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Some have noticed that the orbital path of NEAT (C/2002 V1) as displayed on this NASA Orbital Animation site tell of NEAT (C/2002 V1) Orbital Path as bringing it within .90 au on a May 15th date this year. Not that V1 will be there at that date but that the orbital path is such that it is at its closest to earth on the May 15th date. During the May 15th date V1 will actually be some two million miles away from us on the other side of the sun. What is interesting is the May 15th orbital similarity. Some are watching for any other comets comming into solar system on the same orbit, for the purpose of monitoring it as one may expect it to end up coinciding with the May 15th date as the V1 path. It is thought that we would be seeing comets prior to Planet X as a indication that it is on the way. So the orbit is what is significant.

Offered by George.

The Path page given to me in 1995 has Planet X on May 15, 2003 at about
RA 4.1
Dec -7
at passage. Comet 2002/V1 is not at that point, being on May 16, 2003 at:
RA 04 00.54
Dec -15 54.2
But close.

Offered by Nancy.

Mitch Battros of said it was huge, planet sized. The images look huge but I don't know enough to determine the size and can't find any size references on the net.

Offered by Steve.

Something's Up With Comet "C/2002 V1"...02/23/03
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

There is a great deal of noise circulating the newsrooms surrounding the arrival of comet "C/2002 V1". There is good reason it should be. First I want to bring attention to the SOHO (solar and heliospheric observatory) photos made available by Nasa and JPL. It appears there may have been a grave mistake, or another cover up by the United States Space Agencies. First take a look at the photo which is circulating the internet. Photo: Note: when viewing the SOHO photos, remember to reverse the east and west limbs. This does not affect north and south. You can see comet "C/2002 V1" coming in from the north and coming around the western limb. As the comet heads down towards the western side, we see a tremendous CME (coronal mass ejection) explode from the Sun, directly towards the comet. No one disputes this fact. However, what we can see clearly in this next photo is the photo had been turned upside down. That's right, upside down. Photo:

This means the CME is directly Earth bound. If this is correct, watch for sudden windstorms to occur. Also watch for huge and spectacular Aurora's which may come down to 35 degree's latitude. Keep an eye on the Kp index and GOES for spikes in geomagnetic flux. Now, lets consider the size of this comet. I had to take a double look when I located the diameter of comet "C/2002 V". It is approximately 176,000 miles across. This is twice the size of Jupiter. Twenty two times the size of Earth. Remember, the size of the last known "planet buster" asteroid 65 million years ago was bout 6 miles in diameter. Any celestial orb 1 kilometer or (.6 miles) is considered a great danger to Earth. This would mean even a small particle from the tail of this comet could be devastating. I do not believe there is any danger of a near miss, however, there is no doubt in my mind, a celestial orb of this size coming into our solar system will have an effect on ever planet. Just what that will be, no one in the science community really knows.

This story is only beginning to develop. I believe some of our astronomy colleagues will be coming forward with new information in the coming days. Hmm, nothing like a war to distract a person looking to the sky's. But perhaps this surge of energy we witnessed last Friday will continue. Perhaps an invasion of Iraq can be avoided, while at the same time safety of all counties can be secure. Again, only time will tell how this plays out.

Planet-Sized Comet Headed This Way?
By Edgar J. Steele, Hutton Commentaries

I have read a good deal of speculation on several different internet sites. Some see it as biblical prophecy fulfilled (see Revelations - you might agree). Some consider this to be "Nibiru" or "Planet X," foretold by the Mayans as passing through the solar system every 3600 years or so. Some consider this simply to be an awesome photo opportunity. Some say the strange weather on Earth lately is the result of an effect caused by the Sun which in turn is responding to Comet NEAT. Electromagnetic fields reach hundreds of millions of miles into space, you see, and are generated by all celestial objects. Influences occur at distances far in excess of that between the Sun and comet Neat or, for that matter, between Earth and comet Neat. Maybe it is nothing. Maybe it is something. If something, it could be the most significant occurrence in recorded human history. Generally, the concern is not that Comet NEAT will strike Earth or even come near us (although I have yet to see a good description of its path relative to Earth). Rather, the concern is for the effect upon us through the electromagnetic interaction between it and Earth and the Sun.