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TOPIC: Gardening

Plant varieties that are Native Varieties or Optimal will bring the most success. Organic Gardening or Organic Farming. Square Foot gardening, Do-Nothing gardening, Irrigation, Composting, Continuous gardening, attention to Soil pH and Temperature and use of Color can maximize yields. Gardening the Indian Way prevents erosion. Raised Beds take up Less Space and give Increased Yields, and Mini-Farms offers Classes. Plowing supports Mass Production, but without horsepower may need to be human powered as a Bike Plow, a Spool Plow, or an Axle Plow. No Plowing is an option, with Mulched Seeding or Mud Seeding. Ultimately, 1 Feeds 6, and required Acreage can be calculated. Successful gardens can be grown even in Temperate Climates such as Colorado and there are Cold-Tolerant fruit trees and shurbs available, or from a family Grain Plot or a City Plot. There are many Pros & Cons to indoor or Sheltered gardening, perhaps under a Dome, or in a Bermed greenhouse. Mulching creates a sustainable garden, and Poor Soil can be improved. Where bees cannot be relied upon, Pollination can be given an assist. Hand powered Seeders are available. Garden Covers can shelter or create a Hot House effect, and Cover Crops hold the soil. Solar Cones maximize sunlight. Mail order Catalogs for gardening supplies are handy. Pests such as Slugs can be controlled. Natural pest controls exist, such as Pyrethrin Daisies. Tubers to be planted the following year are stored in a Root Cellar. A Troubled Times TEAM is experimenting with these techniques.