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ZetaTalk: Decision Time
written Nov 15, 2003

Despite our warning in Nov, 2001 that no date would be given, and our endless explanations of the evil that would be done to the majority of the peoples of the Earth should the elite of the world know, with any certainty, the date of rotation slowing or stoppage, we and our emissary Nancy are asked endlessly this question. It is certainly understandable. People hold jobs, need to travel in their work, have children at a distance in school, would be either paying bills or buying rice and beans with a paycheck. Those who have considered the Earth changes increasingly evident and have come to the conclusion that there is an interloper in the solar system, and it does have the Earth in a grip, are in agony. Timing is everything, if not an absolute date, then a general time frame. Please.

We stated some time ago that by the time rotation stoppage occurred the establishment would not be thinking about martial law, as they would be too busy with disasters. Thus, it is not rotation slowing to a stop that will be the signal that the time has come to move to your safe locations, it will be well before that. In what manner will this occur?

Nancy has noted in a crop circle analysis that Sweeping Arms of the Sun seem to come round every 6.5 weeks, and looking back has seen evidence of the last 3 sweeps previous to Nov 14. Indeed, this past week has seen evidence of another sweep pushing Planet X and the Earth closer together, their magnetic fields engaged as evidenced by the magnetic monitors, with slowing because of this increased grip not yet evident, but the repercussions in weather and earth movements already evident. Those not willing or able to make changes in their lives before the Holidays may find the Holidays possible, but just barely, as the next sweeping arm of the Sun will put all doubt aside.