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Among the many types of vegetable varieties we can consider growing post-shift, I believe we need to shorten the list to plants that:

- Mature in the shortest time and are generally prolific.
- Offer the highest nutritional value.
- Can withstand the least amount of lighting.
- Offer higher yields with less space.
- Display higher-than-average disease resistance.
- Are the hardiest amid adverse conditions.
- Store well.
- Offer superior seed longevity.

With this in mind, I've included some key information from a fine book called The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, by Edward Smith. I recommend this book to anyone interested in superior growing techniques, and I posted some info from this book a few days ago. But today (Saturday), I've just added some specific, shift-oriented information for 30 different plants ranging from asparagus to turnips.

Offered by Mike.