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ZetaTalk: Dictatorships
written Nov 6, 2004

The people seem so easily duped and this gang of crooks is the most effective I've seen. It sounds like we're going to be still waiting and watching as the Bush regime continues into the new year.

It is said that history repeats itself, but this lies in the heart of man who does not cease wanting power over others, control mechanisms that ensure this, and the accumulation of great wealth for personal gain and to ensure cooperation from others. If the playing field is leveled, these games soon ensue again on worlds such as Earth where young spirits are learning how to interact with each other, sorting out whether to mature into empathic beings or to remain self focused. If it is a true statement that history repeats itself, it is also true that no king is safe, as those clawing up the hill to unseat him are never at rest. Earth’s recent history includes long running dictatorships, murder by the millions, and countries driven to ruin before change occurs. But where the dictator’s desire for power and wealth seem pre-eminent, it is economic issues as a whole that decide the outcome.

How does this history comfort those under dictatorships in place today, or those slipping into dictatorship as those in the US fear their loss of voting rights might indicate? If the pole shift is an Opportunity for rebels to emerge, it is likewise an opportunity for palace revolutions or border scuffles, but the outcome among survivors will be driven by economics, once again, the sword hammered into a plow, by necessity.