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ZetaTalk: Clash of Agendas
written Nov 15, 2003

As the Earth changes leading up to the inevitable passage of Planet X with cataclysmic effects on Earth increases, pressure by all to promote their agendas increases, leading to a clash of agendas. When times are comfortable the pace can be slow, without pain or anxiety, but when time seems short, or when all seems to be crashing and about to be lost, agendas are pushed aggressively. What are these agendas, and in what way do they clash? Since those in the Service-to-Other work cooperatively, and do so increasingly in emergency situations, we will address primarily the agendas of those in the Service-to-Self, as affected by increasing Earth changes and awareness of the big lie by the general public.

Puppet Masters
As we explained during the Elite Exodus on June 11, he with the gold, rules. The public assumes a broad ownership of corporations and media outlets, when the opposite is true. A very few individuals control the wealth of the world, install politicians to their pleasing, create global conflicts and create or destroy the fortunes of countries as well as individuals in the chess games they play with their control, and thus operate as Puppet Masters during the cover-up. Their agenda is to retain control, retain their position, and thus as their gold rules, they want minimal impact to their financial stature. No bank failure. No drop in stock value. No corporate bankruptcies. And as they assume this would occur if knowledge of a rogue planet in the inner solar system were to be broad, they consider hiding this as long as possible of prime importance.
Promised wealth, power, security, and opportunities outside of what their natural talents would afford them, puppets invariably allow their strings to be pulled. They are chosen because they can be controlled, by blackmail, by bribery, by intimidation, and if disappointed with the role they are assigned, they are alternately threatened and placated by their puppet masters, else eliminated. Puppets run amuck of their masters when they sense their world will not continue, and make demands. Occasional restless puppets are expected, with alternatives waiting in the wings, but when puppets panic en mass, malfunction, are absent, and many replacements are happening simultaneously, the chess game the puppet masters play does not go as planned. We then have the masters emerging to act, without cover, as in the takeover of Yokos stock by Jacob Rothchild when the Russian oil appeared lost. This makes the puppets nervous, as they sense they are dispensable.
Comfortable Class
Accustomed to being secure due to ownership of goods and the power this brings, the upper class or moneyed class will react with more than shock when their property, whether corporate interests or stocks and bonds or real property, is flushed down the toilet during the increasing changes pummeling the Earth. Insurance companies will go under when their insured base surpasses their wealth, corporate bankruptcy will ensue when all but the corporate name have been washed or blown away, and clutching jewels and artwork, they will stand and wail. Banking empires, government security blankets, all run by puppets of the puppet master, will receive demands to do something to return the comfortable class to their comfort. Simultaneous demands on nervous and malfunctioning puppets creates an explosive situation. More malfunction. More naked hand of the puppet master exposed. Wailing all around.
Working Class
At the base of the pyramid, the working man and woman observe the drama. From their standpoint, they are living in the Land of Oz, where nothing is as it has been pronounced, the good guys doing bad deeds, the economic recovery putting them out of their homes and jobs, and no one explaining why the Sun and Moon and seasons are not where they are supposed to be. The point of working for the comfortable class is for food and a roof over one's head, and when both seem tenuous, loyalty fails. The working class is thus simply not where expected to be, not the drones and robots anticipated, and the comfortable class now switches from simply wailing to panic. Insecurity translates to autocracy, so strong arm tactics against the working class are the first armament. This of course backfires when cities are collapsing and the leadership proven inept, so the working class becomes the rebelling class, and is absent even more.

Thus, the clash of agendas means that none of the social structure operates as expected by those in the Service-to-Self, who find their banking empires collapsed, their real and corporate properties vanishing, their puppets wandering around confused, and the comfortable class fuming about the recalcitrant working class and lack of action by the puppets running the establishment’s empire. Chaos, just as the serious pole shift precursors are about to ensue!