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There is lots of free tutorial and technical information that could be useful for inside and outside irrigation design - technical data and formulas on flow rates of pipe sizes and head pressures, etc. Jess Stryker's Landscape Sprinkler Irrigation Design Tutorial.

A Department of Rural Engineering and Natural Resource Protection in Germany has a Virtual Library with irrigation and hydrology links and information on servers and sites holding information relevant to irrigation and hydrology.

Offered by Mike.

Solutions Needed to Conserve Water

To ensure safe water into the next century, people must first look to agriculture, which uses two-thirds of all water taken from rivers, lakes and aquifers. Most of the world's farmers still irrigate the way their ancestors did 5,000 years ago, flooding their fields, losing most of the water meant to benefit crops. Israel has developed a method called drip irrigation that is 95 percent efficient. Half the country's farmers use it. So do some in Southern California.