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ZetaTalk: The Phoenix
written Mar 31, 2004

The ancient peoples of Earth seem to have had a fascination with the Phoenix. The story associated with it seems so odd, even compared with other ancient stories. How did the story of death and rebirth come to be associated with this creature?

Rising from the ashes, to begin anew, the Phoenix seems unlike any natural creatures, and thus is assumed to be a myth. But like the myths of super humans who lived on mountain tops, who could throw lighting bolts and fly through the air, exactly like the Annunaki were capable of doing, this myth has a basis in fact. The Phoenix is also referred to as a Sun bird, large, brilliant in gold-orange plumage, and long lived, just like the Sun which rises faithfully and without which man and the Earth would surely die. The Phoenix was a bird, long extinct, of impressive size and plumage, thus at the time this myth was born, was chosen to represent the Sun during pole shifts. Ancient people, wishing to relay to future generations what they had experienced, knew the value of an impressive story, as these get retold. Consider the relationship to the legends of the Phoenix to what occurs during pole shifts.

  1. The Phoenix was long lived, and only periodically self immolated into fire, from which it arose. Passages of Planet X occur infrequently, after a long passage of time, with the Sun rising reliable in the mean time.
  2. The immolation in fire was inexplicable, unexplained, and sudden, the Phoenix disappearing into black smoke and then returning. The arrival of Planet X where it is seen in the sky undeniably by all, is sudden, the roiling dust cloud blocking the Sun.
  3. The Phoenix reappears quickly, seemingly rising from the ashes to full stature instantly. After days of rotation stoppage, during which the roiling tail blocks the Sun and volcanoes explode blackening the sky, there is a sudden shift and a prompt return to rotation and a shining Sun again.

Thus, the legend of the Phoenix is a tale of pole shifts past, but the drama of a beautiful bird, bell like cry and brilliant plumage, dominated, the true tale to be told lost.