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Box Construction

Open the box, and drill the appropriate sized holes for the toggle switches, indicator lamp, and mini jack in the short end of the project box. Attach the toggle switches and mini jack with the threaded rings supplied. Glue the indicator lamp in place (from inside the box) with silicon caulk. Wire up the battery snap-ons as indicated above. Wire all the components together as shown in figure 2. To connect components, use a low wattage, 25-30 watt soldering pencil and standard 60/40 electronic rosin solder. Use a small dab of silicon caulk for insulation where you’ve soldered the battery wires together (or wrap with a small piece of electrical tape).

After you’ve soldered everything together, place the three 9 volt batteries inside the box and keep them in place with plastic dividers slid into the box’s preformed circuit board slots. Screw the box cover back in place. You can check the condition of the batteries by plugging in the electrodes, turning the unit on and momentarily touching the electrodes together. The indicator lamp will light brightly if the batteries are in good shape.When the lamp is pale or dim yellow, it’s time to change the batteries.

(figure 2 to follow)

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