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ZetaTalk: Who Knows?
written Mar 3, 2004

How deep in the administration and its global contacts does the cover-up go? Is the US Senate aware of the cataclysmic possibilities? How far down the hierarchical ladders of the military and intelligence communities is the spread of complicity by silence or diversion? Would the Demo front-runners be in on it?

We have previously stated that knowledge of the coming cataclysms, the Planet X body and its path, was restricted to a very few countries such as the US, Russia, and Britain - those considered the world powers at the time of Roswell and needing to participate in any large cover-up of the alien presence. The existence of Planet X as a body due to come into the solar system in 2003 was a matter learned by MJ12 from their contacts with aliens, ourselves in particular. As the US was nervous that they would not be the only country contacted, they shared this information with their partner countries. MJ12 as a body included only about 2,000 individuals when it was terminated just after the Bush coup in 2000, to prevent misuse of the travel service we provided to MJ12 members. These 2,000 members were carefully chosen, included the very wealthy as well as members of government, and the rules strict about profiting from the information they learned or leaking the information. This was considered very serious business.

Thus, knowledge other than rumor about Planet X and the coming cataclysms was very limited prior to 2003 when the earth changes and visibility of this monster looming into view changed the modus operandi. Many meetings between the Bush Administration and heads of state had as their basis bribery and threats to go along with the cover-up, which was explained as necessary so that panic would not ensue. Planet X was explained as something that would pass through the solar system and go on its way, causing no more than the earth changes experienced to date. It should be born in mind that most countries do not have the ability to peer into space, the Space Station and Hubble and probes restricted to the US and Russia. Observatories are expensive and as funded enterprises the wealthy can exact the equivalent of national security oaths from astronomers working there. These restrictions and a few obvious assassinations keep this information close, not in the public domain.

Does this mean that today, few are aware of the presence of Planet X, its effect on the Earth, and the possibility or even likelihood of catastrophes equivalent to those in the past, which the Earth stands witness to in her geology? Hardly. This is the talk in smoke filled rooms, commuters sharing cars, coffee break rooms, and cafes and bars everywhere. The Sun and Moon are out of place, often, the Earth tilt such that noon shadows are wrong, and the Second Sun at sunrise or sunset or other light phenomena of Planet X seen by many and if not talked about in the media, are shared in conversation everywhere. Where does this put government workers, candidates for public office, or scientists in hire who are not in the knowledge loop, not given full information disclosure? They assume, if a candidate, that they will get this info when they rise to the right levels. They assume, if a government worker or scientist in hire, that they will get the information when their job requires it or when matters get serious enough that a general announcement is made.

Meanwhile, they have eyes and ears open for leaks or new information, like the rest of the populace.