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Jim Marrs On the Mutilation Mystery
Extracted from X Factor magazine, UK, No 85, May 2000

Jim Marrs began investigating the cattle mutilation phenomenon in the mid-1970's when numerous cases occurred in his home state of Texas. He immediately discovered that, in almost every incident, UFO sightings had been recorded in the areas where the mutilations occurred. Then, in 1979, Marrs attended the only official conference ever held on cattle mutilation. Organized by Senator Harrison Schmitt in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it involved the FBI and local law-enforcement agencies. Marrs explained that police officers who wished to present accumulated evidence were legally prevented from doing so, and some even admitted privately that they felt they had been 'muzzled'. Marrs also claimed to have been shown incredible photographs of a mutilated cow in which a cylindrical shaft of blue light could be seen rising from the mutilated area. When the cow was re-photographed to eliminate the possibility of a flaw in processing, the same cylindrical light was recorded. However, Marrs was unable to obtain copies of the images from the officers concerned.