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It utterly rankles the commercial producers of colloidal silver when people like Dr Bob Beck tell others how easy it is to make their own colloidal silver at home for pennies-to-the-gallon using their own homemade generators. You will read or hear the most preposterous statements from these producers decrying the “inferiority” or “sub-standard” quality of homemade colloidal silver. Most of them are really angry because they are rapidly losing the ability to gouge the public for this marvelous product, which in fact is extremely cheap to produce. The truth is that homemade colloidal silver is every bit as good, and in most cases, better than commercially purchased colloidal silver! Why?

Many producers will add yellow food coloring to low density colloid to make it appear that it is a high density, small particle product. Other producers will charge exorbitant prices for what they claim is a highly concentrated solution (E.g. 300-500 ppm) but is often, upon analysis, a low concentration solution (E.g. 3-5ppm). Bob Beck once analyzed a group of 8 different colloidal silver products purchased at a health expo. He found the majority of them to be of extremely poor quality, low concentration, and with undesirable additives such as EDTA, coloring, and gelatin for suspension.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical advice. Consult the physician of your choice for medical care and advice.

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