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ZetaTalk: Facilitate Discussion
written June 12, 2004

If Venus did not appear to transit, all the amateur astronomers and viewers of the event would of been screaming what happened? It would of had a bigger impact than pretending that it did? This alone would have woken up the masses to what is going on. Imagine every amateur looking for the transit and not seeing it? Goodness, heads would roll and our officials would be scrambling to explain. Many would have doubted the explanation and really begin to believe. Why keep up the status quo?

The major powers of the Earth, those dictating financial and thus economic directions, installing puppets as government heads and by their control of the majority of stock in corporations, corporate heads, are at a delicate juncture at the moment. In the past they anticipated an escape to Mars or elsewhere, away from the Earth during its pole shift spasms, but now realize no escape is possible. They have likewise come to realize, only of late, that underground caverns are not safe either, and thus stuck on the surface with the common man, they are seeking a stronger base there. Initially the plan was to form work camps, select out the best workers from the populace as slaves and eliminate the rest, but such a plan requires invoking Martial Law at the right moment, and without a firm date for the start of the cataclysms, this plan also was doomed to failure. Thus the establishment has been squeezed to the conclusion that the common man should be informed of the coming cataclysms, at least to the extent of preparing in a practical manner for survival and life afterwards, and that an awareness of countdown signs can reduce the state of panic in the populace.

Changing a stance from a complete denial of the existence of Planet X to an open discussion of the possibility is radical, and for this discussion we relate it to the denial of the alien presence, similarly resisted until very recently. When ZetaTalk began in 1995, crop circles were discussed in the media only in the context of a hoax, made by men with boards, none of the characteristics such as node growth and lack of foot prints presented. Now crop circles have been mentioned in the media, photos shown, with an astonishing lack of debunking. When ZetaTalk began in 1995, sightings, even mass sightings, were suppressed from the media or were accompanied by harsh ridicule. Now a rash of sightings and photos is in the media, accompanied by substantial witnesses and almost no debunking follows. When ZetaTalk began in 1995, we stressed that a light handed approach to introducing concepts such as the alien presence or a pole shift had its value, in that an Element of Doubt allowed an escape, so that hard denial or escape into insanity or strong fear reactions could be avoided. One can see by the discussions on crop circles and mass sightings that this light handed method works.

At the present time, those wanting more discussion on the possibility of Planet X in our inner solar system and the steps to be taken in the event history repeats itself are facing resistance. The Earth is tilting and shuddering regularly, and those interested in controlling panic want no delays before starting this process because they fear a sudden wobble or tilt that will make the situation obvious. Too late to reduce panic, it would be upon them. But anytime a cover-up erodes, there is anger, rage at being lied to, and to avoid this rage being directed at the real Puppet Masters, the wealthy elite, this rage is to be directed at chosen scapegoats. NASA and the Bush Administration are the obvious candidates, and are frantically resisting being dragged from their lofty perches and pummeled by enraged taxpayers. Disaster movies to the contrary, the public does not take being lied to on life threatening matters lightly. Imagine the rage of those who recently bought beach front property, put their savings into the Stock Market, or switched jobs to one that requires extensive travel away from home. Would their position be different had they known about the possibility of cataclysms earlier? Passive acceptance of a cover-up is not likely.

Imagine, at a time when the establishment, the wealthy elite, are prying the fingers of resistance from the stranglehold it has on the media, and are positioned to begin an educational blitz in many countries and major media outlets, what effect sudden rage over a missing transit might have. Would this help or hinder? We, the Zetas, and our many counterparts, during many discussions at the Council of Worlds, concluded that a strong element of doubt at this time would be helpful. Had the discussions already been in the media, the public already alerted and thinking about safety and how to time their escape to safe locations, it would have been a different matter, proof, then, that Planet X is in the vicinity. But to allow hysterical anger to flood into NASA headquarters, bubble up to the White House, before the media campaign had begun, would have played into the hands of the cover-up, driven it further underground, raised the walls of resistance, hardened the resolve of those fearing retaliation, and been counter productive. We trust you will understand, as the Awakening stands as proof that the element of doubt can be a facilitator.

The majority of the populace polled believes that the alien presence is real, intelligent life elsewhere possible, without any absolute proof in hand. This is what the Awakening desires, a gradual comfort level increase, without any contactees being burned at the stake by hysterical religious leaders whose turf has been threatened.
ZetaTalk: Element of Doubt
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UFO Puts Portugal on Military Alert [Jun 4] ’The Portuguese press has announced that the airforce is on alert since dozens of people saw a UFO on Tuesday. The Portuguese UFO is described as a silent, luminous object, giving off white smoke. Paulo Lagarto, of the national air traffic control authority, Navegacao Aerea de Portugal (NAV), says, ... Geologist José Fernando Monteiro says the UFO wasn't a meteorite, ... The European Space Agency says it wasn't a satellite.’ [and from another country] ‘In South Devon, in the U.K., the switchboard at the Herald Express was swamped with calls from people who saw a cigar- shaped UFO. Retired British Aerospace engineer Roy Dutton tracked the object for 20 minutes through a high-powered telescope.' ...
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Mexico Air Force Video Creates UFO Stir [May 11] ‘The Mexican Air Force has released footage of what a UFO expert said were 11 invisible unidentified flying objects picked up by an infrared camera as they whizzed around a surveillance plane. The ministry confirmed to Reuters it had provided the video, filmed by the Air Force on March 5' ...
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UFO in Scotland [May 12] ‘Several people reported seeing a huge silver object in the area as they drove past at around 8.45am last Wednesday. Silver in appearance and looked like the dishes you see on the side of television transmitters'. ... [and from another] Glowing UFO Photographed In Poland [May 12] ‘The photo below was over the city of Rzeszów, Poland' ...
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Flying Saucer Fever Grips Iran, Theories Abound [Apr 28] ‘Flying saucer fever has gripped Iran after dozens of sightings in the last few days. Fanciful cartoons of alien spacecraft have adorned the front pages. State television on Wednesday showed a sparkling white disc it said was filmed over Tehran ... Newspapers and agencies reported people rushing out into the streets in eight towns on Tuesday night to watch a bright extraterrestrial light dipping in and out of the clouds.'