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TOPIC: Cover-Up

Cover-ups exist because the public is Gullible and willingly buys Bush Scams. During an Art Bell late show, an outage occurred to Stop a Leak while a Doomsday sceniario is used as a panic test. ZetaTalk Accuracy on Crop Shortages results in a Saudi Ban, and Bumper Harvest reports sound suspect. An F-15 Excuse does not explain an Atlanta boom, and a 2003 FEMA Disaster Plan for cities cites natural disasters of epic proportions. NASA insists on controlling Asteroid Sightings and Mar's Photos, and many Smell a Rat in this tactic. The date for the closest pass of 2001 PM9 is reported as May 10, 2003, but not true! Mars as a Red Planet and comet 2002/V1 or 2002/X5 in 2003 will be used as an explanation for the approaching Planet X. The explanation for a recent 3D Mapping of earth and Infrared Flights appears suspect, as does Whale Monitoring, a NASA/FEMA alliance, Deep Space Probes, and withdrawal of info on Zeta Reticuli. A Phil Schneider assassination is evident, as is the death of Robert Harrington. Black Vault has FOIA documents. Government Contradictions fuel cover-up theories about Roswell, the Crash Dummies excuse, the real purpose of Star Wars, Pentagon Denials, Triangular UFOs, and Mutilations. The March 13, 1997 sighting was reported after a curious 3 Month Delay, and Governor Flipflops. A rash of Military Crashes implies a battle between the NWO and aliens. OKC Murders point to a cover-up, and Bombing Evidence is being suppressed. TWA800 evidence points to a cover-up over a Missile, per Cmdr. Donaldson. A Mars Pathfinder landing involved a sudden NASA Death and Gene Shoemaker accident. A CSETI Announcement details Steven Greer's cancer, right after the CSETI DC Briefing, and the Disclosure Project takes revenge. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and John Kennedy, Jr. plane crashes point to murder. The Rockefeller Report and Dr. Len Horowitz indicates population reduction via immunizations, Goo Globs point to a military experiment, and Blaming Chemtrails on UFO's may be a coverup too.