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Dr. Len Horowitz

From the Sightings web site, interview with Dr. Len Horowitz
Dr. Len Horowitz On Anthrax Vaccine: Cure Or Conspiracy?

by Wes Thomas, 12-18-97

Dr. Horowitz is author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola [1], a comprehensive, well-documented exposé of the role of tainted vaccines in the creation of genocidal AIDS and Ebola epidemics. He holds a Ph.D. in dental medicine from Tufts University, Master of Public Health from Harvard University, and MA in health education from Beacon College.

WT: There's a lot of paranoia on the Net right now about anthrax vaccine. Should people take it or not?

LH: Well, President Clinton won't take the vaccine [2] because he's no fool. I'm extremely concerned that anthrax vaccine is untrustworthy and that military personnel, when they sign up, turn their lives over to untrustworthy people. You'd have to be a fool, given the information we have in our possession, to take the anthrax vaccine, or any other vaccine that the FDA and/or the Department of Defense approves or tries to push on military personnel or citizens of the United States.

WT: Why?

LH: Numerous reasons. Everything from the most apparently benign vaccine to the tetanus vaccine used to sterilize hundreds of thousands of women during experiments, to Gulf War Syndrome, which is undoubtedly related and linked to vaccines.

We now have evidence that the potential initiator of Gulf War Syndrome was an AIDS vaccine that was being tested on uninformed and unconsenting troops. We have documentation that shows that General Schwartzkopf and General Powell were absolute outrageous liars in the congressional hearing statements and that the entire Gulf War congressional investigating panel, led by Jay Rockefeller, was a complete travesty to truth and justice.

We have this documentation on a new three-hour video called "Gulf War Syndrome: the Spreading Epidemic Cover-up" [3]. It shows that during the Gulf War, our troops were exposed to experimental vaccines and experimental drugs, that sustained drug interactions and vaccine damage were the result, and that the federal government still refuses to acknowledge the truth and the facts.

In no uncertain terms would I allow myself to be inoculated, nor would any rational human being, given the evidence. Which is the real intelligent reason why President Clinton has refused to be vaccinated with anthrax vaccine. So as Commander in Chief of the military he would allow his military personnel to be vaccinated when he himself has refused!

WT: USAMRIID [U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases] has stated [4] that "there are insufficient data regarding efficacy against inhalation anthrax in humans, although studies in rhesus monkeys indicate it is protective." So why are they administering it?

LH: Good question. Anthrax has been a fairly easy-to-reproduce microorganism that lots of people have capability of reproducing and spreading. Why all of a sudden would the Pentagon reverse its long-held position that it should not be administered? Haven't they learned enough from the Gulf War Syndrome?

WT: What evidence do you have that anthrax vaccine is contaminated?

LH: Look at all the vaccines. For example, the Clinton administration has stated that it's mandatory that 12-hour-old infants get hepatitis B vaccine. This is insane. It has no risk/benefit analysis done to it. We don't know if this vaccine is killing and maiming more people than it's helping. Besides the fact that this particular vaccine has carcinogenic enzymes in it, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to give it to infants, because 96 percent plus of the people who get hepatitis B get it through sexual transmission or IV drug use. Plus the fact that those who get it develop life-long immunity and they do not develop major long-term problems.

The issue becomes how many people are being harmed by getting these vaccines. According to the CDC's own data [1], potentially 25,000 to 35,000 people were injured from that one vaccine. And consider all 18 or so vaccines that the federal government now is allegedly mandating (you still have religious and spiritual exemptions, so it's really against your civil rights to be told you must get a vaccine for school or work). If you use the CDC's own data, your find you have an ongoing holocaust of vaccine-induced injuries to the tune of as many as 800,000 vaccine-induced injuries occurring every year in the United States that you don't hear a word about from the federal government or mainstream media. So isn't that strange?

But today in the newspaper you do hear that the federal government wants to reevaluate nutritional supplements because three college wrestlers died of taking hormones. And yet we have 800,000 people sustaining vaccine-induced injuries, and you don't hear a word about it. If you don't think, given that information, that there's a covert operation here or an alternative agenda here...

WT: What's the agenda?

LH: According to top military personnel that I've interviewed from the Pentagon, the apparent agenda is a new world order where a strong U.S. military represents a liability.

WT: Sounds crazy. Why would they jeopardize their own troops?

LH: Because if you have rah-rah American patriotic military people who are stockpiling weapons and these people are healthy, happy, and prosperous, and you tell them “No, you've got to put down your guns and give up your national sovereignty and take orders from U.N. peacekeeping officials, and NATO Alliance officers” and soldiers are asked whether they'd be willing to shoot on American citizens before they give them a gun .... It may sound like foolish conspiratorial nonsense, until you evaluate you who this information is coming from: the senior Pentagon officials I've interviewed who take this threat seriously.

WT: Richard Preston [author, The Cobra Event] recently said [5] the Russians are actively developing advanced, genetically-engineered bioweapons and working with the Club Mad rogue nations and Jane's Defence Weekly [11] just announced that Russia has developed a highly contagious super black plague. Aren't those realistic external threats?

LH: The Russians had the capabilities for doing this for years, so when you read these press reports, what are they really telling you that's new? They're telling you propaganda. What's the motivation behind the news? It's persuasion. Look at the motive behind the persuasion, and what is it? They're preparing us for biological holocaust and they're going to blame it on the Muslims, Christian patriots, and militia groups. The militia groups are already dysfunctional because they're penetrated by agitators.

Interesting that our good old friend Larry Wayne Harris [6] is again in the center of this controversy. He alleges to be a Christian and patriot, and yet he goes to the Preparedness Expositions and shows the hardware to produce and disperse the bioweapons and tells you and writes [7] how to go out and produce these bioweapons and distribute them. This man acknowledges being a CIA operative, acknowledges having friends from the CIA that feed him, alleges he was involved with the CDC.

American intelligence officials are seeding authors, reporters, and investigative journalists, saying that it's the Christian patriots who are now the ones who are suspected of being the future terrorists in bioweapons attacks. If this isn't an obvious setup, my name isn't Len Horowitz. Harris is setting up the Christian and patriot movements to be the fall guys for the most untrustworthy people who are in charge of these bioweapons.

When you look at the videotape [Gulf War Syndrome: the Spreading Epidemic Cover-up], you see that we -- the U.S. government and our companies -- supplied Saddam Hussein with biological and chemical weapons at least up until two weeks before he invaded Kuwait [8]. And now there's some evidence that Joyce Riley [9] cites that he may have even been getting these during the war.

And when you see who is involved in the corporations that developed the vaccines that most plausibly initiated Gulf War Syndrome, such as Tanox Biosystems [12] of Houston, Texas -- co-owned by James Baker III, secretary of state under George Bush, who is a major shareholder in Tanox -- it was George Bush who said this aggression shall not stand, and it was his administration who supplied Saddam Hussein with all the military and biochemical weapons they needed. And when you see these people tested those vaccines on prisoners in Huntsville Prison in Texas and they developed Gulf War Syndrome-like symptoms long before the Gulf War, can you trust these people?

WT: What do you know about Michigan Biologic Products Labs, the sole supplier of anthrax vaccine to the military?

LH: Look for links to I. G. Farben, George Bush, and the Nazis. It's seldom I don't find that those who are suspected of foul play are not led by the people or their heirs who were intimately involved in the biological weapons industry under Hitler and that we in the U.S. were literally partners with those people. I'm speaking about the well-documented historical partnership between I.G. Farben, Bayer, Merck & Co, and the Rockefellers [1].

In fact, the president of Merck, George W. Merck, was America's biological weapons industry director, personally appointed by President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Stinson in the early 1940s. And in 1945, when Hitler realized he was going to lose the war, he ordered Martin Bormann, the Third Reich's economic chief, to bury his war chest to assure Germany's economic recovery after WW II, but also to assure a virtual monopoly over the world's pharmaceutical and chemical industries and the "rise of the Fourth Reich." Much of that money went into Merck & Co.

Now this at the exact time that George W. Merck is advising President Roosevelt on America's biological weapons status, as director of the industry. And follow the history of those Nazis, including Erik Traub, Hitler's top bioweapons developer -- who was brought over by Henry Kissinger and General Bolling in Project Paperclip -- and the exportation of 2000 Nazis into the U.S. industrial and intelligence organizations. And Traub went to work for the U.S. Navy biological research lab, which is affiliated with many of the academic institutions in the U.S. that are the premier biological weapons development and testing operations.

You have to begin to see that there is a whole underlying network of extraordinarily wealthy individuals, in fact, who have an ideology for population reduction, and specifically, the Merck company's fund as well as the Rockefeller Foundation, two of the premier American population control funding agencies. And when you see that these people are multinational supporters, and you understand that their ideology for population reduction follows the same reasoning that Hitler followed with racial hygiene: to make it American intelligence's and national security's primary interest for foreign policy.

This policy was funded by Prescott Bush (George Bush's father), General William Draper, and the Rockefellers - the first people in the congress in 1968 that came out in favor of population reduction in the third world -- and translated into legislation by Henry Kissinger in National Security Memorandum 200, penned in 1971.

So you begin to see that these are the same people with the same agenda and the same money. And far more money because they've invested it all those years. And today's history that is unfolding before our eyes is a repeat.

WT: According to the U.S. Army Medical, Chemical, and Biological Defense Program [10], the Anthrax vaccine licensed to USAMRIID is a killed vaccine tested to be free of mycoplasma incognitus (although it admits that "It is a difficult organism to detect under some circumstances") and has been available since the early 70s. So what makes you think it's potentially contaminated?

LH: That's the exact period of time I've been talking about. It doesn't matter of it's dead or alive. The anthrax bacterial protein, when it combines with your own host cell proteins, forms what is called an “antigenic complex”: a combination of your own host cell protein with a foreign bacterial protein. The body recognizes the entire complex as foreign, and it mounts an immune response against the entire complex, including against your own host cell protein. And now you have an autoimmune illness developing that results in autoimmune diseases such as lupus, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis and doctors say “We don't know what caused this.” They're doing it for population reduction.

WT: Of course, unlike bioweapons, vaccines can target specific groups (except perhaps for genetically-engineered bioweapons).

LH: Exactly. For example, the most plausible vaccine that initiated AIDS was the 1976 and 1978 strain of hepatitis B given to retarded children, gay men, and blacks - the same targets as Hitler. And now they're targeting militia groups.