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Pentagon Denials

Pentagon: No ETs in our Programs
Associated Press, April 19, 2000

Believe it or not, the Pentagon denied that extraterrestrials participate in classified U.S. military programs. Spokesman Ken Bacon was responding to reporters' questions about Monday's Internet posting of the first detailed satellite images of Area 51, the super-secret Air Force test site in Nevada that UFO buffs think holds alien technology. Asked Tuesday if the Internet posting revealed military secrets, Bacon said he was "not aware that any information was revealed that compromised" military activities. "Since Sputnik, we have operated in a world of overhead surveillance, and we have had more than 40 years to learn how to deal with overhead surveillance," he said. Asked to confirm or deny whether alien spacecraft or anything extraterrestrial has ever been stored at the facility, Bacon didn't answer directly. "I think I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have no classified program that relies on aliens from outer space," he joked. Raleigh, North Carolina-based Aerial Images Inc. - in collaboration with Kodak, Digital Equipment Corp., Autometric Inc. and the Russian agency Sovinformsputnik - posted five images of the hush-hush desert proving ground on the Web at "This is the first glimpse into the most secret training and testing facility for the Air Force," said John Hoffman, president of Aerial Images.