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3 Month Delay

SearchNet's IUFO Mailing List reports ..

On March 13, 1997 at approximately 8:20 PM a very strange thing happened in Phoenix Arizona. Suddenly a string of six lights appeared over the city and remained there fro a 106 minutes. Numerous photographers took the opportunity to film the incident and you may view a short portion of this film by simply calling:

This incident was first brought to our attention by Mr. William 'Bill' Hamilton III who has been doing UFO research for 21 years as a field investigator. Bill stated that similar sightings have continued ever since.

As usual, the sighting was brought immediately to the attention of the internet and radio talk show host Art Bell. In his usual excellent journalist coverage Art fully discussed the sighting. Over the ensuing three months the sighting began to dim in people's minds.

Then without warning, on June 19, 1997 USA Today effected a front page nationwide story on the March 13 Phoenix sighting. Within hours, ABC, NBC, and CBS began to cover the story. CNN has run coverage on the sighting basically on a hour-by-hour basis ever since. To view the entire CNN article you may use the following url:

Additionally, CNN has a live video feed that will provide you with a 4 minute broadcast on the Phoenix Lights at: