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ZetaTalk: End Game Postures
written Jan 25, 2006

I'm Canadian and am somewhat concerned about Canada's new elected conservative government. A Conservative victory ends nearly 13 years of Liberal Party rule and shifts the traditionally liberal country to the right on socioeconomic issues such as health care, taxation, abortion and gay marriage. Harper is expected to renew talks on North American star wars program with the Bush administration. Also, our oil sands are worth something like 2 trillion dollars at current oil prices, which Cheney recently visited this last summer. Can the zeta predict how this will all turn out for the Bush Administration, although Canada just a fly on a elephants back, so to speak.

Our predicted Earth changes have arrived to the extent that they are obvious, and cannot be explained by Global Warming or other such excuses proffered by the establishment over the years to explain the trends. Weather is extreme, the swings extreme, 2005 the warmest year on record, the worst hurricane season on record. The number of active volcanoes 50% higher than only 8 years ago, and rising, with no relationship to Global Warming possible as an explanation. The Torque Effect we predicted has appeared and is regularly creating stretch zone evidence in the US and the African Rift area. But where these Earth changes have become obvious, they are only the start. Meanwhile, humans in the know or deliberately kept unaware are getting increasingly nervous, seeing the trend, and posturing for the end game.

We have stated that saber rattling would occur as times got tense and restrictions imposed, but little actual warfare as each country would focus their resources inward with war unlikely to bring any relief. That the US will be forced out of Iraq to attend to its home front and Russia and Iran are using fuel as a political weapon during the intense cold afflicting the region is typical of end game posturing. The message to the US is 'go home and attend to your home front', which it will in any case have to do, shortly, due to Earth changes that will devastate the US homeland. Treaties to share resources will be broken, with scarce resourses kept at home. Restless borders will be watched but not breached, as each country anticipates turmoil in its own populace, unable to maintain a front when it's back side, the side open to it's populace, is vulnerable.

Politics within countries will change to lean toward the middle, as extremism will be viewed as yet another instability the country cannot withstand when quakes and exploding volcanoes and weather nightmares are afflicting it at an increasing rate. Thus Canada has a conservative Prime Minister who must content with a liberal parliament. Thus the US can anticipate Congress moving to the left, well ahead of the 2006 elections, to counter an extreme Bush Administration. Thus Israel will continue to make peace with the Palestinians. And all countries will attempt to maintain a restless balance where the economic stability of all is allowed as thought the world were holding its breath. Don't rock the boat. The interrelationship between stock and commodity markets around the world, and banking enterprises around the world, will be acknowledged, with all countries careful not to create instability.

Individually, the end game postures will be more extreme, as individuals or their families do not have great impact on the world situation. This one will sell all, getting out of the markets and leaving the lucrative job markets of the cities and head to the hinterlands, there to be self sufficient when the grid goes down and food shortages start. Another will take an opposite tack, self indulgence the rule, all funds spent on whims and pleasures as though tomorrow did not exist, which for this person, it does not as they intend to go out with the shift. We have predicted, as the pole shift approaches, that people will either prepare with more seriousness or party hard. Corporations, as with countries, will focus inward and attempt to maintain stability during troubled times by cutting expenses and work force. Organized religion can be expected to preach harder, offering solace or looking for demons, their normal approach simply more extreme, no change. And to the extent that the media has been extreme, supporting for instance the Bush agenda because of national security directives, they will, we predict, move toward the middle, with more honest reporting.

Signs of the Times #1539
Tories win slim minority, Martin steps down, pizza Parliament looms [Jan 24] 'Voters put an end to 12 years of Liberal government yesterday but left the victorious Conservatives under Stephen Harper with a very tenuous hold on government. The Conservatives eked out a minority government that will make Mr. Harper, a 46-year-old economist, Canada's 22nd prime minister. Canadians appeared to be saying they were tired of the scandals that had plagued the Liberals under Mr. Martin during his 26 months as prime minister.' [and from another] Some activists, politicians speaking openly about impeachment [Jan 24] 'The word "impeachment" is popping up increasingly these days and not just off the lips of liberal activists spouting predictable bumper-sticker slogans. After the unfounded claims about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and recent news of domestic spying without warrants, mainstream politicians and ordinary voters are talking openly about the possibility that President Bush could be impeached. So is at least one powerful Republican senator, Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.'
Signs of the Times #1538
As of March 17, 1998 Volcano World listed 53 active volcanoes as of the last 6 years. As of Jan 18, 2006 there were 82 active volcanoes listed on that site as of the last 6 years. An increase of 55% in 8 years. [and from another] 2005 is warmest year on record for Northern Hemisphere, scientists say [Dec 16] 'The Earth's average temperature reached a near-record high in 2005, international and U.S. climate agencies reported Thursday.' [and from another] 2005 hottest year on record [Jan 4] 'Federal Environment Minister Ian Campbell says new data showing 2005 was Australia's hottest year on record is further evidence of climate change.' [and from another] The 2005 season is finally over [Jan 7] 'The amazing 2005 Atlantic hurricane season has shattered many long-standing records, chief among them a record number of named storms, twenty-seven, which has obliterated the previous record of twenty-one in 1933. There also have been 14 hurricanes so far this season breaking the old record of 12 set in 1969. Another record set was for the most category-five hurricanes, three, with Katrina, Rita and Wilma. Wilma became the strongest hurricane on record in the Atlantic Basin with a pressure of 882 mb breaking the old record set by Gilbert (888 mb) in 1988.' [and from another]
Recently South Dakota has begun a regular daily shimmy, at a time when the S Pole comes over the horizon to where Planet X can grab it. The Torque Effect, evident. [Note: not Global Warming when the volcanoes are participating and Face/Dark global quakes and evident Torque Effect is continuing!]