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Colloidal silver can be used to replace bleach. I recommend adding colloidal silver before and then again adding some after the storage time. Depending on the length of storage time the small silver particles may settle out of solution and thus not be as effective. Thus, putting some more in after taking the water out of storage would solve this. If there is any chlorine in the water before storage don't add silver as it goes into storage. In this case add silver only after the storage time. The chlorine will be gone by then. Silver and chlorine make a poisons compound. The swimming pool industry found silver to be superior to chlorine for water purification, but had to abandon it because the tap water used to fill the pool had chlorine in it. Another way would be to put the water in the sun for a day or so and the chlorine will come out of solution. Then add silver and then put the water into storage.

Distillation does remove the chlorine. It will come out of solution before it boils. To be absolutely safe you may want to dump the first little bit of water that comes out of the distillation process for each batch. This is a good practice anyway. It cleans the condensation pipe. There is a slight chance some chlorine can re-dissolve back into the hot water condensing during the start of the condensation cycle. However, I doubt this quantity would be enough to hurt anything. But, just to be safe you could toss the first little bit of water that comes out.

Offered by Mike.