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Friendly Flora

Yes, the body has lots of healthy flora or bacteria, mostly in the GI tract but also benign bacteria and viruses on skin and other areas. This is why so often when we take an antibiotic, we can get a superinfection or overgrowth of other harmful bacteria, because the antibiotic wipes out the healthy bacteria that the body uses to aid digestion among other things. A long-held view is that you should increase your intake of live yogurt culture when using an antibiotic, which is one way of reestablishing the healthy flora. Does anyone know if this is necessary with Colloidal Silver therapy, i.e. replenishing the healthy flora? Does Colloidal Silver just kill off harmful bacteria?

Offered by Craig.

From my own experience Colloidal Silver does kill off intestinal flora to some extent depending on how much Colloidal Silver you take. Not as much so as antibiotics. It is always safe to recommend taking additional intestinal flora supplements when taking Colloidal Silver. Use the type with the most different types of intestinal bacteria. I use a brand that has up to 7 different types of intestinal flora. I am currently taking 1.3 oz/day of 100+ PPM or the equivalent of 13 Oz/day of 10 PPM Colloidal Silver. I have gone for long periods of time without taking intestinal flora and have not noticed any detrimental effects that would indicate a major loss of intestinal flora. Without supplemental flora I have in the past noticed some drying of the stool at each increase of Colloidal Silver amount, then it recovers and balances out after awhile.

Offered by Mike.

My girlfriend and I take large quantities of Colloidal Silver and it has never upset our stomachs or produced any ill effects. What it has done is completely cured my girlfriend's cystitis. She had suffered with this for a year and a half . We had seen every consultant, tried every antibiotic (which made her very ill), and finally we tried the Zapper and it cured the attacks overnight. However it didn't stop them from coming back. It just stopped the infection in its tracks. That’s when we tried Colloidal Silver and she now has been free of attacks for 7 months (which is as long as she has been on it). I have supplied over 1000 zappers and sell mostly to doctors and clinics and I have not had one bad report back. I also sell Colloidal Silver generators. The US Government is trying to make Colloidal Silver illegal so making it yourself will soon will be the only way to get it. I’m not trying to sell these items as you can get them wherever you live.

Offered by Ian.