on others, will include not only the police and military assigned to keep order, but militias determined to defend their communities. This will occur in any case after the shift, so is a prelude to life after the shift.

When the last weeks arrive and the monster is writhing in the skies and the N Pole of Earth tips away into 3 days of darkness, the Earth changes will increase dramatically. Renting quakes, collapsing cities, monstrous tidal waves, and disruption of services - power, gas, water, and phone. Bridges will be down, roadways torn, the atmosphere so volatile that planes cannot be safely lofted. The drama then switches to the local arena, which depending upon the polarization that occurred may be good hearted or self serving or full of panic stricken people who neither planned nor plotted ahead of time. Those in hard denial will continue to plod through their life as though nothing were happening, walking like automatons amid the din and the melee. Insanity will take a sharp up-tick, with many losing touch with reality, sitting in stunned silence or preaching their version of reality. The last weeks will in essence be an exacerbation of the behavior each has assumed months before hand, those preparing taking their final steps, those taking advantage seeking to reap riches and control from others, those uncertain before in panic, and those in hard denial shrill and insulated.

We have predicted that mankind in the main will go into the pole shift unaware. Most of the world has no access to the media, or the Internet, and relies on the senses of seers within their culture or their own intuition. Most hearing about the coming changes are not planning any action at all. The first thought is that action should be taken. The next step is denial. Distraction is the final and lingering step that those in denial take. Work, play, overeating, overexercising, or getting drunk or dopey.
ZetaTalk: Personal Decisions,
written Mar 15, 2002
If living in comfortable circumstances, young and with money and opportunities for amusement, they may just remain in their setting until surprised by the week of rotation stoppage going into the shift. They will party, hard, into the end. Whining demands will increase. The steps toward preparation, in the main, are not preparation but merely reaction.
ZetaTalk: Individual Preparations,
written Oct 15, 2001
As the pole shift approaches and the earth changes heralding the shift can no longer be ignored, the peoples of the world will find themselves at varying levels of preparation for the coming horror. In most cases, the populace will find themselves barely able to get past a stunned awareness that life as they have known it will not continue. Where an individual has taken the warnings seriously during the months and weeks leading up to the shift, there will be a grim enactment of a plan.
ZetaTalk: Level of Preparation,
written Aug 15, 2000
What will happen in human society as the cataclysms approach and become increasingly clear, even shrill, in their warnings? Families will increasingly be forced to rely upon themselves and the community they live in. Increasingly polarity will intensify, such that some communities share and support each other more, while others close their doors to each other with brutal indifference.
ZetaTalk: Likely Reality,
written Nov 15, 1999
In spite of denial and suppression of talk about the approaching cataclysms, when the earth slows and then stops in its rotation the truth will be known. There will be in general two responses in those previously unaware or in denial - flight and paralysis. If they have been informed, but scoffed, they may know what to do and where to go, and attempt to do so in great haste. If they have not been informed they will attempt to flee anyway, going in all directions.
ZetaTalk: Last Minute Panic,
written Aug 15, 1995
Our prediction that quakes would increase in both Richter and frequency, in a linear manner, has been proven true. It is at the moment of passage that the Earth most reacts, and prior to this, it is twitching, so to speak. Until the planet hoves into view, is approaching so rapidly that the earth is slowing by minutes and then hours a day, and then stops in rotation, there will not be any more than linear increases.
ZetaTalk: Certainty,
written Dec 7, 2002