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Spare Parts

You can get .999 fine silver wire at a lapidary or rock shop or jewelry makers supply shop. Having made my own colloidal silver solution, might I recommend flat bezel material instead of wire. Bezel has more surface area and is easier to work with. Also, instead of three 9V batteries, I used a small plug in transformer and used a very simple voltage doubler. Batteries are fine if you have nothing else but we still have the grid and I'm using it. For now, 12V AC supplies are plentiful, most people have one or two in their homes left over from old answering machines or tape players. The circuit consists of two capacitors and two diodes and puts out suitable current and voltage for the purpose of making fine golden colored colloidal silver solution.

Here’s a schematic of the doubler, a colloidal silver generator circuit which I have built out of junk parts for free which produces a beautiful golden colored solution in a few hours or less. Be aware that various oxides form around the electrodes and must be filtered out (I use coffee filters) before you use the solution. So far, I have only used it topically on myself. The solution does seem to impede the formation and growth of mold on bread. I’m still experimenting with it.

Offered by Gordon.