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Military Crashes

Where not reported by the media, there were reports that a UFO forced the B-1 bomber down, just prior to its crash. Excerpts from U.S. News & World Report, week of September 18, 1997

In the week of its 50th anniversary, the Air Force suffers four crashes. ... Eberhart recalled Sept. 18, 1947, when Harry Truman granted independence to the Army Air Corps, creating the modern Air Force. The ceremony epitomized the way the Air Force views itself: bold, flashy, and high tech. ...

Last week's anniversary festivities took place, however, under the cloud of a 24-hour "stand-down," or grounding, of all training flights--called amid an astounding string of crashes of military aircraft including five Air Force jets. A B-1 bomber crashed in Southeastern Montana, killing all four crew members; two New Jersey Air National Guard F-16 fighters collided over the Atlantic Ocean; a $43 million F-117 "stealth" fighter flying at an air show near Baltimore lost part of its wing and crashed into the yard of a harborside home; and a C-141 cargo plane apparently collided with a German military plane off the west coast of Africa, killing the nine-person crew and the occupants of the German plane.