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ZetaTalk: Asian Flu Epidemic
written during the Jan 30, 2004 Lou Gentile Show

With the increased sicknesses that have been showing up in wild animals and domestic, as the Zetas predicted, how long after the passage will immune systems remain weakened and these types of diseases remain a danger to humans, since the mad cow, for instance, began showing many years ago? Are the animals' susceptibility to those pathogens related to Planet X?

We have stated, early in the ZetaTalk era, that Illness would be on the increase going into the shift. We stated at that time that this would be due to several factors, primarily depressed immune systems but also opportunistic germs that would migrate to new environments due to the erratic weather. All creatures, human and domesticated and wildlife alike, suffer, and thus all can be responsible for spreading germs into new environments. Droughts and deluges with resulting floods have occurred, causing migration of wildlife. The illness emerging is not new, in the main, caused by germs that have been present all along. Swine or avian flu, germs passed from animals to humans and mutating, is not new. Starvation is rampant, worldwide, mostly resulting in undernourished humans and flocks and herds and wildlife. Humans are distracted by worry, and thus tend to eat comfort food rather than a proper diet, and even wildlife suffers from this tendency, being too distressed or unable to eat their normal diet. All this creates depressed immune systems.

An additional stress on the immune system is the emanations from the swirling core of the Earth and the rock strata under pressure. If rock emits radon, naturally, and rock under pressure and heading for a quake emits radio waves that can be detected by radios nearby as static, then the distressed crust of the Earth and increased swirling of the core spell a change for mankind and the other creatures crawling about on the Earth, and change is stressful. Erratic weather puts the body under almost continuous stress. Humans intent on surviving the coming times should be careful to eat a proper diet, but the most important ingredient in a strong immune system is attitude. Think less of the coming times as a depressing disaster and look beyond them to the future, which will ultimately be immensely better for survivors than the present times. Life on Earth will change, with survivors supporting each other and the Earth becoming a home to high tech visitors - fascinating, unfolding, and emotionally satisfying.