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TOPIC: Colloidal Silver

Per reports by Dr. Dellyn Hansen and Steve LaFontaine, colloidal silver is non-toxic to humans but prevents single cell organisms such as those causing Gangrene from growing. Laboratory Results show it has Antiseptic qualities when applied externally or taken internally. Friendly Flora may be temporarily affected. Colloidal silver is making a Comeback as a self-help medicine and method for Purifying Water available to the common man, but don't mix with Chlorine. Warnings about Turning Blue are appropriate for additives but do not apply to pure colloidal silver. The Herx Effect is normal. A dedicated Troubled Times member explains the Theory behind making colloidal silver and the Brownian Movement and how to make using Ionized Water, Merlin's Magic, a Generator, and Parts & Supplies to create a Box Construction. Then Production, monitoring Quality Control, adjusting Density, concerns over proper Storage, and comparison to Commercial colloidal silver, and Usage can begin! Another reports that a generator can be made from Spare Parts. Particle size can affect Color and Effectiveness.