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Herx Effect

The Herxheimer effect is addressed in a quote from Bruce Marx, N.D.

Offered by Michael.

Herxheimers (Herx) basically can be a side effect of any antibiotic, be it pharmaceutical, herb, or colloidal silver. When it kills the bugs faster than your eliminatory system is able to remove them from the system, it manifests itself generally with flu like symptoms. These can include headaches, soreness/swelling in joints, swollen glands, bloating, constipation, and numerous other discomforts.

Many people are in good enough physical/systemic condition to not have any noticeable indication of Herx. Those who are generally well, (but not totally healthy, and many do not realize this), are usually surprised by and anxious to get rid of the discomfort. Relief will generally come within a few hours of stopping the medication/therapy and drinking large amounts of distilled water to help the system flush the toxins out. Hopefully they will resume the treatment at a lesser dosage, again slowly increasing. I call these the bouncers. However, many who have experienced long term chronic illnesses look forward to these side effects, as an indicator that what they are doing/taking is working, and try to maintain a tolerable level of discomfort until they effect submission/remission of their condition. I call these people stringers.