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Blaming Chemtrails

The UFO - Chemtrail Connection
By Brenda Livingston, August 1, 2000

Dear Jeff--I am so pleased that George Filer has his radar up for connections between UFOs and 'Chemtrails'. bravo! Over the last year or more both Greg Avery and I have been researching this area and have worked closely the last few months to reveal some very strange happenings in our skies associated with persistent contrails. One major goal we both pursued was to inspire both 'Chemtrail'/contrail and UFO researchers to look up and take a hard serious look at possible connections. This goal may indeed be on the brink of realization. Greg Avery has developed videographic techniques using the Canon GL-1 Video Camera capturing spectacular images of fast moving dark objects moving in, around and through persistent contrails and associated clouds. Over the last year, I have taken and collected hundreds of photographs honing an enhancement/enlargement technique which brings known and unknown objects to immediate focus in close-up images. I have placed many photos and enhanced images which appear to reveal an association between anomalous objects and persistent contrails on my website Tracers.

A very strange story is being revealed by chemtrail researchers: strange and unusual forms and content within samples... red blood cells... synthetic material... protein... some mixed with fuel components. These and the mysterious concoctions of fungi, bacteria and unidentifiable matter presented - if factual and reliable evidence - seem almost beyond the realm of any logical black government project. These results even try the most imaginitive minds to come up with who would rain this material down on the citizenry or why. In all the efforts - to show evidence that PCs (persistent chemtrails) are unusual and contain unusual and perhaps unhealthy material - the critical area of associated anomalous objects has not been examined with the thoroughness it deserves... and, most unfortunately, has been treated as a "foreign object" threatening to de-legitimize current work in the PC area. Sightings of spherical and oval shaped objects of varying sizes hovering near and moving in and out of persistent contrails are increasingly being reported worldwide. While witness testimony and trained field observations can present error - these can be invaluable in ascertaining new evidence and direction for study. With new technology and techniques becoming available, photographic and videographic evidence may hold the key to understanding the source, formation and behavior of PCs, related "clouds" and aircraft and anomalous objects associated with PCs.

I personally do not believe that any study of the PC phenomena can be fully legitimate or reach the truth without a full scale study of these objects which clearly appear to be a part of the form and function of persistent contrails ("chemtrails"). I have been watching the steady increase in persistent contrails - PCs- which often fill the skies with a milky white haze or strange cloud remnants closely over the last year and a half. And I have attempting to document what I have witnessed... the contrails themselves, the apparent aircraft creating them and what appear to be anomalous objects in and near specific types of contrails. Over time after much observation and documentation - a theory has developed. The process has been revelatory ... and gradual awakening to a realm very new to me. Piece by piece the puzzle began to take shape before me. My journey into the contrail mystery began on February 25, 1999 with a sighting of a broad persistent contrail formed by a KC-135 no more than 10,000 feet overhead and two objects hovering and moving through it.. Since then... -I have seen large white oval objects hovering and moving in and out of contrails... usually appearing to observe... traveling slowly. These appear to self-illuminate before moving off at an extreme speed or "winking out". I witnessed one of these objects (March 16, 1999) hovering in the southwestern sky over the lake with a mid-sized aircraft flying past and in front of the object - the aircraft making a sudden dive to apparently avoid the object. Attempting to compare the two- I would estimate that the size of the white oval object was at least the length of the aircraft and twice plus its height... no small object.