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Purifying Water

To the best I can tell we have no dosage amounts recommended for purifying water. Next I did a search for the information on the Web and found the following usage recommendation:

To Purify Water
Add one ounce per gallon, shake well, wait six minutes and shake again; wait six minutes and drink. (note: This is talking about a 5 ppm source)
For Plants
For all bacterial, fungal and viral attacks on plants, simply spray diluted silver on the leaves and add to soil water. Mix one teaspoon per quart.

While look through my hard copy file folders I did find the following from Unusual Alternatives Date Apr/May 1995:

The Heritage Institute
Box 174 Plainfield, WI 54966:

We're often asked how as little as a teaspoon of colloid can 'purify' a gallon of water if the colloid only contains 3-5 parts per million of silver to start with. Wouldn't the other 128+ ounces of water dilute it to the point where it wouldn't contain enough silver to do much good at all? As mystifying as it sounds, the answer is "no". Medical researchers have discovered that weak solutions can be made stronger by vigorously shaking them for a few seconds, then letting them stand for about 5 minutes before use.

Note: 1 Ounce = 2 Tablespoons = 6 Teaspoons. If anyone has access to more or better data, please submit it. I think we should at least have a bottom line recommendation of how to use silver to purify water.

Offered by Mike.

This information is accurate. It really takes very little silver to sterilize water and the shaking info is true also. Of course, more silver is not going to hurt anything, but it isn't necessary.

Offered by Ed