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I’m glad you brought this up because just over a week ago my girlfriend stubbed her toe causing a fracture and small cut. Well within 48 hours she had cellulitus and the doc’s had her getting antibiotics through an I.V. for two days. Now for those who don’t know cellulitis is just before gangrene sets in at which point you have to cut the flesh infected out to even have a chance. Anything you can learn or supplies saved will be invaluable and may just save your life. The docs said one more day with out treatment and probably she’d have lost her foot. This for just a stubbed toe. Cellulitis is an infection mostly caused by staph. It’s very painful, involves redness, swelling, and hot flesh. If you ever cut yourself and it gets infected and you see red line start moving towards your lymph glands get help quick or you can die.

Offered by Yahbo.

I have first hand experience of colloidal silver sorting out cellulitus, taken in 8 to 14 ounces at a time.

Offered by Ian.